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Diamond Painting Kit- A Blend Of Colors And Sparkles

When you are at crossroads about what you want to do in life, just be clear in your mind and simply focus on the object of your passion and ambition so that you never falter in your steps while walking down the path towards your destination.

It is in the nature of the youth brigade of today to be rebellious by default and stop at nothing to have things their way and live life on their own terms without anyone dictating them into anything.

One such way they do so is by following their passion and turning it into a lucrative profession as they feel they’re not meant for a regular 8 to 5 job and sitting at an office desk and take orders from the boss.

No Real Diamonds

Diamond painting is not a term that you hear being used in your everyday conversation and therefore not too many people are familiar with it baring the ones that are interested in painting.

It is basically a blend mixture of art and craft in equal quantity where nothing is overdone and considered a way to express your thoughts by pushing the boundaries of imagination further in the form of your painting.

When an average person comes to know of diamond painting, he assumes it to be a painting with diamonds that are added along with the colors to make it look authentic and more close to nature.

It is nothing like that as there are no real diamonds involved but merely sparkles of various colors to give it a shiny feel that starts glowing like stars when the painting is finished, similar to how diamonds are shining when they are extracted from coal mines.

These paintings are quite interesting to look at and quite soft in texture that gives you the feeling that you are touching cotton or silk, which further adds to the importance of this technique as a whole.


The history of diamonds goes back a long way and India is today the largest country to export diamonds across the world and even the famous Kohinoor has its origins from this vast and diverse country.

Diamond paintings were quite popular in ancient times when the royal kings used to have artists of great caliber and it was a favorite pastime for them to make such paintings on their king’s orders.

5D Painting

Painting with diamonds is quite an entertaining experience that everyone should try out but 5D is a broader technique that is done in digital format and technology is used to set a definitive structure and pattern of various images by breaking them down to smaller size.

It will remind some people of cross stitching where small beads are used to apply on the paintings that make them glow in the dark and they start sticking to the canvas to give it an artistic feel to the entire surface.

The drills that are utilized in a unique color code format are called rhinestones that are around 2.5 to 3mm in size that contain different angles from where the sparkles can be seen and analyzed from every inch.

The shapes used can be anything but most painters prefer square and circle, which depends on the shape of the painting in question and what all images are added as extras to give it a different look.

The painting kit has different tools like paint brush, Tweezer, baggies, trays to sort out colors etc. and these are items that last for a longer period of time. 5D Painting is a structure that uses legendary tools akin to diamonds where the drills are of three types- Partial, Full and Multi paneled.

The Joy of Using IPayment

Today, people want to save time. Any shopping experience is one that people want to complete in as little time as possible. This means waiting in line, counting cash and coins, and dealing with technology mishaps can prove frustrating. Thus, credit and debit cards are used more and more often for everything from daily grocery shopping and errand running to booking flights and making major purchases like new televisions or computers. Such plastic cards are used quite frequently, especially if the figure in bill paying. Thus, merchants need to have a quick way to process and deal with such heavy usage. This is where iPayment Inc. comes into the picture. This is one of the biggest companies in the United States for processing credit and debit card transactions. Merchants and banks around the country know this group’s name. iPayment Inc. works with both small and large businesses to process cards both in-person or card-present transactions as well as card-not-present purchases. This means that people can easily buy and use goods and services, thus streamlining the shopping experience through online payments and balanced scorecard ppt.

People don’t want to jump through a lot of hoops or have to wait in line for a long period of time. Instead, they want it to be easy to swipe and go. If a merchant takes too long to ring up or deal with a purchase, a customer may not return to this shop or group. This can mean the beginning of the end for a merchant looking to turn a profit and expand. This is where iPayment can play the hero and save the day. This group makes it easy for people to pay for purchases while also protecting people against fraud. The company ensures that transactions are processed and then reviewed in a matter of seconds. First, the transaction is captured and send to the card issuer to see if there are enough funds. Next, the approval or denial is sent, the transaction is completed, and the processer sends the final purchase amount and information to the card company. The merchant then receives all funds. iPayment reviews and keeps track of all purchases in case there is a dispute or issue. Thus, the shopping experience is made easier for both the customer and the business.

iPayment reviews the needs of a merchant to ensure that all systems and processes are personalized to the needs of the business. Thus, customer service is pretty much guaranteed for groups that really want an easy and effective way to process the steady stream of credit and debit cards coming into an establishment. Plastic is the trend of the future. It is important for businesses to keep up with this demand. Thus, working with iPayment ensures that people have the means to quickly process and deal with credit and debit cards. This is certainly a smart investment.

