Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

The Truth Behind That Ringing In The Ears Remedy

Chronic ringing in the ears, also known as Tinnitus, is a constant ringing you can hear but has no external source. More often then not, it arises from damage to your ears most often caused by trauma or loud noise. As it is a constantly frustrating experience for sufferers, many spend lots of time looking for remedies, be it herbal relief, self-talk, exotic eastern treatments, or even methods prescribed by some doctors.

If you, too, have been looking for remedies for some time, you probably know one thing that I know too well. Many of these remedies don’t work.

To save you the money, heartache, and time required to sample these cures, I’m going to talk about which treatment qualifies as a true “ringing in the ears” remedy, and which ones don’t.

  • Telling yourself repeatedly that it will go away

Doesn’t work. If anything, only makes Tinnitus worse, as the more you think about Tinnitus, the more you notice its presence. You should stop thinking about Tinnitus instead.

  • Talking about Tinnitus to find relief

Doesn’t work. Like the above, this only makes you focus on Tinnitus and may cause it to sound even louder. I feel that there is little purpose in talking about Tinnitus. Those who don’t have it won’t understand. Those who have it would rather focus on other things so as to forget about Tinnitus. Again, you are better off NOT thinking about Tinnitus.

  • Gingko Biloba

Doesn’t work for me. However, this has worked for some people. What Gingko does is to increase blood flow. The theory is that this increases the nutrients damaged ears can receive and may help it reverse any damage.

  • Acupuncture

Doesn’t work. Many sufferers report that acupuncture does nothing for Tinnitus. It is not a true “ringing in the ears” remedy.

  • Eliminating your exposure to noise…totally

Doesn’t work because it’s counter-productive! If you have Tinnitus, expose yourself to low levels of noise, like soft radio music or soft conversation to take attention away from Tinnitus! See next item.

  • Eliminating your exposure to…loud noise

Yes! Through a combination of staying away from loud noise (crowds, construction sites, etc) and by carrying earplugs everywhere and using them whenever I need to, I have kept my Tinnitus constant over several years. Sadly, this only prevents further damage. It doesn’t reverse damage and will not reverse Tinnitus. It does not remedy your ringing in the ears.

  • Getting used to Tinnitus

Useful, but does not treat cause. Acceptance of Tinnitus can help you live with it. But it is not a cure. But still, if you cannot cope with your Tinnitus, it will end up negatively affecting your sleep, mood, and job performance. So you better get used to your Tinnitus.

To do so, simply live your normal life without thinking about Tinnitus too much. That’s it!

Finding yourself thinking about Tinnitus? Then watch some TV. Read jokes. Go browse Youtube. Play games. Read about your favourite ball team. Ask your boss for more work

Just do anything to take your mind off Tinnitus. Coping is not meant to be a cure. (Unlike a system I will talk about later) But it helps.

  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Despite the nice, official-sounding name, this does not cure Tinnitus. It simply trains you to cope with it. There have been people who have found that this helps them get on with their lives. There are also people who have reservations about it. Like me.

  • What this therapy does is this:

A Therapist teaches you about Tinnitus, tells you how to recognise it, and trains you to ignore it.

Maybe I’m being harsh, but if I were to pay the thousands of dollars needed for this therapy, I would expect real results, and a real cure. Not lessons on how to cope with Tinnitus.

I do not deny that coping is important. But I have learned to do so perfectly by myself, without the help of any fancy therapist who charges me thousands of dollars and who expects me to wait a year or more for results.

I mean, seriously, read my site and you’ll learn what Tinnitus is, what it sounds like, and how to cope with it. One of the best thing you can do is to read newspaper related to the health problems. Popular papers such as orlandoweekly are available at affordable costs with good source of information in it related to various diseases and how you can treat them? Sure, you can go for TRT. And pay the thousands of dollars. And wait a year or more. All to get used to Tinnitus. It may help you. It has helped some.

Or you can pay much, much less for systems designed to cure tinnitus altogether.

Holistic systems

Tinnitus Miracle is one such system. It is a detailed, user-friendly, step-by-step guide that details exactly what you should do, what you should eat, and what you should avoid to get rid of your ringing in the ears once and for all. To check it out, click here.