Friday, 24 Sep 2021

Spin-Life Policy Transactions: Investment Tools Assists Elderly

In the world of accounting and insurance, there are many opportunities for agents, brokers and major corporations to make money. Among the most popular transactions in recent years, the elderly population has become a target for many investment groups.

Purchasing life insurance policies from the elderly is a popular investment strategy for some investment companies. Also known as spin-life policy purchase, the elderly are, today, using their life insurance policies as a way to gain income while assigning the life insurance benefits over the investor.

There are many financial incentives to both the elderly population and the investor in the processing of spin-life policy transactions. However, there are some ethical issues that must be addressed. If you, or someone you love, holds a life insurance policy, and is considering the spin-life option, it is important to know what the ethical issues may be. The most important being the investor must have no insurance interest in the survival of the policy holder.

In addition to lack of insurable interest, the investor must assume the responsibility of not only making cash transaction to the policy holder, but will also be responsible for the payment of fees including policy premiums, broker fees and any related medical expenses that are required to keep the policy in force.

In terms of taxes and income reporting, if you choose to sell your life insurance proceeds as a spin-life transaction, be certain to discuss this decision with a tax advisor. While some forms of insurance benefits are not taxable, the use of an insurance policy to gain income may require some tax reporting. In terms of long term investment reporting, the investor will handle the reports under either a fair market value report or an investment report method.

While life insurance policies are the most widely used in the spin-life investment, some investment firms are also tapping into policies that insure the terminally ill. Known as viaticals, these documents provide some form of financial protection, in the form of a settlement contract, in the terminally ill patient.

As with any investment or financial decision, it is important to speak with a financial advisor before proceeding. While we commonly purchase life insurance as a way to provide for some financial security at the time of our death, many within the elderly population find a need for the additional income while still alive. If this describes your living situation, considering selling your life insurance benefits to an investment firm who specializes in spin-life insurance purchases and sales. You should also have a look at life insurance quick quote to get more knowledge about your insurance policy and all other necessary details.