Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

The Best All Around Heroes In The Idle Heroes App

Characters are one of the most important elements of a game. They reflect the players and they represent them in the virtual world. Without the characters of the game, the entire gameplay would be meaningless. That is why a lot of game developers give so much attention and consideration in creating and building up the characters of the games they are developing. Based on games research and surveys, players tend to be more attracted and interested to play a new game if the characters or heroes are well designed and created.

Consequently, characters of the game serve as the representation of gamers in the game setting. There are some online games where players need to create their own character or hero in the game. From the hairstyle, clothing and armors, players choose the appearance of their hero based on their preferences. That being said, it is undeniable that the heroes of a particular game play a vital role in the over all success of the game. Furthermore, one of the popular mobile games available in the market is Idle Heroes. Millions and millions of people are playing this game nowadays. Hence, Idle Heroes will be the main subject of this article. Here you will learn some information about this game, the reasons why it is the rage today, and you will also be familiarized with the best all around heroes in the Idle Heroes game.


What is Idle Heroes?

Idle heroes is a mobile game available both in android and IOS. As mentioned earlier, the main goal of the game is to set up and assemble a line up of heroes and to continuously train, improve and equip them with the necessary items for them to be strong and powerful enough. These heroes will be sent then to game events such as arena and battles to fight other heroes controlled by other players.

Idle heroes has over 200 heroes that come in different factions with unique and specific skills.

Players can summon and train heroes to become more powerful. They can aslo opt to convert them to a unique material to evolve your other heroes. In this game, you will also be able to forge magical tools or defeat wide variety of contest like raids, quests or dungeons.  Additionally, the multiplayer function of the game allows players to meet in an arena where they can fight through their heroes and defeat the opponents and win. There are more aspects and parts of the game that you can play everyday. With its graphics, design and game story, it is no wonder why millions of gamers love to play this game.

Heroes of the game

Now that you are now familiar with the game itself, we are now going to unfold some of the best heroes in the game. Choosing the best hero is one of the key factors to winning the game. Thus, knowing them, their skills and advantages will help you decide to choose.


This tier list consists of heroes who can definitely make you win a battle because of they posses a lot of abilities and powers. First in line is Mihm who is a ten star dark hero with artefacts power of reducing damage or attack. It’s role is to target opponents using enormous passive damage. Mihm is also on top of Idle Heroes ranking. Next is Belrain who belongs to the priest class. She has an enormous speed in attacking the enemies. The role of this hero is to attack, mass hearing and speed buff. Other heroes in tier one include Amuvor and Valkyrie.


Heroes in tier one have both the power and constancy in performance. The first in line of this tier is King Barton who is from the warrior class. The main role of this hero is crowd control, tank and mass counter burst damage. Next in line is Xia who is an assassin class fortress hero. Next is Kroos who is from priest class. Just like King Barton, Kroos has also the ability to control crowd up to 50%. Another hero from tier one is Skerei who is from the mage class.


Tier 2 heroes have all the capabilities of tier one. First in line is Michelle from ranger class. This hero has crowd control with control immune. Second is Valentino from mage class. Just like Michelle, the main function is to crowd control. Another ranger class is Das Moge who has stone power to attack the enemies. It has the ability to perform energy boosting, self-bluffing, and stockpile damage. Other heroes of tier 2 include Asmodell, Faith Blade, Demon hunter and Jahra.


Dark Arthindol is from mage class with also speed and stone power. The main function of this hero is to attack buff, mass crowd control and steal potemtial energy. Karim is from Assasin class who can burst two targets, self sustain and self buff. Vesa is also from priest class who can spread burst and can heal other heroes in the team. Corpsedemon is a class shadow hero.


Tier 4 is also made up of powerful heroes such as Heart Watcher, assisan class forest hero, Gerke, a priest class light hero, Sleepless and Barea, warrior class dark heroes, and Iceblink, ranger class fortress hero.


The heroes who composed the tier 5 are Emily, OD-01, Rosa, Groo, Honor Gurad, Margaret and Ormus. These heroes come from different class such as priest class, mage, assisan and other class in the game.


Idle Heroes offers  more than 200 heroes in the game. This perhaps is one of the reasons why games love to play this mobile game. As a gamer, it is necessary for you to know the skills, power, and advantages of the heroes that you will pick for your team. Hence, the wiser you are in choosing your heroes, the more chance of winning the game, allowing you to have a successful gaming experience.