Friday, 24 Sep 2021

Global Warming A Mod That Needs To Happen

Minecraft gives players from all over the world a chance to explore nature as it was meant to be: undeveloped, unexplored, pristine. I think one of the biggest reasons people are playing video games so much more, is that they have an urge for an adventure that real life no longer can provide – because everywhere around them, the forests have been turned into parking lots and strip malls. Players even end up using Minecraft alt accounts so that they can simultaneously enjoy the game through different accounts.

On this note, every Minecraft map inevitably starts to look like the real world: full of buildings, relics that are stripped for parts, mountains that have been dug to ground level, less and fewer resources to do the things needed to keep an empire going. But currently, there is no consequence for doing this to a map other than a lack of aesthetic appeal. You can always just walk down to the next procedurally generated portion of the map and it’s all better. But what if it wasn’t?

That’s exactly what I’m about to propose: a simple mechanic that could change the game of Minecraft and turn it into a simulation of how to deal with the crisis of global warming. Much like Redstone did for learning about logic circuits, this could be a mass educator to kids on how to live sustainably.

I got the idea from this video (which isn’t a mod, yet, it’s currently more of a hack):

This video is a Minecraft game in a regularly generated world, but with a score on the top left. This score represents total carbon emissions. When you use coal, when you smelt ores, and when you cut down or burn trees, the carbon score goes up. When you plant trees, the score goes down. Obviously, the numbers will need to be tweaked; the sky gets gray too quickly.

But there are so much more possibilities to this idea that can be expanded upon. The player needs to be motivated to increase carbon emissions because of the vast recourse rewards that it will bring, and at the same time, motived to decrease the carbon emissions as well.

A possible solution: if carbon emissions are high enough, then it will start to rain coal. Coal needs to become a necessity to do anything. If a machine is not in use, which is powered by coal, then that machine will start to break down. And so, we will create these systems that must be continually fed with enough coal so that our civilization does not break down and rust. Of course, there would need to be dire consequences to the environment when it rains coal; if it rains coal, then the water will become polluted and plants will not grow and animals will become sick.

What do you guys think? Do you see any potential problems with this system? Do you have any solutions? Would you want something like this added? (perhaps for those that don’t want to play this way, it could be a feature that is toggled on or off in the menu)