Best Offline Sources For Replica Bags

You will find tons of online source for replica bags but there are times when you look for offline places that you can visit in order to buy yourself a trendy and fashionable bag that you can buy. In order to help you with this, here we are with the best offline places that you can visit in order to buy cheap designer bags.

  • Bangkok

Starting the list with Bangkok, you get an amazing and affordable option that offers you a wide variety of designer bags and other trendy accessories that you can buy at really affordable rates. Besides that, you can high-end bags in malls like Siam Paragon, vintage bags in Indie shops that are quite common, and fake designer bags as you explore the streets of Bangkok.

Starting with Siam Paragon you get a big mall that offers you 250 air-conditioned outlets that you can explore and shop to your heart’s content. This mall is easily accessible through the train as you get Siam BTS Skytrain station opposite to this mall.

If you are looking for vintage bags then you have Lena in Siam Square or Lux that you will find near Chatuchak Weekend Market making it easier for you to locate these locations. There you will find a wide variety of leather bags, colorful cloth bags, and anything in between them.

Lastly, if you are looking for fake designer bags at a really affordable price you will find  Chatuchak Weekend Market the best place for fake designer bags. There you have over 15,000 shops and stalls that offer a wide range of fake or genuine designer bags that you can choose from.

  • Rajasthan

If you are visiting the desert state in India, you should definitely check out the colorful JHOLAS that you can easily found in the market. You can also find a wide variety of bags that showcases beautiful embroidery and delicate colors. There you can explore the stall at Lake Palace Road, Chetak Circle, Bada Bazaar, and Hathi Pol where you can find a wide range of affordable designer bags. The only thing that you should keep in mind while shopping is the fact that you should always ask for discounts and offers there.

If you are in the pink city of Jaipur then you should head towards Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar where you can get an amazing collection of wallets and designer handbags. These street markets are really the best place where you can buy these amazing and affordable designer bags.

  • Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise for women as they get a vibrant collection of fake designer bags that too at a really cheap price. Tung Choi Street is also known as the ladies’ market as you will find a wide range of bags, clothes, and several other items. Since there are tons of fake products here you can get them for a really cheap price and you do not even have to compromise when it comes to quality.

The market there runs from 12 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. Making the street of Tung Choi happening and crowded.
On the other hand, you can explore Fa Yuen Street that has several designer shops where you can get designer handbags made by local designers. Besides that, you will also the Goldfish market there as you see people selling goldfish in plastic bags. Goldfish are quite popular in Hong Kong as they are seen as a symbol of fortune. Moreover, you should also hone your bargaining skills as you will need them here.

These are the top 3 places where you can look for fake designer bags at really affordable prices. Although, it might not be possible for you to check these places out personally. This is where you can order online and get the very best designer bags that you like.

Review: Raw Bags Eco-Friendly Hand Bags

Raw Bags eco-friendly hand bags is one of the latest additions of the fashion world’s contribution to being Green. Being Green is important now days with continuous talk of Global Warming and freaky weather. This concept applies in the fashion world as well and thanks to designer Beth Warner women can do their part by carrying Raw Bags which are eco-friendly hand bags.

Raw Bags eco-friendly hand bags are created from a combination of natural materials and recycled Chinese newspaper resulting in a chic and unique eco-friendly hand bag that environmentalists would be proud to carry. Raw Bags eco-friendly hand bags may just be the next big thing on the cat walk.

Select from two different styles of Raw Bags ecof-riendly hand bags including a cool convenient tote which is great for dress casual, beach, business or wherever you might want to make your statement. The Raw Bag Tote is made of speckled black and white material with a unique protective laminate finish. This laminate finish is great for protecting your eco-friendly hand bags against the unusual elements we are experiencing in the weather due to the current state of our environment.

