Friday, 24 Sep 2021

RAZOR HD 11-33X50 Vortex Spotting Scope

Razor is one of the top names when it comes to buying professional spotting scopes. Their wide range of products allows you to choose the right scope depending on the requirements you have. Each of their scope is easy-to-use, well built and comes with world-class features. That is why their scopes are one of the best in the market. Today, we have got a really good scope the Razor HD 11-33X50 Vortex Spotting Scope which comes with angled eyepiece. This particular scope is designed to provide the best spotting experience and professionalism. If you are looking for a scope that matches with these requirements, then take a look at the review of the Razor HD 11-33X50 and get more details. Also, you can check out Long Range Rifles less than $3,000 that are available in the market.

Features of The Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope

The Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope comes with a wide range of features which helps it to stand apart from other products in the market. Now, let us take a look at the best features of the scope before moving to a detailed review of the same –

  • The scope comes with APO System Index-matched lenses that helps to precisely correct the color across the complete visual spectrum. Thus, allowing you to enjoy a more clearer vision.
  • The Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope is integrated with high quality HD Lens with Elements Premium that males way for extra-low dispersion glass. Helping the scope to deliver the ultimate resolution and color contrast. As a result of which you get high definition images.
  • One of the best features of the scope is the XR™ Plus Fully Multi-Coated anti-reflective coatings. This air-to-glass surface allows maximum light to penetrate and transmit for absolute peak clarity. That is why you will experience brilliant low-light performance.
  • Apart from all the above mentioned features, the Plasma Tech Cutting edge coating on the scope provides the users with high quality and unparalleled coating durability and unmatchable performance to the users all the time.
  • Being Fogproof and Waterproof allows you to use the Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope in different weather conditions. The hard and anti-scratch resistant body provides a more durable finish to you.

So, these are the best features of the Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope that tells you how well the scope has been constructed and manufactured. It comes with all the latest features that allows you to experience the best in class visibility and high quality images in different weather conditions.

Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope – Detailed Review

The Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope is available for around a price of $900 – $950, depending on the site from where you purchase the product from. Even though the price tag seems to be on the higher side, it is important to note that the scope is to be used only by professionals and comes with mind-blowing features. The prism valued eye vision makes way for a fantastic depth of field and wide field of view, allowing you to cover more area from the scope. The Angled Body Design provides better stability and offers greater comfort when you are using the scope for long period of time. The smaller and much lightweight tripod is really great for professional use. We were really impressed with the waterproof O-ring that keeps out dust, moisture and any kind of debris that can obstruct your view from the scope. Hence, a reliable performance is guaranteed at all times.

Mention must be made of the ArmorTek Ultra-hard and scratch resistant durable coating that keeps your scope free from any scratches and dirt. Using this scope for years will not have any effect on its construction or durability as such. The adjustable eyecups also help to provide good amount of comfort to the users at all times. Available in a sleek and beautiful design, the scope is really appealing to look at. If you are looking for a scope that delivers edge-to-edge sharpness, as well as remarkable clarity, resolution and rich color accuracy, then the Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope is your best bet. You get an Eyepiece cap, Objective lens cover and the View-through carry case in the box.

Technical Features of Razor HD 11-33X50

A lot of people are not really bothered about the technical features of any scope, but you really should be. It helps you to understand whether the scope goes well with your requirements or not. Here are the technical features of the scope –

  • Magnification – 11-33x
  • Objective Lens Diameter – 50 mm
  • Linear Field of View – 191-96 ft/1000 yds
  • Angular Field of View – 3.6-1.8 degrees
  • Close Focus – 6.6 feet
  • Eye Relief – 16-19 mm
  • Exit Pupil – 4.6-1.5 mm
  • Length – 10.3 inches
  • Weight – 25.0 oz

Final Verdict – for less than $1000, the Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope is one of the best professional spotting scopes that is available in the market. For those of you who are looking for amazing construction, long term durability and value for money features that will help you to remember your spotting performance, look no further than this particular gadget. We are sure it is all that you will need if you are planning to buy a new scope. The initial investment might be a bit on the higher side, but it will be really a great buy.