Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

Boat Accessories: Buying The Things that Your boat essentially needs

If you planning to buy some essential accessories for your boat, you are in the right place, here are some of the items that your boat truly needs. 

Handheld Horn

One of the most important things that you should consider is a handheld horn. Yes, every boat has its own horn, but in some cases, it dysfunctions. So, it is wide to bring a handheld horn you can use to sound an alert in case of emergency. It is advisable to buy a horn that is powerful enough with 120 db signal that can meet all the requirements of USCG. In addition, you should bring a bike pump so you can use it to refill your air tank. 

First Aid Kit

When boating, your safety and of your passengers’ should always be the number one priority. This is why it is absolutely crucial to bring first aid kit on board. Sometimes, accidents and injuries are inevitable. Having a safety kit on your boat will allow you to provide immediate medication to someone just in case something bad happens. Your safety kit should include the following: bandages, water proof case, loud whistle, handy multi-tool with cutting edges, screwdriver, and other necessary tools for fixing something, flares just in case you need to let others know of your location.

Life Vests

Another item that you should always have on your boat is life vests. Your life vests should come in different sizes so  your guest would be able to use it properly. It is also recommended to buy life invest as many as the number of passengers that your boat can accommodate. Your life vests should vary from kids to teens to adults. You need to check the laws about life vests before buying them. You can also consult to the nearest shops about the ideal quality, weight, and numbers. This will be very helpful in emergency situation.


In case of engine failure, a paddle can save the day. Thus, it is also crucial to have paddle on your boat. This is also helpful in emergency cases. When your boat has an engine failure, it wouldn’t be possible for you to get into the land without the help of paddle. This item could be your lifesaver. When choosing the right paddle for your boat, it is important to consider some factors like the actual size of the boat. Experts suggest that it is smart to buy a paddle that has double functions, made with plastic so it flats, telescopic so it can fit in small spaces and of course affordable. You may also buy a paddle board holder for it.

Solar Pannel

When it comes to emergency equipment, a solar panel is one of the best pieces that you can buy for your boat. Just like any vehicle, the battery on your boat can die especially if it is over used while the engine is not running. You have to be mindful that a boat can use even more battery than a car because you always hang out on your boat and run tools and equipment such as radio and lights while the engine is off. 

Dock lines

Lastly, you should also consider buying dock lines. This item is important in fixing your boat to the dock. Dock lines are also used in case you want to tie up on an unfamiliar dock like dockside restaurant or marina. When buying dock lines, it is important to always consider the durability of materials. It should also come with a handy bad so you can avoid getting them tangled up in other things.