If you are more a Chick that likes chic bags but looking for something smaller, then the Raw Bag eco-friendly fold-over clutch may be more your style. The fold-over clutch is made from the same material as the tote and is just as fashionable. Raw Bags eco-friendly hand bags are surprisingly quite attractive and could easily go from day to evening. There is also a collection made from Bamboo which is quite attractive. The Raw Bags made from bamboo are available in several colors. The Raw Bags eco-friendly hand bags styles are available in Black Bamboo Cube, and yellow Bamboo Cube. Fold over clutches are also available in yellow, green, brown, and black bamboo cube. The Bamboo and Matchstick Collections really keep the handbags natural. This collection of Raw Bags offers not only a handbag style, but also a clutch and a wallet. The stained bamboo sticks are a beautiful finish and a lovely Raw Bag to carry anywhere.

The clever but fashionable eco-friendly hand bags by Raw Bags retail for a little under a hundred dollars or less per bag. In addition to the great price for recycling and using natural materials, the brainchild behind the eco-friendly Raw Bags is committed to donating a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of Raw Bags eco-frriendly hand bags to different organizations that are proactive in protecting the earth and the environment.Raw Bags eco-friendly hand bags are available for purchase at the Raw Bag Web site or at retailers near you. Refer to the Web site for retailers in your area.

The above points are what you can call as luxurytastic replicas unbiased reviews, a brief description about eco-friendly handbags and which play an important role in the lives of women by becoming an inseparable part of their very existence. Seriously, can you name any one woman who can manage herself without her handbag for company, where she has to keep all the necessary accessories that she requires everyday?

Treating Low Back Pain or Slipped Disk by Oxygen-ozone Therapy

The search for effective treatment of lumbar sciatica, prolapsed disk  amp; joint pain is still going on amp; has along way to go. Main reason of this is; ‘the multi-factorial causation’ of these pathologies. Also this reason is involved in explaining why so many modes of treatment are available.

There is a gamut of therapies available for treatment of prolapsed lumbar disk, this includes noninvasive, minimally invasive  amp; surgical methods. The noninvasive methods (like physiotherapy, diathermy, yoga etc.) are the first line modes of management in most of the cases of lumbar disk prolapsed. But when there is no improvement following these procedures, minimally invasive or surgical interventions are recommended. Majority of specialists propose that the minimally invasive procedures are as effective as surgical interventions in long term prognosis.

These minimally invasive procedures are directed towards providing better clinical results along with an acceptable, cost-effective management of lumbar disk prolapsed. Though surgical interventions were preferred earlier; failure rates  amp; post operative complications following surgeries (like Diskectomy) helped to make favorable environment for minimally invasive procedures.

Oxygen-ozone therapy is one of the most popular  amp; effective minimally invasive procedures nowadays. The principles of Oxygen-ozone therapy are depending upon the action of Ozone.

These are:

  1. Ozone causes reduction in the size of the herniated part of prolapsed disk, which in turn relieves the compression over the nerve root. According to spine surgery Austin texas, ozone us really a good relief for the compression over the root of the nerve.
  2. As the size of the disk decreases it also reduces the venous congestion by relieving obliteration vessels caused due to compression. This mechanical factor improves local microvascular circulation  amp; increases the oxygen availability. This is one of the beneficial effects of ozone therapy for reducing pain, as the nerve roots are very sensitive to hypoxia amp; hypoxic nerve roots carry enhanced pain sensation to the brain.
  3. Ozone also has immune-modulating action.
  1. Ozone acts as an effective analgesic  amp; anti-inflammatory.

When combined with corticosteroid  amp; analgesics at the same time Ozone therapy gives better results.

How Ozone therapy is given?

An intradiscal (within the prolapsed vertebral disk) 4 ml and periganglionic (around the nerve root ganglion) 8 ml injection of ozone-oxygen mixture is given.

What exactly happens inside the disk when injection is given?

At a particular concentration, ozone directly affects phosphorous in the disk nucleus, which in turn causes exudation of water molecules from the disk matrix  amp; therefore the matrix degenerates subsequently. The degenerated matrix is then replaced by the fibrous tissue within a period of 5 to 6 weeks. As fibrous tissue is more compact than the matrix of the disk this makes the disk size smaller.

