Friday, 24 Sep 2021

Checklist for Bringing Home a New Puppy

The list is the basics of what you will need to bring a puppy home with you.

1.) Puppy food:

Be sure to get the best quality puppy food that you can afford that will best suit your pet’s dietary needs. The best bet in purchasing food for your pet is to continue on the type food the puppy is currently being fed. Before you bring your pet home; if you choose not to use the food he or she is currently on make sure you have a sample of the current food. This sample of food is crucial in the transitioning of puppy foods. The foods need to be mixed together slowly for a gradual change in the diet of your pet. This helps to prevent the onset of diarrhea and other issues.

2.) Food and water dishes:

There are many food and water dishes on the market. The best ones that I have found are heavy enough so that they cannot be tipped over. These type bowls are typically made of stainless steel or ceramic. These type bowls are also more sanitary and easier to clean than plastic. Once the puppy grows to adulthood a raised set of dog dishes is ideal or having the dishes raised up to a height that the dog can easily eat from without stooping too much, as this causes dietary distress while eating and is uncomfortable on your pet.

3.) Purchasing toys:

When selecting a new toy for your puppy one must be careful in making a purchase. Toys designed for large dogs are not appropriate for small dogs and toys for small dogs can be choking hazards for a large dog. Make sure to buy a selection of toys for your new puppy to enjoy as variety will keep the puppies attention. High quality nylon bones and rawhides will provide relief when the puppy is teething. Make sure that whatever toy is purchased that the toy is free of small parts that could pose a hazard to you new best friend.

4.) Grooming:

When bringing a new pet into your home good grooming habits should be a daily regime for you and your companion. You will need to purchase several grooming items; a flea comb (its use is self explanatory), brush, nail trimmers of some type, and quality shampoo (one without harsh chemicals as they tend to dry a puppy’s skin and coat). Once these items have been purchased you will be set up for a beautiful coat and clean pet. When preparing to provide hygiene care for your pet you will also need to purchase a tooth brush and tooth paste, as good dental hygiene is important for pets as well.

5.) Sleeping accommodations:

When preparing to bring your new dog home you will more than likely purchase a pet carrier to bring the puppy home in. Make sure that you purchase the carrier according to the size your dog will be at maturity not the size the animal is now. One can always add dividers to the dog carrier if the space seems to big for the dog at the time and remove them as needed. If you do not plan on your dog sleeping in his or her crate then a comfortable bed will need to be purchased.

6.) Collar and Leash:

It is important that puppies learn from the earliest age possible to wear a collar and a leash. You will need to purchase several collars over your pet’s lifetime and should check the collar weekly to make sure it is still fitting properly. A proper fitting collar should allow for two fingers to be easily slipped underneath it while on your pet but, should not slip over your friend’s head. A 4-6 foot in length leash should be used for walking your buddy.

Apart from the aforementioned points, it is good to gain some extra knowledge to be on the safer side as puppies are difficult to handle in the initials stages but you can click this site online called Pup life and scroll through on the important points.