Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

Women Burn Fat Differently – Learn About It!!

I can look at food and gain weight. One cookie can sink to my hips while my husband can eat a dozen and gain 1 ounce. What gives? Women store fat in our lower bodies to include our legs, and hips. Men store it in their upper bodies. Women need different fruits and vegetable to help them lose weight than men do to lose weight. The best supplements here at will help the people to reduce the weight from the thighs and belly of the people. The learning about the products is essential for the individuals to get the best results from the best suppressant.

Did you know that 2 cups of cold water can boost metabolism by 30%. We haven’t even eaten anything and have already got our bodies up and working. I try to drink my cold water when I first get up. I bring a glass with me in the car. What else are you going to do while driving? This is such an easy way to make sure you get those 2 cups in. If you like water, unlike me, you can drink 2 cups before breakfast, before lunch, and before dinner. I learned a long time ago from my parents that sometimes you think you are hungry but you are actually thirsty. Drink some water, wait a few minutes, and if you still think you are hungry, then eat.

A great fat burning food is Peanut butter, a favorite in my house, and good for you. Who would have known? Peanuts curb hunger and help your blood sugar rise slowly. Make sure you read the labels too. Many peanut butter’s contain un-necessary sugars and high fructose syrup. I found a great one ” Smucker’s All Natural Peanut Butter“. All it contains is peanuts and salt. Peanut butter also contains zinc which helps keep you from getting sick. My doctor told me this. I haven’t found any peanut butter that does not have any salt in it. I watch my salt intake or I will swell up around my ankles. I think it is hereditary – all the women in my family on my mother’s side have this problem. However, salt in moderation is necessary and acts as a filter for our bodies to lose more weight. It also helps uptake certain nutrients from the small intestine.

Yogurt is a healthy fat burning food. Yogurt contains calcium which helps us get rid of fat. Calcitriol, a hormone that causes us to store fat is reduced by the intake of calcium. Yogurt also has leucine that helps burn fat. Have you ever been prescribed by your doctor to eat yogurt? I have. I kept having female problems and they told me I needed more good bacteria. When I asked how I am supposed to get these bacteria I was told ” eat yogurt” – Another great reason to buy this. I purchase the store brand at my house. I checked the labels on all the different brands: Dannon, Yoplait, etc and discovered they had so many added ingredients that I didn’t need, many of which I couldn’t even pronounce. When I looked some of these up, and spend hours doing this because there are so many, I wondered how yogurt could possibly be good for me. Another important bit of information I learned from a doctor was stick to the store brand. Many times they contain the same active ingredients. The brand named ones add extra ingredients we don’t need. This is not always the case so please don’t take this as gospel. Check it out for yourself.

To make your yogurt a little better try this – on the spice isle of your grocery store pick up some “pumpkin spice“. It is a bunch of different spices all together like nutmeg, cinnamon,etc. Nothing else but the spices. All a little pumpkin spice to vanilla yogurt and make it have a new flavor. My daughter and I discovered this. She was tired of the same flavor yogurt but the great tasting yogurt flavors all had unfavorable ingredients so we had to improvise. Another way we change up the yogurt is to add the “pumpkin spice” and applesauce together then mix it in the vanilla yogurt. It thickens it up and adds a whole new flavor to it. I buy the Musselman’s all natural applesauce. Musselman’s has been around for a long time and I trust them. They have a great webpage and always offer something free when you cut out the upc’s and save them. We have received movie tickets in the past.

Sorry I am going on so long, but there are so many wonderful foods that burn fat, especially that burn belly fat and leg fat, which is what I really need to burn. After having two kids I have a pouch like a Kangaroo. I don’t want any more joey’s so I really need to get rid of my belly fat. This is where Avocados come in. They contain mono-saturated fatty acids that burn belly fat. They are high in potassium, magnesium, folate, protein, vitamins b6, E, and K. They also have plant sterols that help lower cholesterol and are high in fiber. Since they are high in fat, but the good fat, it is recommended to limit eating them to less than one-half an avocado a day.