Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

Got To Catch Them All- True Blue Pokemon Motto

Human beings have a stubborn tendency to achieve their goals against all odds despite challenges and obstacles being thrown at them either by their enemies or fate itself but if your determination is strong and you keep going on with your struggle, you will achieve success in the end at all costs.

It might sound too philosophical but the truth is that the old saying ‘hard work is the key to success’ is still prevalent in the modern era and has just as much weight in each syllable as it did right from the times of yore.

Be it in the real world or even in the virtual world, you would need to have your wits against you to battle out the problems, which is good in a way as it would make you a much better and stronger person.

Study and Analyze

Let us stick to the virtual world for now, which is fake and has nothing to do with reality and video games consist of characters and missions in such a world where everything is make belief but you, the player, needs to be clever to tackle your enemy.

Pokemon Go is quite popular right from its inception in the early 2000s when people were still enjoying Contra, Swat Kats, Ninja Roberts, Super Mario and others when Pokemon tidal wave swept away everything in its path and its makers had the millennial generation eating out of their hands.

However, it is not quite easy to sail through on the game in a smooth way because the levels are quite complex in the beginning, especially for those who aren’t too familiar with the game.

You can’t just create your Pokemon go account and start it out while battling enemies of the caliber of Meow, Jessie and James, who leave no stone unturned to get rid of the obstacles in their quest for capturing pokemons.

It requires extensive studying and analyzing the game right from its roots and what exactly do pokemons mean to the protagonists apart from who all are in its quest and the might of the enemy, you need to have everything under your fingertips.

Tips and Tricks

Therefore, let us take a look at some important ways to capture pokemons and they are as follows:

  • Have your Pokedex and Pokeballs at the ready because you are the hero of the story so try to know what all pokemons are there in your area and where they can be found where natural instinct is enough to identify their potential while the raids too can do a better job
  • Focus on the map spread out on the floor in front of you and the bricks underneath called Pokestop, which are like tourist points for you to rest, but you need to grab the gifts for your friends and complete the action before daybreak

  • Approach the pokemon with care and without the intention to cause harm because they may get aggressive if they see you as a threat so never trespass into the locality because Pikachu is cute and kind hearted so simply flick the Pokeball slowly and capture it