Friday, 24 Sep 2021

Mens Hair Loss Slowing Hair Loss In Men

If you have a few minutes you might enjoy my hair loss story and perhaps find a few pearls of wisdom as well. More than likely you are experiencing some form of male hair loss or at least hair thinning if you are reading this, that’s alright. I was right where you are almost five years ago and wasn’t sure exactly how my bald head would look, especially to my wife.

As men most of us feel having a full or even partially full head of hair makes us feel and look younger. It gives us more confidence in our personal relationships as well as in our business associations. So with both the physical and mental aspects of hair loss is it possible to stave off hair loss or perhaps regrow a full head of hair?

Sadly, if you are a man who has already lost all of your hair you may have very few options currently available. In fact hair transplantation surgery of some type could be your only viable option and while hair transplant surgery may work well for some it is very expensive. On the other hand if your hair is starting to thin or if you have lost some hair, you have an excellent chance of slowing, stopping or maybe even re-growing your some of your lost hair. So how is this possible?

For me at least finding a product that contained Saw palmetto and Nettle root was the first step in arresting starting my fight against male pattern baldness. Saw palmetto is an herb that is readily available and works naturally to block a form of testosterone which is abbreviated DHT. Nettle root is slightly more difficult to find but both are widely distributed and generally considered free from side effects. DHT, put simply causes a man’s hair follicles to shrink, weaken and fall out. For me this was the single most important step because it gave my hair a chance to become healthier, ultimately leading to less hair loss.

The next step I took was to seek out a product that could spur new hair growth. As, I am writing this there are only a couple of FDA approved products that can make this claim. The most recognizable name in this product category is Minoxidil. Minoxidil is applied topically and for some men it works great but for others it may not produce a noticeable amount of hair growth. There a couple of negatives concerning Minoxidil. The first is it takes a number of weeks to see results and the second is that once its use is discontinued your new hair will start to fall out. In other words the results are not permanent. Having the best hair growth supplements can help you with these problems.

So there you have it. As you have read, it is certainly possible to stop or slow down your male hair loss with a combination of natural and pharmaceutical treatments but once your hair is gone it may be gone forever.


People wanting their lives to be perfect but no changing their lifestyle from a rush to a perfect timely schedule. People also can’t stop having unhealthy or bad food and still want themselves and their bodies to get no problem. So, these can be the major reasons for your hair problems.