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Is body detoxing really necessary?

Although there are a couple of arguments that detoxing is a myth, it can be proven that the body still needs a little push of help in order to thoroughly cleanse the body. Yes it is true that the body itself is already a detoxing machine, however there are types of toxins that the body had a hard time cleansing and these include excess fats.

There are also supplements that can help your body to boost its cleansing system. To know more about supplements that aid in detox. You can check this out to know more.

When you detox, the body on its natural way of detoxifying substances, is given assistance in order for it to lessen the burden and make the process of detoxification much more effective.

Listed below are the list of benefits you can get in detoxifying:

  • Weight loss management

There’s a lot of reasons why someone is detoxifying theirselves. One of the most common reasons is to cut off excess weight. Due to different beliefs in beauty, having a good body shape and ideal weight is so trendy. Doing a detox diet is a good jumpstart when you are trying to lose weight, since the process encourages you to eat healthy and avoid all the junk foods. 

Doing a detox diet not just helps you lessen your weight but it also helps you create a habit of eating healthy. So, even if the set time limit of a detox diet is done, you can still continue to do detox to stay in that weight.

  • Aids internal organs

Since the body can only do so much, doing detox helps in aiding internal organs so they can do better than what they are limited to. As what is known, detox helps in releasing toxins inside the body. It can purify toxins that the organs are not able to cope up and give them a boost so they won’t be overworked.

  • Better immune system

Having a better immune system is one of the benefits of detoxifying the body.  When doing a detox diet, your body absorbs more much-needed nutrients faster like vitamin C, which is known to protect the body from harmful diseases.

  • Improved Thinking

Usually, when our body is overworked, our mind becomes rusty and thinking properly becomes a drag. By doing detox, your mind becomes clearer and would give you a better memory.  The benefits of detox are not solely limited to physical, in fact, many detox plans include taking care of your mind. There are some detox methods that require you to meditate to help the mind be at ease.

  • More Energy

A cleanse body is a healthy body. When the body experiences detox, the first thing it’ll notice is the energy boost. Detoxing takes away substances like sugar and caffeine out of the body, which are unhealthy energy givers. These substances give you temporary energy which is not healthy for the body. By detoxing, the body will be cleansed and excrete these substances and would leave you with more stable energy that can be used throughout the day. 

This being said, detox is necessary for someone who is living an unhealthy lifestyle. Mostly, people today are too tired and too lazy to do things that would give betterment in their body. What’s good about detoxing is they are cheap and can be done at home. Since they are good to the mind and body, you can rely on them.

Electronic Cigarettes Review – How Not to Get Scammed by Bad E-Cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes are among the most popular products in the past days. This is because there are millions of people who are smoking. However, it has been a very unhealthy, not only for you, but also for the environment and people around you who does not smoke at all. Hence, this is the purpose why this kind of product has been invented. Today, as a matter of fact, there are already plenty of positives news, testimonial and other electronic cigarettes review reflecting how happy people are in using these kinds of new smokeless cigarettes.

However, if you would like to buy one, there are many factors that you need to consider first. You shall not just buy a product, especially this electronic cigarette, without considering the vital factors first. One way to accomplish this is to read reviews. But do you know what electronic cigarettes review to believe? If your answer is yes, then it is good for you. On the other hand, if you do not know how to do assess which is the credible one or the other, here are some tips that you might find very useful. Aquavape British Eliquid purchase will be effective for the person to reduce and quit cigarettes. The assessment should be proper so that no side-effects will be delivered on the health of the smokers. Some expert tips can be followed for the purchase of the product. The charges will be under the budget of the person. 

First, any electronic cigarettes review will tell you to assess and compare prices first before trying the product. There are times when the product s really cheap. It is all up to you to assess which one you will prefer. There are people who prefer the cheapest while there are some who want nothing but the most expensive for vanity purposes. 

