Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Top Things To Consider in a Foldable Bicycle

The use of bicycles have seen a massive growth in the last few months. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people are more interested to cycle their way to different destinations rather than using public transport. That is why a lot of people have invested in bicycles in 2020 and more people are looking forward to buying as well. The concept of a foldable bike is quite unique and in today’s time, it has quickly become popular among the people.

A foldable bicycle is the latest addition to the industry that a lot of people are choosing over regular bicycles. Are you looking to buy a brand new foldable bicycle? Then you should consider a few important things beforehand. Do you know what they are? No? Don’t worry. We have got you covered in this blog.

  • Frame Size –

the very first thing which you have to consider when you are buying a foldable bicycle is the frame size. Even though these bikes are available in a single size, there are a few brands who offer some variations when you buy from them. Foldable bikes are quite low and usually seem like children’s bikes. However, you can adjust the seat in case you have a good height. There are adjustable handles & forks which allow you to comfortably modify the bike according to yourself.

  • Wheel Size –

the wheel size is one of the most important things to consider when you are buying a foldable bike. Smaller wheels are easier to navigate but they can be difficult to paddle at times. With bigger wheels, the case is different. Big wheels can offer you a smooth ride but their pickup speed is quite low when compared to smaller wheels on a foldable bike. It is even better if you can buy a bike that comes with adjustable wheels on them

  • Suspension –

the suspension of your foldable bike is going to determine how comfortable your ride will be. As we have already mentioned, foldable bikes with bigger wheels come with smoother experience when compared to the small sized tires. However, the use of proper suspension can help you to counter this problem. If you are planning to buy a foldable bike that is smaller in size, then you should opt for a bike that has better suspension in it.

  • Folding Method –

the major reason why a person will buy a foldable bike is because it can be folded. There are 3 different ways in which a bike can be folded – half fold, triangle fold, and break away. Each of these folding mechanisms have their own benefits. You can read about each of them over the web and then decide which folding method seems to be the best for you.

Final Words –

the type of bike you are going to choose will solely depend on your needs and preferences. You should think about all your requirements beforehand & then decide which bike comes with all the features you want. The foldable bikes are affordable & there are many brands who are manufacturing them in 2021.