Friday, 24 Sep 2021

Why Choose A Video Production Company Over A Freelancer

In the early noughties, video production was being pioneered by the large corporates on the Internet. Move forward 10 years and video is no longer exclusive to the top 50 blue chip companies or big business moguls; anybody can have one! Welcome the 21st century and the age of Internet video. Gone are the days when people watched VHS and paid attention to the adverts. The consumer has changed. We want things now. We want it done yesterday. We’re demanding and impatient and we definitely want the best of everything.

Commercial production companies Los Angeles has the expertise in the video production. They have a wide circle of the customers who are getting the services. The freelancers do not have much experience in the video production. It is beneficial to select the company over the freelancers for video editing.

People now use video for a whole range of things. Talking heads, promotional videos, training videos, documentaries, corporate videos and many many more. It has become less of a luxury and more mandatory for a business to have a video and so as a result, the video production industry has grown. But choosing who to go with can be hard, so why choose an in-house video production company over a freelancer?

Videre Video Productions is an in-house production company. We have everything at source from camera equipment and Green Screen, to script writers and editors. We have an established crew who are trusted and experienced making the process of film making easy and effortless, saving us all time. Being a video production company, we have full creative control over every project we embark on. Having everything derived from our in-house employees means we can develop ideas together, watch the process from the beginning and give the client piece of mind by working with the same people.

If we were a freelance based production company, we would have to find an animator, or camera crew, or lighting technician, every time we got a new client. A rapport could be built with people, but their time is unreliable as another freelancer might be using them. Either you wait, for a long time, or source a new, less trusted individual. And what about your ideas? Like a game of Chinese Whispers they can become murky and distorted the more people pass them on.

Videre have a desire to build a relationship with our clients. We listen to creative ideas and develop them with our own making it seamless and fluent. Working with Videre is not just beneficial for the creative process either as we are also video marketing experts. When your video is complete we can help you to promote it making sure you get the best response and exposure.