Secondly, some reviews will also tell you to weigh in your decision in terms of the features or packaging of the product. There are times when the nominal price is insignificant at all. This is because there can be products with a high price tags but filled with some additional features that when you buy all the other perks separately will cost higher. Hence, in the end, you even saved from buying the one that has higher nominal price tag on it.

Thirdly, I have read an electronic cigarettes review that told me about assessing the product in terms of the manufacturer of it. There are actually many ways to do this. You can look at their labels if they have approval from the Food and Drugs Administration or not or to licenses from other relevant agencies. You can also do this by assessing the product by searching for some independent testimonials and assays about the product. You just need to make sure the one you are reading is not paid by the manufacturer itself. Otherwise, your efforts will all be useless.

Search Engine Optimization for Local Search

Search engines, such as Google, has implemented features which place a higher value on local business as opposed to ones that are far off from the location of the search engine user. The main reason why local search has become so important is that results displayed in another city (or country) have no relevance to a search engine user that’s looking for a local business – this is why you now see local listings appearing at the top of search engines such as Google.

So what if you wanted to get your own website listed at the top of local search? Search engine optimization, a collection of techniques to help your website rank in search engines, provides you a way to top results so you can gain more leads and visitors to your website.

The following article will show you a few simple SEO techniques you can apply to your website to rank well in local search.

1) Include your address, phone number, and contact information

The simplest method to optimize your website to rank well in local search is to plug in your contact information on your home page and subsequent inner pages. When your website is spidered for search engines, your contact information will be picked up and tell the search engine your geographical location which it will then use to accurately place you within local search. is there to make it much easier for you to improve the ranking of your website on Google. 

2) Get listed in local search results

Search engines have adopted services to verify local businesses which can be seen by plugging in a local business within your area – results (within Google) will show a map, link, and contact information for this local search.

A very helpful site to view if you’re currently listed within local search is – it’s free and will give you results for each of the major search engines. After you find if you’re listed or not; verify your business within each of the services so you can begin showing up in local search.

3) Participate in local directories

Finally, directories (even forums) that are hyper-local can be a great way to increase your chances of appearing in local search. Applying search engine optimization techniques with linking to your website, you can use these directories to not only talk to local consumers but build backlinks that point to your geo-location.


With the web ever expanding it’s becoming more difficult for businesses to compete on a global level. Many businesses often neglect the fact that there are enough people within their area to keep them successful for many years to come; adding your business into local search will put you in the front of their eyes and fill your wallet with each new customer.

Review of JayBird Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones

During the inception of wireless technology JayBird pushed its way to the forefront with Bluetooth headphones, and the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones further showcase why. JayBird realized that the best companies come out with a little surprise every now and then, something fresh and unexpected, besides trying to market their products to as many potential customers as possible.

This was presumably the reasoning behind its two wired, in-ear models, which were marketed to the more physically active. Although less stylish, the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones were the slightly more expensive of the two. Style, of course, was not the object. The Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones were a product that people could rely on to hang with them through their daily workouts.

The Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones shout resilience in every facet of their design. The cable, made extra thick to ensure maximum wear, is outfitted with a slider at the Y to keep it from becoming twisted and tangled. This is one cord that won’t be snapping in a few months, nor will you lose sound quality due to damaged wires. With the purchase of playbeatz headphones, there will be less damage to the ear of the person. The use of the wires will not be allowed in the Bluetooth earphones for the convenience of the person. The popularity is increasing because of the comfort to the young generation in affordable rates. 

An L plug finishes out the design of the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones. Plus, instead of just tossing them aside when you’re finished using them, you can wrap the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones carefully with a tie and store them in a zippered, hard-sided case, which comes with the earphones, and be sure of protecting them from accidental damages.

Another good marketing strategy is customization, which is pursued to a fault with the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones. They come with detachable earphones, and seven pairs of eartips with differing textures and sizes, even one double-flanged and one triple-flanged, in hopes that everyone will find the perfect fit. This is one area where the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones were pretty average, though.