Who are eligible for Ozone therapy?

A patient showing-

  1. Clinical signs  amp; symptoms of lumbar disk nerve root compression.
  2. CT (computerized Tomography)  amp;/or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) showing picture of disk prolapsed.
  3. Persistent joint pain  amp; swelling for more than 6 months  amp; not responding to conventional pain management methods like analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy etc.
  4. Recurrent failure of disk surgeries.

What is the success rate of this therapy?

The success rate of Ozone therapy is around 70-80%, but some specialist have claimed that about 85-90% cure rate can be achieved depending on patient’s compliance.

Who are not eligible?

  1. Patients with unusual extent of disk herniation.
  2. Severe neurological deficit associated with disk pathologies.

What are the post therapy advices?

When the procedure is complete patient is asked rest in supine position for about 2 hours. Patients can be discharged on the same day. When patient is discharged from the hospital he is instructed to slowly resume his body movements.

Are there any complications?

There are no serious complications of Ozone therapy. Though, some patients may feel abnormal sensations in the lower limb of the same side to the treatment. But this may not be a cause of concern, as the symptom spontaneously vanishes after about 2 hours.

Renew Your Youth and Natural Beauty Through Cosmetic Surgery and Facelifts

Physical beauty and perfectly formed faces are taken quite seriously these days. One look at Hollywood’s elite will prove that. Thanks to recent technological developments in the field of Denver plastic surgery, anybody can attain that same kind of outer beauty. According to a recent survey, a simple Denver face lift surgery to hide the wrinkle lines on your forehead can cause a person to look about five years younger.

Erasing away those ugly lines from around your eyes and the beautification of the eye lids are said to greatly benefit your looks as well. Imagine, looking another ten to fifteen years younger from a simple surgery. Needless to say, it is easy to see why so many people are scheduling appointments to see their cosmetic surgeons to discuss the in’s and out’s of Denver face lifts. The work of the facelifts will Look as good as you feel at Michigan Plastic Surgery on the face of the person. It will provide a brand one effect on the face of the client. 

Cosmetic surgery procedures, such as Denver face lifts, tighten the entire facial skin to a certain amount, eliminating any sagging and wrinkles all at once. The pesky areas where old age is often evident most are improved with a few minor adjustments. This would include the areas around the eyes, the forehead and sagging cheeks. Imagine how much better you’ll look and feel with a face defined by firm skin, a well-defined jaw lines and fuller cheeks. Even those closest to you will have a difficult time guessing your true age.

There are so many different kinds of Denver plastic surgery treatments out there facial lifts that it is easy to become confused on what type to opt for. Some procedures include face lifts which improves the look of facial skin using radio frequency. Others involve a thread lift in which face rejuvenation is done using threads on the face and in inner facial tissues. Another extremely trendy procedure is Rhinoplasty or nose job.

There are also Denver face lift procedures which are not full blown cosmetic surgeries but instead used to correct minor problems. They are commonly referred to as mini face lifts. These are popular because of the small recovery period associated after these procedures. Some are only up to about a week. They provide quick results with minimum down time. The idea behind a mini face lift is to hide or reduce the effects which age has on the skin. They can make a person look several years younger.

To answer the question why anyone would want Denver plastic surgery, the answer is simple; they want to rid themselves of all those pesky premature age lines which appear on their face due to excessive exposure in the sun or stress lines due to work. No matter what the reasons may be, they all have the same answer – cosmetic surgery.

Top 6 Supplements And Minerals To Enhance Energy Levels

In order to do the workouts and exercises, you need more power and energy. These days, it is not possible to acquire enough energy from your food. Everybody takes a poor diet, and that’s why they face numerous problems related to the lack of energy. Due to this, you may face various problems in your daily life. Getting enough sleep and taking a balanced diet can help in maintaining the natural energy levels. If you have a hectic schedule and don’t know how to get more energy in a natural way, then you should opt for energy supplements.

The different vitamins and supplements can be easily found in the market, which you can use to increase energy and get other benefits. Before start using the supplements, you need to know all about them, including the ingredients. Do research properly about the different supplements and then narrow down the search options after considering your needs. Talk to the experts about your needs and then get their suggestions to ease up the selection procedure. Choosing the right supplements can help in finding the best vitamins and supplements to provide energy to your body.

