Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

7 Best PUBG Tips For That Chicken Dinner

Considering how wildly popular PUBG is and with the millions of active players honing their skills in the game or investing their time in getting pubg steam account for sale with some of the most amazing in-game items and skins. With all this in mind, we are here with some of the most amazing and practical tips that can help you win that prized chicken dinner in PUBG.

  • Get Yourself Stocked ASAP

As soon as the game starts, as a player, you need to get yourself stocked with 2 decent guns and a ton of ammunition and you are good to go. Unlink most players that just keep on searching for items through the game a good player should finish their loot as soon as they and move on to safer locations and start planning the ways through which they are going to tackle other players.

  • Stay In The Safe Zone

Initially, you can easily survive outside the blue zone in the game, however, as the game progresses and the blue zone closes in, you need to make sure that you are at the center of the zone in a safe place in order to increase your chances of winning. This is also going to get you an added advantage as the players that will come out of the blue zone will have lower health making it easier for you to knock them out or kill them in the end.

  • Hiding Is Also Important

For surviving till the end, it is essential for players to choose their hiding spots strategically. Generally, the roof of the houses, sniper buildings, and mountain tops are considered to be great places for hiding, however, as the zone closes in you might not get any of these inside the zone. This is where hiding behind trees, rocks, bushes with minimal movements is much safer than lying in the open.

  • Healing Up

If you are playing solo or duo, in order to increase your chance of winning any conflict with another team you need to make sure that your health is full as well as boosted so that you get a slight advantage of speed while fighting. In the end, as you hide in different buildings you need to keep yourself boosted to keep yourself prepared for a fight.

  • Stop Looting In The End

As the end of the game approaches, if you are serious about winning you should stop looting and ravaging any crate that you see. Often time as the circle is small, there are enemies camping in the same area and will kill you there if you keep looking for loot unnecessarily.

  • Bait And Kill

Now that you are full of supplies that you might not use till the very end of the game, you should use such items as bait in order to attract other greedy players. For instance, you can gather all your extra supplies in one place and hide at a safe distance. If any player or team gets there you will always get an upper hand in the fight.

Skills And Aim

Lastly, as a PUBG player, you should focus on improving your skills and aim in the game as that is going to be the most important and effective way of winning any game. Just like that, while playing in squads, you need to make sure that communicate every enemy sighting and movement with your squad members.