Just like a lot of other manufacturers, JayBird’s custom fit is too bulky for many ears, so you may or may not find the right fit. One positive aspect of the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones is that, should you chance on a well fit pair, you won’t have to worry about shutting out the rest of the gym when you’re ready for a serious workout. Simply put your earphones in, and you’re in your own little world.

In sound quality, the Endorphins were pretty good. Some songs were a little hollow, and the highs may not have been the best, with a slight tendency to roll off, but the earphones are still worth their $99 price. One area where we had no complaints was the bass. The Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones had enough “thump” to impress even those who’ve rocked themselves almost deaf.

The depth of the lower scales is what took us by surprise. Hip hop and electronica play best, yet any genre will play alright. Comparatively, these earphones use much less power, in that we could listen at about ten percent lower than with the Klipsch Image S4 with equal satisfaction.

For around $100, we don’t think you could get much better than the Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones, especially if you like activity. They fit securely, and they have good sound quality, particularly on the lower scales. Just remember to get another pair for your jogging gigs.

Count On Cbd To Heal Back Pain

Back pain is debilitating. Worse, backache has become almost unavoidable today given the contemporary sedentary couch-based lifestyle. Now, of course, there are strong pain killers and ointments to calm the aching nerves that cause the pain. But, the catch is most of them often leave with disturbing side-effects. CBD comes as a great herbal alternative here which has already proven to soothe a wide range of painful conditions, including back pain. There are various brands today that offer CBD products. released a list lately on the best ones in the market.

How does CBD aid to reduce back pain?

A good number of studies have already demonstrated CBD’s success story with back pain relief. As per researchers and physicians, CBD works to reduce back pain in three principal ways-

By lowering inflammation

It’s to stress here, CBD carries analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which make it an effective compound for pain relaxation. If back pain is caused by inflammation in muscle or nerves, CBD’s anti-inflammatory components will work wonders to reduce swelling and lower the pain.

CBD works in tandem with ECS (Endocannabinoid System) in the body to calm down back pain or any other kind of painful condition. ECS acts to regulate the body system and plays a vital role in the functioning of a major pain-regulating compound called anandamide. Found in brain, anandamide is connected to feeling or sensation of happiness and well-being. Now, when CBD works with ECS, it improves the flow of anandamide into bloodstream which reduces pain and enhances mood.

By combating anxiety

Causes of back pain aren’t always physical. An unhealthy mental state can also lead to back pain. In other words, anxiety and stress are two other major factors behind immense back pain.  This is where CBD comes to help as well.

As we have mentioned earlier, CBD works in association with ECS and regulates the flow of anandamide in the body. You also know by now that anandamide governs the sensation of happiness. CBD prevents anandamide absorption and unleashes a high volume of anandamide in blood which eventually lifts the mood and calms the mind. Once you achieve that happy state, you eventually experience less pain.

By improving sleep

Do you have insomnia? Well, if you have and you are suffering from back pain lately, lack of sleep could be a major cause. CBD works to relax the mind which improves sleep quality and consequently soothes back pain.

Using CBD for back pain

The CBD wellness market today is flooded with a wide range of consumables and topical aids to choose from as per one’s convenience. You can use CBD cream for pain here. Otherwise, there are CBD tinctures, gummies, oils and so on. A more modern approach is to use CBD vape pens.

Now, all the CBD goodies are available in varied strength levels. The dosage requirement will vary from one person to another and is based on several parameters. These include your weight, body mass, severity of pain, health history, current medical condition and so on. Make sure to consult your physician always before consuming or applying a CBD product.

The Role of Protein in Weight Loss Programs

When you say weight loss, one of the main concerns when it comes to food intake is calories. It provides you energy throughout the day but if you are not able to use it especially if you take more than what your body needs, it will most likely be stored as fat and that usually results in an unhealthy weight gain. And of course, if you’re doing cardio workouts or weight training, you need that energy. If you eat a lot less calories, your body’s next target is protein. If you don’t know yet, protein is the essential building blocks of muscles. If you don’t have enough strength, you won’t be able to lift heavier and your muscles will become weak.