Knowing the different vitamins and supplements can help you a lot but always try to be selective in your approach. Never buy the supplements that you see first because many factors are out there, which plays an important role during the selection process. Determine your needs and then look for the supplements accordingly to get enough energy to boost your overall health. These supplements are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are required to boost the energy levels in your body. Now, we are going to discuss the top best supplements that help to increase energy.

  1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is one of the best medicinal herbs that help in increasing energy. Well, it is helpful in enhancing the resilience of the body to physical and mental stress. When you take this vitamin or supplement, then it helps to get rid of anxiety. If you are taking Ashwagandha, then it will reduce mental fatigue and also boost the energy levels. Well, this supplement is safe, and that’s why you can consider it to enhance the energy levels in your body.

  1. Vitamin B12

Many supplements help to increase energy, but vitamin b12 is an effective one. Well, this supplement helps to gain energy from the food that you eat on a daily basis. The same energy can be used by your cells to function properly. It is also beneficial for your overall health because it keeps the blood cells healthy and also prevents you from feeling week and tired. B12 supplements are gaining popularity because you can’t eat the food every day that contains B12.

  1. magnesium

Magnesium is considered one of the best energy supplements that you can use to enhance the energy in your body. First of all, you need to know about magnesium, which is known as a mineral which helps in energy production. Most of the people are suffering from various health problems due to the deficiency of magnesium. When you make use of the magnesium supplements, then it helps to convert food into energy.  It helps to move blood sugar into the muscles and also create new proteins.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for the health of an individual, and you can get its healthy dose through the sunlight. If you are not receiving sufficient sunlight, then it may lead to vitamin D deficiencies. Most of the people think that how vitamin D relates to energy. With the help of vitamin D supplements, you can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and get several benefits. It also helps to boost the energy levels in the body of an individual. Gaining energy from these supplements will help to make improvements to your overall health.

  1. Iron supplement

Iron supplements are really beneficial as they help to increase the energy levels of the body. If you are suffering from some health problems due to the deficiency of iron in your body, then it is beneficial to opt for iron supplements. Well, these supplements help to fulfill the requirements of iron in the body and also help in enhancing the energy levels. When you take these supplements, then these work effectively and reduce the tiredness and anxiety-related problems. It directly helps the body of an individual to gain more energy to perform the daily tasks in a better way.

  1. Co Q10

It stands for coenzyme Q10 and made naturally in the body. It comes in various forms, such as ubiquinone and ubiquinol. These two forms are present in the body, which means they are already present in all cells. All the cells in the body contain CoQ10, and it is highly present in the heart, liver, and kidneys. Cells use it to make energy in the body and protect the body from oxidative damage. When the level of CoQ10 declines, the body cells are unable to produce the energy by itself. And it is highly present in fish, meat, and nuts.

After knowing all these top best supplements and vitamins that produce energy, you can make use of them to get the best results. I was wondering if anyone knows about the product Relief Factor? Well, it is a type of product that doesn’t contain any drug. It is the product that contains botanical and fish oil, which helps to reduce the pain in the body of an individual.

Let’s wrap it up

The energy levels play an important role while performing daily tasks. If you always wake up tired, then it is one of the signs that you are not getting enough energy from your food. In this situation, you should make use of the best energy supplements. There are many vitamins that help to enhance the energy levels in your body.  After reading the different vitamins and supplements in the above post, you can make use of them to get enough energy for your body to perform the daily tasks in an efficient manner.

Medical Benefits of Tea

Tea has long since been a regular staple in today’s drinking customs. Tea holds a major market in many countries, some even listing tea as one of their most prized. But what truly makes tea so special besides being an alternative drink? Recent studies have shown that the medical benefits that tea holds can be used to dramatically improve a person’s health.

Many studies held and published all around suggest that teas along the likes of black tea, green tea, and jasmine tea hold numerous health benefits. From helping cure diabetes, cancer, to even weight loss and scientific acceptance of tea has sparked a public interest in the alternative drink.

