Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

Review of JayBird Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones

During the inception of wireless technology JayBird pushed its way to the forefront with Bluetooth headphones, and the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones further showcase why. JayBird realized that the best companies come out with a little surprise every now and then, something fresh and unexpected, besides trying to market their products to as many potential customers as possible.

This was presumably the reasoning behind its two wired, in-ear models, which were marketed to the more physically active. Although less stylish, the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones were the slightly more expensive of the two. Style, of course, was not the object. The Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones were a product that people could rely on to hang with them through their daily workouts.

The Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones shout resilience in every facet of their design. The cable, made extra thick to ensure maximum wear, is outfitted with a slider at the Y to keep it from becoming twisted and tangled. This is one cord that won’t be snapping in a few months, nor will you lose sound quality due to damaged wires. With the purchase of playbeatz headphones, there will be less damage to the ear of the person. The use of the wires will not be allowed in the Bluetooth earphones for the convenience of the person. The popularity is increasing because of the comfort to the young generation in affordable rates. 

An L plug finishes out the design of the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones. Plus, instead of just tossing them aside when you’re finished using them, you can wrap the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones carefully with a tie and store them in a zippered, hard-sided case, which comes with the earphones, and be sure of protecting them from accidental damages.

Another good marketing strategy is customization, which is pursued to a fault with the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones. They come with detachable earphones, and seven pairs of eartips with differing textures and sizes, even one double-flanged and one triple-flanged, in hopes that everyone will find the perfect fit. This is one area where the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones were pretty average, though.

Just like a lot of other manufacturers, JayBird’s custom fit is too bulky for many ears, so you may or may not find the right fit. One positive aspect of the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones is that, should you chance on a well fit pair, you won’t have to worry about shutting out the rest of the gym when you’re ready for a serious workout. Simply put your earphones in, and you’re in your own little world.

In sound quality, the Endorphins were pretty good. Some songs were a little hollow, and the highs may not have been the best, with a slight tendency to roll off, but the earphones are still worth their $99 price. One area where we had no complaints was the bass. The Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones had enough “thump” to impress even those who’ve rocked themselves almost deaf.

The depth of the lower scales is what took us by surprise. Hip hop and electronica play best, yet any genre will play alright. Comparatively, these earphones use much less power, in that we could listen at about ten percent lower than with the Klipsch Image S4 with equal satisfaction.

For around $100, we don’t think you could get much better than the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones, especially if you like activity. They fit securely, and they have good sound quality, particularly on the lower scales. Just remember to get another pair for your jogging gigs.