The good thing about building muscles is that you acquire higher metabolic rates even after you work out. This means that after your training, your body will still be burning extra calories even if you are just sitting down. The more developed your muscles are, the higher your metabolism will be. Therefore, this will result in higher calorie usage tantamount to losing weight.

Aside from the extra burning power from your enhanced metabolism, it gives you more strength while working out. It gives your muscles more power and thus, you may be able to lift heavier weights or quite possibly do several extra repetitions on your workout sets.

Based on the product that I am currently using, which is L-Men Platinum, the recommended intake is 33g each before and after working out. Since it is made of processed whey protein, it is digested quite easily thus acting faster towards your muscles. Don’t worry. There are natural sources of protein such as eggs, dairy products and milk.

Currently, I’m drinking protein shakes before and after my weight training sessions. I don’t know if it’s just psychological but I feel energized while working out. I can lift heavier weights with several additional repetitions. I’m not sure if you feel it as well but sometimes, I feel somewhat hot after taking it. Also, I am really able to push my weightlifting further with the shake compared to when I was taking eggs and tuna as my supplement. I am losing weight slowly but this is due to the fact that I’m gaining muscles which are heavier than fat.

It is suggested that you take extra protein if you want to build your muscles. You may try to check a resurge review online for more information on how you can easily, effectively and safely lose weight and burn fat.  This helps in raising your metabolism making you lose weight. It is not really required though but based on my own experience and from some of my friends and trainers, the results speak for themselves.

5 Untrue Myths About Teen Weight Loss

Teens Are Destined To Be The Same Weight As Their Parents: Although there are genetic components of weight and body type, there are countless teen weight loss success stories where teens actually used overweight family members as the inspiration to get healthy despite their genetic blue print. These teens simply did not want to repeat the patterns and health problems they saw in family members. Teens successful at weight loss emulate healthy family habits and discard unhealthy ones.

Teens Who Have Been Overweight Their Entire Lives Have No Chance Of Losing Weight: Many teens who are overweight today were chubby babies and toddlers. However, countless heavy babies who grew into overweight teens have developed new habits which led to a new body. It really doesn’t matter what you weighed in the past. Your future health is what is really important and that is entirely up to you.

Teens Who Have Failed At Weight Loss Before Will Fail Again: Any past failures will simply teach you where you need to improve in the future. Perhaps there were elements you didn’t like in a certain diet or boredom set in with your work out plan. All issues that caused failure in the past can and should most definitely be fixed. Take an honest inventory and address and then change any past sticking points and your chances for long term success will only increase.

It is only by learning through past mistakes that you can ensure that they won’t be repeated again and you can try out new alternatives because losing weight is quite difficult and not just limited to exercise and taking supplements like Leptitox.

  • Teens Don’t Want The Help Of Their Parents: It’s absolutely vital that any weight loss decision made by a teen is made on his own for his own reasons. No one should want to change themselves for someone else. Teens are entirely capable of digesting information about health and making their own decisions.

That said, parents and friends can be vital sources of support on which to lean. Teens benefit from and appreciate parents who are willing to cook healthy meals, provide healthy snacks, join in workouts and help seek out resources that may help the teen reach his goals.

  • Teens Who Get Serious About Weight Loss Or Getting Healthy Will Eventually Suffer From Eating Disorders Like Anorexia And Bulimia: Some people are afraid to support a teen in her quest to get healthy because they fear the teen will become so obsessed with counting calories and working out that eventually the teen will develop an eating disorder or bulimia.

While these concerns are certainly understandable, statistics just do not support them. Only 4-5% of teens suffer from eating disorders. But one third of all American teens are overweight or obese. Further, introducing teens to healthy eating programs and sensible work out plans will help arm them against any unhealthy lifestyle habits – whether that means eating too much or eating too little.