Tea has long since been accepted in major countries of Asia as a healthy supplemental drink, often approved by the public as helping them maintain their general health. While never scientifically explained in detail, many countries have integrated tea into their culture and food paradigm. Tea has been associated with nearly every meal in many countries, and it has only been recently discovered that this could be a result of why many Asians suffer from a lower susceptibility count to diseases such as cholesterol and diabetes. To promote these benefits of tea to the market, using the internet is a wise idea. You can find out the 10 best medical marketing ideas for your practice to promote the medical benefits of tea.

Recent scientific journals and study groups have discovered that tea, green tea especially, holds many anti-cancer properties. Green tea holds the antioxidant epigallocatechnin gallate, which according to a Japanese study group at Kyushu University in Japan, slows down the cancer cells that infect a human, reduced the number and size of tumors, and acts as a deterrent agent against cell damage caused by cancer. Tea also contains caffeine in moderate amounts, which allows for the body to produce a slight increased output of energy; in addition to the benefits of caffeine, some types of tea also contains chemicals that increase the thermo genesis of a human body, or the rate at which calories are burned.

Stress levels can also be dramatically lowered by the consumption of tea, in which a study showed that subjects who drank four cups of tea per day for a four week period was subject o a average cortisol (a chemical that induces the creation of fat) of 47%.

Tea has found a loyal following in the United States of America as well, following a dramatic increase of tea imports within the states. Many find themselves switching over to this alternative drink as a healthy choice after the less desirable effects of other caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and soda. Tea can be readily bought in mass amounts for a low price, thus increasing the popularity of it as a cheap replacement caffeine source. While the caffeine is not lower than that of its counterparts, tea holds many superior advantages over its competitors in terms of general safety to consume. Consumers should be advised, however, that caffeine should be ingested in moderate quantities as caffeine itself is an active stimulant.

RAZOR HD 11-33X50 Vortex Spotting Scope

Razor is one of the top names when it comes to buying professional spotting scopes. Their wide range of products allows you to choose the right scope depending on the requirements you have. Each of their scope is easy-to-use, well built and comes with world-class features. That is why their scopes are one of the best in the market. Today, we have got a really good scope the Razor HD 11-33X50 Vortex Spotting Scope which comes with angled eyepiece. This particular scope is designed to provide the best spotting experience and professionalism. If you are looking for a scope that matches with these requirements, then take a look at the review of the Razor HD 11-33X50 and get more details. Also, you can check out Long Range Rifles less than $3,000 that are available in the market.

Features of The Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope

The Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope comes with a wide range of features which helps it to stand apart from other products in the market. Now, let us take a look at the best features of the scope before moving to a detailed review of the same –

  • The scope comes with APO System Index-matched lenses that helps to precisely correct the color across the complete visual spectrum. Thus, allowing you to enjoy a more clearer vision.
  • The Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope is integrated with high quality HD Lens with Elements Premium that males way for extra-low dispersion glass. Helping the scope to deliver the ultimate resolution and color contrast. As a result of which you get high definition images.
  • One of the best features of the scope is the XR™ Plus Fully Multi-Coated anti-reflective coatings. This air-to-glass surface allows maximum light to penetrate and transmit for absolute peak clarity. That is why you will experience brilliant low-light performance.
  • Apart from all the above mentioned features, the Plasma Tech Cutting edge coating on the scope provides the users with high quality and unparalleled coating durability and unmatchable performance to the users all the time.
  • Being Fogproof and Waterproof allows you to use the Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope in different weather conditions. The hard and anti-scratch resistant body provides a more durable finish to you.

So, these are the best features of the Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope that tells you how well the scope has been constructed and manufactured. It comes with all the latest features that allows you to experience the best in class visibility and high quality images in different weather conditions.

Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope – Detailed Review

The Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope is available for around a price of $900 – $950, depending on the site from where you purchase the product from. Even though the price tag seems to be on the higher side, it is important to note that the scope is to be used only by professionals and comes with mind-blowing features. The prism valued eye vision makes way for a fantastic depth of field and wide field of view, allowing you to cover more area from the scope. The Angled Body Design provides better stability and offers greater comfort when you are using the scope for long period of time. The smaller and much lightweight tripod is really great for professional use. We were really impressed with the waterproof O-ring that keeps out dust, moisture and any kind of debris that can obstruct your view from the scope. Hence, a reliable performance is guaranteed at all times.

