Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

The U S Virgin Islands Considers Medical Marijuana

A measure asking voters whether or not they would consider legalizing medical marijuana in the U.S. Virgin Islands passed the legislature in the territory recently. The referendum still needs the signature of Gov. John deJongh Jr. If he does sign it, the issue will be decided by voters in November. The question that would appear on the ballot would read, “Should the Legislature consider legislation that allows for the licensing and regulation of medicinal marijuana patients, care-givers, cultivators and distribution centers?” There are different things that you need to consider for the purpose. The learning about the delta 8 gummies review reddit is essential for the purchasing of the right gummies. It offers the desired experience to the people. The checking of the information is essential to have a pleasant experience. 

In 2012 Sen. Terrance Nelson of the 29th legislature proposed two similar referendums, one on the production of industrial hemp, the other on whether or not to allow medical marijuana in the territory. Industrial hemp made it to the ballot and 60% of voters supported it. Medical marijuana at that time, however, failed to make it through the Senate. For this bill, senators are wary of voting on it themselves, and yet they want to bring the question to the people and let them decide. Senate President Shawn-Michael Malone said recently to the Virgin Island News Daily that it’ll be a non-binding issue, just a poll for senators to see how the constituency feels about this issue.

Nelson said before the Senate, “I’m not asking you today to vote to legalize medicinal marijuana. I’m asking you to let this go before the people.” An interesting revelation in the session was that many senators know people with serious health conditions who are helped remarkably by marijuana. Senator Sammuel Sanes said his own daughter suffers from one such condition and uses marijuana to find relief. Sanes says he would “not be man enough” to ask her to stop using it for her symptoms.

Some senators were against the measure fearing that it may harm certain residents, most notably children. Several senators talked about studies that have shown that marijuana can interfere with brain development. One senator, Nereida Rivera-O’Reilly, said she vehemently opposed the bill and that it was a cover for recreational legalization. She said “It’s not about healing anyone, and it’s not about growth. It’s about opening a door for the vertical integration for full legalization of recreational marijuana.”

The measure passed with 12 in favor and 2 against. It seems the senate has a lot of support but senators don’t want to come out and say so until they learn how their constituents feel. If the Virgin Islands passes a medical marijuana law in the near future, it would be the first U.S. territory to do so.