Never take weight loss myths as fact. We are all completely free to make our own truths and forge our own destiny. Regardless of our genetic blueprint or our diet or exercise past, every day presents us with a new opportunity to make better, healthier choices. Everyday is a new start in which we can make healthy choices that will build upon one another to eventually form a healthy new lifestyle and a healthy new body. Simply making healthy choices and holding yourself to a high standard each day will ensure that none of these myths become true for you.

Unconventional Apartment Decorating Ideas

Atlanta, like many other cities is host to a plethora of apartment communities. These communities range in price, style, and space depending upon the location. The problem with apartments in general, is that the floorplans leave very little room for creative furniture arrangement. Certainly, there are some things that must remain static, like plumbing and electrical fixtures/outlets. But just because your cable outlet is on the other side of the room does not mean that your television must make its home there as well. If you’re stuck renting an apartment for an undetermined amount of time, the space might as well speak to your personality, instead of that of apartment developers.


People often hear the advice “Think Outside of the Box.” But this advice is often easier to give than to receive. When looking at your apartment floor space, consider that there are no rules defining where you place furniture, or how you use the rooms.

Do you work from home but have no second office? Convert your dining area into a makeshift office. If you never serve meals in the dining room, then you’re probably wasting a good deal of square footage. You can even separate this area from your living space by hanging curtains, or purchasing a screen. If you see some of the sample unites of the Linq condo, you will see that there are several interior ideas that you can use in order to have an unconventional apartment decorating ideas such as transforming your living area to a work station at home. 

On the other hand, if you have very little room to entertain guests, you can expand your lounge zone by converting your bedroom into a “living room” or den. Very often, master bedrooms are larger than the common areas in some apartments. Thus, bedrooms often make wonderful entertainment areas. Create a lounge environment by hanging funky pictures or other memorabilia. Move your sofa into this room and accent it with side tables. You might even consider a small conversation/snack nook. If you’re not keen on completely converting the space, simply add a futon and let the room double as a bedroom. The space is yours (or at least yours while under lease). So you might as well enjoy every square inch.


A good way to help you forget that you’re living in a rental property, is to create a fantasy in your home. Skip all the traditional decorating accoutrement and use your imagination to reproduce all your favorite places, and condense them into your living space. For instance, recreate your own personal “Hawaii” in your bathroom. Visit party or gag gift shops for props. Use a fake coconut to hold toothbrushes. Affix straw placements to the wall to assemble a faux “thatch” wallpaper. Create a southwestern style room with items like cactii (real or fake), faux tumbleweed made from a collection of treated wood. These kinds of items can even be found at home interior stores like Michael’s.

Many apartment complexes will allow their tenants to paint or add wallpaper, provided that they leave an additional deposit, or restore the walls to their original condition. If this is an option you’re willing to explore, the possibilities are literally endless where it regards room theme. Instead of paint (which is sometimes a messy option), try faux wallpaper. You can purchase wallpaper murals which are essentially huge photographs of things like city skylines, shoreline photos, waterfalls, or rainforests. Murals like these can be found on sites like or You would be shocked at how faux scenery can create the illusion of depth, while providing a sense of immersion. If you’re not willing to go that far, try reproducing the look of an authentic loft, by using faux brick wallpaper to fool guests. A little texture can go a long way in fashioning a mood out of raw materials.


Who says that you have to visit Rooms-To-Go or some other major furniture chain to find the latest and greatest accents for your apartment? In fact, there are countless ways to dress your apartment in a way that is a little off the beaten path. Trying using what’s been defined by many decorating websites as “architectural elements.”

These would be items like pillars or pieces of discarded construction equipment. Most often, these kinds of materials can be found in salvage yards, or places where “defective” furniture is discarded. A friend of mine once made a contemporary coffee table out of a salvaged and unused metal garbage can and a round piece of glass. Very simply, he placed the empty can on the floor and placed a small piece of heavy round glass on top. The overall effect was very artsy. Best of all, he paid a fraction of the cost for a brand new living room table.

