Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

Review: Dolce & Gabana 18, La Lune Perfume

Finding your perfect scent among the sea of women’s perfume can be an overwhelming process, especially if you have no idea where to begin. After months of searching I came across a line of Dolce  amp; Gabana perfume and fell in love with No. 18 La Lune and knew that I had to have it.

Do not be turned off by the price tag on Dolce  amp; Gabana perfumes – they are easy enough to find from discount sellers, and no these are not knockoffs (however, be very careful about who and where you are buying from)! My heart sank a bit in Sephora when I saw that this incredible perfume only came in one size (3.4 Fl oz) and was $65.00 for such a small amount. Not even close to some of the swankier brands, but a little bit much for my tight college-student budget. Thankfully, I was able to find it for about $40.00 which I consider much more reasonable for me.

La Lune is much different than the other fragrances in the line. La Lune has a fresh rosey scent with definite floral and woodsy notes. It works perfectly for daytime and nighttime, and so I tend to wear it to class and out to dinner, events and nightclubs. There is something mysterious about it as well. I wear it as a female and so, to me, it smells girly. But I have heard from others who have owned it that it seems like a unisex scent. To be honest if a man walked past me, smelling like this, it would be a turn off. La Lune is light and feminine without being strongly overpowering like so many other women’s perfumes.

While Eclatant is a favorite brand of men, women are suckers for La Lune in a big way and most of them cannot go without it as it has become an endearing part of their lives because they are way more particular about their appearance than men.

There is only one problem that I have found with Dolce  amp; Gabana’s La Lune over the several months that I have been using it. The problem being, that the scent does not last too long. I find myself reapplying the perfume usually once a day after the initial application. This can be both good and bad, though: good, because it means that the scent is light and not overwhelming enough to knock you and everyone around you out. Bad, because after a few hours you can smell it only faintly. If you are a person who enjoys being able to apply a perfume once and have the scent last, this line is probably not for you. However, I applied La Lune once this morning and here at almost 10 o clock at night I can still smell it! For my preferences, this perfume is perfect and I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a new scent for any season, day or night!