Monday, 13 Jul 2020
Month: November 2019

Is It Worth Investing In Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance, as the term defines itself is insuring life. Now, the question is whose life is getting insured? Well, Life insurance is a contract between an insurance company and policy holder, which can be either you or your family member. An insurance policy is taken to give financial support to insurers’ beneficiaries, which can […]

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Life Insurance: Could Your Policy Be At Risk

Your life insurance policy is your way of ensuring your family’s financial safety and security in case or your early demise. But with the economy in so much trouble and many big name companies going bankrupt it is only natural to wonder what should happen if the company holding your policy should file for a […]

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Spin-Life Policy Transactions: Investment Tools Assists Elderly

In the world of accounting and insurance, there are many opportunities for agents, brokers and major corporations to make money. Among the most popular transactions in recent years, the elderly population has become a target for many investment groups. Purchasing life insurance policies from the elderly is a popular investment strategy for some investment companies. […]

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