Remember that thinking outside the box means going against the grain of what everyone claims is acceptable home decorating. There is nothing wrong with placing a bed in your living room, or turning your bedroom into a den. As crazy as it may sound, these living space alternatives are truly what will make your apartment feel more like home. Your rented, yet cozy nook should be as comfortable as possible while you’re living there. Never let stifling floorplans dictate how you should arrange your life.

Different Types of Laser Eye Surgery, Which is Best for You?

There are two basic types of laser eye surgery, PRK (PhotoRefractive Keratectomy) and LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis). There are different varieties of each of the surgeries based on different surgical techniques. Both surgeries correct vision problems through surgical manipulation of the cornea. A certified eye doctor can help you choose which surgery is right for you.

PRK eye surgery is fundamentally different from LASIK eye surgery. PRK was originally the most practiced procedure used to restore vision until the emergence of LASIK. Both surgeries involve the use of lasers. The difference between the surgeries comes from the way that the surgeon uses the laser throughout the procedure.

PRK eye surgery is usually performed at an outpatient surgical center or at a doctor’s office. The operation is short; the surgery itself only takes less a minute or two to perform. Sometimes the doctor prescribes some type of minor sedative to relax the patient before the procedure; this will also affect the patient’s ability to drive. Before any type of laser eye surgery, the patient should arrange for a friend or family member to drive him to and from the surgical center.

During the operation the patient will remain in a reclined or flat position. The PRK surgeon will first numb the eye and then thoroughly cleans the eye and the surrounding area using sterile optical solution. After the eye is numb, the eye doctor uses a suction ring to hold the eye in place. Basically, this kind of laser surgery is far different from rhinoplasty. Non-surgical rhinoplasty will help you get the nose you want without the painful recovery of surgery. However, laser eye surgery is a different story. The recovery stage may be somehow painful and hard.

During the PRK procedure, the surgeon uses lasers to remove the outer layer of the cornea. The surgeon then reshapes the patient’s eye through manipulation until it resembles the shape of a normal eye. PRK requires a longer time for recovery and the patient will experience more discomfort during the healing stage then with traditional LASIK surgery.

Traditional LASIK eye surgery is usually performed at an outpatient surgical center or at a doctor’s office. The operation is short; it usually takes less than an hour to perform. Eye surgery patients remain awake during the laser surgery in order to be aid the surgeon when he needs to move the eye. The procedure is painless; often the patient will only experience minimal discomfort during the first stages of the operation.

During the operation the patient remains in a reclined or flat position. The LASIK surgeon will first numb the eye and then thoroughly cleans the eye and the surrounding area using sterile optical solution. After the eye is numb, the surgeon will make a small incision in the patient’s cornea using a small surgical blade called a microkeratome.

The incision causes the cornea to separate from the eye creating a flap. The surgeon manipulates the eye until its shape is normal. Then the flap is closed. LASIK patients will see results immediately following the surgery.

Both types of laser eye surgery, PRK and LASIK allow patients to see without the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses. A qualified eye doctor can decide which type of surgery is best for a patient based on an initial primary exam.

Hotels, Tent Camping, and Cabins – Which is Better?

Last month my family and I headed across the Country, (Indiana to Colorado), on a 5 week journey. In that time we stayed at a number of hotels and motels, we camped a lot, and a few nights we stayed in log cabins at a KOA and one at the NRA in Raton, NM. Out of those three options for lodging, this is what we have to say about each:

Hotels / Motels –

I have little good to say about hotels and motels, and here’s why. Our first night out, we went to a Days Inn. This was in my opinion, one of the worst ones we stayed at, and we only stayed for 3 hours before we ran from the place, coughing and choking because there was so much mold and dirt in the room and building. Unfortunately we have severe environmental illnesses and allergies, which made this all the worst for us, but that really is no excuse for how bad moldy this hotel was.

