Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

Get The Look Dramatic Colored Smokey Eye

Spring is approaching fast, Valentine’s Day is almost here and probably some birthday events are up for some of us; so we thought of a special but easy makeup look that you need. More such inspirational tips you can click here.

We know that eyes are considered the gateway to the soul, and we also know that guys are attracted by expressly sexy eyes. So why not try a new look by playing with colors and styles.

The look we wanted to try today is a dramatic colored smokey eye. We absolutely love colored makeups and with the spring approaching, we though is just the perfect pick. What we like even more about this hot look is that is super easy to create. Who’s in for this treat? Just follow the steps below (and for even more support check out the video at the end of the article).

Step 1.

Start by applying the foundation and concealer for covering any blemishes. I use a mix of MAC Studio Sculpt foundation and Shu Uemura Smooth Fit Fluid foundation, a concealer palette from BH Cosmetics, and Vichy Dermablend setting powder.

Step 2. Eyes:

Start by applying an eye shadow base for long-lasting color and more vibrant hues. Then, choose a very light green and apply the colors by tapping it on the inner corner of the eyelid, toward the lid and contour crease.

Then, with a darker shade of green, cover the remaining eyelid. For the outer V of the eye and contour/crease, pick a purple/mauve eyeshadow. Remember to blend the colors really well for a clean look. Apply the same color on the lower lash line.

Step 3.

To add depth to the eyes, I used a black eye pencil and mauve liquid liner, and black mascara.

Step 4. Blushing Cheeks:

For the cheeks, choose a darker blush or bronzer to define and a pink tone for a fresh blushing look.

Step 5. Lips:

These smokey eyes are great and can be paired with tons of lip colors. I picked a bright red lipstick and I added small accents with a wine red lip color.