Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

Rust Gaming- Survivor’s Guilty Pleasure

While the entire nation is grappling with a global pandemic in the form of Covid-19, the citizens are slowly coming to terms to learning to live with it as the lockdown is slowly easing out and shops and roads are slowly opening up.

While the same cannot be said about office, working from home has become a proverbial choice that the people have got used to in the past eleven months and the vaccine seems nowhere in sight for another six months to a year.

Given the grim situation since the past year, people have learnt to live with the pandemic while the vaccine is being worked out but the crux of the matter for this article is that mobile games have seen an upsurge in popularity due to which people are downloading it at rocket speed.

Action Venture

There was a time when there were no mobile phones, no internet, no social media due to which people had to be content with video games, comic books and Saturday night movies as a mode of entertainment but now you have ventures like Rust and Rainbow Six Siege to keep you engaged.

Rust is a survivor’s delight because it is a game for survival where you have numerous players forming a virtual team where the player Vs player equation comes into play without damaging the prospects of anyone.

Normally what happens is that an action adventure is dominated by the main lead whether it is a movie or video game but in this one you have numerous each and every player with equal contribution to the story.

The basic premise is that the game takes place in a jungle where dangerous wild animals like wolves, bears, lions, tigers, leopards and foxes while the players are hunters in the trade that have the power of powerful weapons that one find right from the roman ages.

They include the bow and arrow, guns, swords and physical attacks are also applicable in this one, which has been seldom seen in any other action venture even during the old days of Swat Kats, Ninja Roberts and Dangerous Dave.

There is danger lurking in every nook and corner of the dark lanes even though jungles are more prominently known for their trees and bushes where the first level starts with each player having only a torch and rock during night time.

Game Play

This game has some important techniques where you as the player have to know like keeping safe from the animals even thought the real danger is from rival players that are out on a similar mission of dominance so that they too can find numerous treasures.

The treasures include gold, jewels, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones but when it comes to weapons, you have numerous bullets for the different guns involved except that there is no AK-47, which is a good thing as that would make it a little too violent.

The virtual game play has to be seen to be believed and only after careful practice can one expect succeed in all the levels but the rust hacks and cheat codes can solve half the problem.