The second hotel was a Motel 8, and I have to say that it was the nicest of all the hotels we tried on our trip. The girl working when we checked in was so sweet and nice, and very helpful. The rooms were clean and mold free, (this was a rare find!), and the free breakfast was awesome! Motel 8 ROCKED!!!

We tried a few other hotels and found most of them very dirty and moldy, (mold really is becoming a very big problem everywhere), and would not even stay at them. We stayed at only two other hotels, the last one we ran from after only one hour! The one before that was a Best Western, and it was probably my biggest disappointment because we were quoted a price of $80.00 total for the night, but at check out was charged close to $100.00 for the night. That was not the worst though. When I went to take a shower I discovered the bathroom had not been cleaned after the last person was there, and not only was there soap scum and residue in the tub, but the was what appeared to be human waste around the floor of the toilet. My husband went to the front desk and told the gentleman about the issues in the bathroom and was given a rag and cleaner to clean it up. So I scrubbed the bathroom so I could take my bath. The excuse we were given, was the cleaning girl was new! Sorry, but at $100.00 per night, that is not good enough for me, especially when I am left to scrub up someone else’s crap. Don’t get me wrong, I am an easy going person and quite nice, but that really ticked me off, so we complained. We were told the manager would call us, but we are still waiting and it has now been 4+ weeks. In my opinion, Best Western’s are very costly, and do not take care of customer issues.

That is how our hotel / motel experience went. Now to tent camping.

Tent Camping –

Tent camping can be really awesome, but there are a few inconveniences that go with it. If you are camping in an area that is very windy, your tent can take a lot of abuse, and may cave in on you like ours did. Now we stayed in some pretty windy places, however we still expected our brand new tent to last more than a couple of weeks. Our tent can still be used, but now we must stake and rope it all over the place. Another inconvenience to tenting is sleeping on the ground. The ground can tear you up bad, especially if you have a bad back like we do. Memory foam padding helps a lot, but it needs to be at least 4 inches thick. Air mattresses are another good option for sleeping comfort, but they can get holes easily, especially if you are camping in the desert and happen to pitch your tent on a cactus, we did that, LOL. If you stay at a Colorado State park though, they provide gravel pits to pitch your tent in, and they are awesome! I had very little trouble at the Colorado State Parks campgrounds as far as sleeping is concerned, and my back was out and hurting long before we got to them, but I was able to comfortably sleep with only one inch memory foam padding and a sleeping bag under me. The gravel pits are awesome, and so are the Colorado State Parks. Another inconvenience is cooking and washing dishes, but with team work from the whole family, it’s not too bad. If you have bladder control issues, you can have a problem, as some bathrooms are a good walk, if not a drive from your campsite. The upside is most all campgrounds have laundry facilities, as well as showers, so you and your laundry can stay fresh and clean. In order to select the best one, a comparison can be done between hotels and cabin camping tents. The place that will be in the budget and relaxation of the person should be selected. Different services should be provided so that the best one will be made available to the person. 

Cabin Camping –

Outside of RV camping, (never been yet, but it is our dream), I’d have to say that cabin camping is the best choice of the above choices. Most of them are made out of solid logs, no carpeting, (carpet is horrible if you suffer severe allergies like us), they are generally located close to the bath / shower rooms, and laundry facilities, and have a double bed, and a bunk bed. They are much cheaper than a hotel room, and just a few dollars more than a tent site. Many campgrounds have bigger cabins too, with bathrooms and kitchens, they are more costly, but still cheaper, and much nicer than a hotel / motel.

The bottom line is, State Parks are generally much better scenery, more wildlife to enjoy, and about ½ to 1/3 the cost of KOA’s and alternative camp sites. We have memories and pictures of deer, rabbits, antelope, and other wild life that wandered in and around our campsite in the state parks, while our memories of KOA’s are planes, trains, and automobiles.

So, the next time you are traveling across the Country, you may want to look at your other options before checking into that hotel. Your memorable experience may be better experienced in a tent or a cabin in one of the many campgrounds across the Country.