Mention must be made of the ArmorTek Ultra-hard and scratch resistant durable coating that keeps your scope free from any scratches and dirt. Using this scope for years will not have any effect on its construction or durability as such. The adjustable eyecups also help to provide good amount of comfort to the users at all times. Available in a sleek and beautiful design, the scope is really appealing to look at. If you are looking for a scope that delivers edge-to-edge sharpness, as well as remarkable clarity, resolution and rich color accuracy, then the Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope is your best bet. You get an Eyepiece cap, Objective lens cover and the View-through carry case in the box.

Technical Features of Razor HD 11-33X50

A lot of people are not really bothered about the technical features of any scope, but you really should be. It helps you to understand whether the scope goes well with your requirements or not. Here are the technical features of the scope –

  • Magnification – 11-33x
  • Objective Lens Diameter – 50 mm
  • Linear Field of View – 191-96 ft/1000 yds
  • Angular Field of View – 3.6-1.8 degrees
  • Close Focus – 6.6 feet
  • Eye Relief – 16-19 mm
  • Exit Pupil – 4.6-1.5 mm
  • Length – 10.3 inches
  • Weight – 25.0 oz

Final Verdict – for less than $1000, the Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope is one of the best professional spotting scopes that is available in the market. For those of you who are looking for amazing construction, long term durability and value for money features that will help you to remember your spotting performance, look no further than this particular gadget. We are sure it is all that you will need if you are planning to buy a new scope. The initial investment might be a bit on the higher side, but it will be really a great buy.

Product Review: Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor

Walking through Target one particularly hot summer day, Schick’s newest product caught me by the eye. Not to get too personal here but it is summer. I will be going out in a bathing suit. The cost and pain of waxing does not appeal to me. That’s why this product seemed so ingenious!

For those that don’t know, Schick has made the perfect razor for women everywhere. Well, at least the perfect idea for the perfect razor for women everywhere. They’re packaging boasts on their four ultra thin blades and a thin layer of Aloe Vera and Duo-Vitamin above the blade that leaves your skin smooth so you can “skip a day or two.” The trimmer is said to be waterproof and perfect for cleaning up your bikini area. Even though it was a little steep for me in terms of razor price at $12.99 plus $9.99 for refills, I was willing to try it for a better summer in a bathing suit.

The first time I used the product, I have to say – it gave a good clean shave. It seemed perfect! At least, with the trimmer. When using the actual blade of the product, I found it to be a little faulty for something that is basically a knife that I run across my skin. The bartschneider will better suit for the boys for trimming of their shave. The cuts will be avoided through the use of the razor. The cost-effective product will provide different advantages to the person.

Whoever designed this razor must have not thought about the fact that most girls shave while taking a bath or shower, which means wet hands, which means hands will be slippery on plastic. Sure, there are some minimal grooves that seemed to be for anti-slipping but they’re either at awkward places for holding or too small to do any good. If you plan on shaving your legs, you better be doing so with a strong, steady grasp otherwise, you may nick your legs something terrible.

Another problem with the razor is the blade is that it always seems to be popping out of the holder for no reason! Either you push too hard, don’t push enough, shave at a weird angle, or even just dropping it less than a foot. It’s really annoying, and probably unsafe, to have to reapply the blade every time it falls out while I’m balancing one leg on the soap holder as I try to shave that oh-so-hard spot of the knee.

After less than two weeks of using this product, the blade has dulled. I have to run it over my legs two to four times before it feels right but later on in the day, I find that it’s still slightly prickly. I did buy a pack of refills when I bought the razors but I find it very frustrating that only one set lasted me less than two weeks! At the cost of the blades and razor, a customer is better off buying cheap-o disposables by the dozen for the same results for one of these.

All-in-all, I was very disappointed with this item, especially for the cost that I forked over for it. Basically $23.00 + tax for a razor that gave me poor results. I due have to give the trimmer it’s props – it still works well and has given me no problem but this is not a product that I would be willing to buy just for that one measly feature. You be the final factor of what you want but do know that the actual razor was a poor excuse. I’d give it a 2.5 our 5 with the trimmer carrying most of that weight.