Saturday, 31 Jul 2021

Are All Calories Created Equal – Know the reality 

In our attempts to lose weight and get healthier, many of us fail to understand one extremely simple concept. Is a calorie just a calorie? Is one calorie from an unprocessed source of food such as red meat or vegetables the equivalent of one calorie from a portion of a soft drink?

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The answer is quite simply, no. This is where nutrient density comes in to explain why this is not the case. Think of each food containing energy and nutrients as separate entities. One food might be energy rich, but lack a wide range of nutrients and may provide carbohydrates (For example. A soft drink). The other may have a low energy density but might contain a huge amount of essential nutrients required by the body (such as unprocessed vegetables.)

WHY IS KNOWING THIS SO IMPORTANT? In short, if you don’t have a firm grasp of this concept, you can never really fashion a diet for yourself. To gain muscle, one needs to be in a calorific excess, a loss of calories will result in a loss of muscle – as the body always strives to remove tissue it does not require. This can be done due to two things a) You aren’t exercising at all b) You exercised for a period of time but then rapidly stopped.

The result of both of these cases is that muscle mass that was previously in active use by the body is now, all of a sudden, not necessary. This results in muscle loss. Muscle is the major calorie burning tissue of the body. When you lose muscle, your BMR goes down. When your BMR goes down, you need less calories to gain fat. It’s that simple.

Therefore, you must choose foods which are NUTRIENT RICH and provide you with the CALORIES necessary for muscle sustenance as well as fueling your weight loss. This can be done by introducing SMALL DEFICITS in your diet, such as a 500 calorie deficit, instead of going the extra mile and burning essential muscle in the process – which does more harm than good.