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How to Choose High Quality Pet Food

Most people who have pets love them tremendously and wouldn’t dream of feeding them anything that wouldn’t be good for them or isn’t a high quality food. The problem is that, when we buy food for ourselves or our loved ones including our pets, we rarely take the time to look at the ingredients list, or the nutritional data of the food. And when we do, we are usually more used to reading them with a human being in mind, rather than a dog, or a cat.

Unfortunately, paying attention to details is a necessity, specially when it comes to buying high quality pet food. Many big pet food companies seem to be in the business for the money, and not for their love of pets in general, even if it may have been their main concern in the beginning. Of course, I am not saying that all commercial pet food is bad, and you can certainly find high quality ones fairly easily. But, I feel that many brands try to cut down on the expenses by adding ingredients that we would never feed our pets, if we had known about them.

We should choose what we put in our bodies or our pets bodies by first examining our internal organs. For example, a carnivorous pet will have a short digestive tract, designed to get rid of the meat as fast as possible. An herbivorous pet on the other hand will have a long digestive tract, to extract all benefits and nutrients from the ingested plant food.

But take a look at most cat foods. Cats are 100% carnivores, and while some dogs can be vegetarian if they eat the proper diet, cats absolutely have to eat a meat based diet to not be deficient in certain amino acids that can only be found in meat. But many cat foods have grains as their first ingredient, instead of meat. Why would this be? It’s simple. Cornmeal is cheaper than high quality beef or chicken.

I said that some dogs can be vegetarian. This is true, but you also have to take into consideration your dog’s food allergies. For example, my dog is very hyperactive. He absolutely does not do well on grain protein. At first, I bought him a well known supposedly high quality dry food. He was doing more or less alright on it, but was pretty hyper. Then, we decided to pick up a bag of a cheaper also well known dog food brand. Now, we thought, it is cheaper, but it surely must follow certain rules and regulations. But immediately after eating a bowl of it, he was not only extremely hyper, but he was also very aggressive. The difference was the lower percentage of protein, and the higher quantity of grains in the pet food.

I found that for dogs to be most healthy, they need a high protein diet with on average 25% protein. You may want to keep this in mind when buying dog food, if you feel that your dog could benefit from a more healthy diet. Surprisingly, many dog foods have under 20% protein.

Also, look for high quality, human grade meat as the first ingredients, specially for cats. My cats eat high quality human grade meat in a dry kibble, and they are very healthy with a very soft and shiny coat. My mother switched her hyper cat to a high quality food, and now her cat is much better. I also make sure to feed them high quality canned food every once in a while, as dry cat food is dehydrating in the long run and cats cannot drink enough water every day to make up for it. If you can afford it, high quality raw meat is by far the best option. You just need to add bones and organs to the meat in order for your cats to have a complete diet, or you can buy meat, bones and organs already pre-ground into conveniently sized medallions.

I don’t want to advertise brands, so just look for a few important things:

– Cat food should have meat as its first ingredient, and by that I don’t mean beaks and claws (called animal by products on the label). Actually, those should be avoided at all costs. 30% of protein is a good number and usually indicates a high quality pet food.

– Cat food should have no more than 0.09% magnesium to reduce the risks of crystals in the bladder, and a minimal amount of ashes (phosphates). Any more and the quality of the food definitely suffers.

– Make sure grains aren’t the first ingredient, and when possible, choose a grain free kibble. If you can only afford dry food as the bulk of their diet, try to vary it regularly with canned food and raw meat every once in a while.

– As I said, high quality raw food is very good for pets. When I bought raw chicken for my cats, they went completely wild for it. They didn’t need much time to adjust, they just adored it within days after I introduced it. Unfortunately, it is pretty expensive if you can’t find high quality meat where you live and therefore need to order it. However, cats will benefit from at least a little raw meat added to their meal rotation, as dry kibbles are not the freshest source of food, and they can be highly processed. Choose a very good, reputable brand that cares more about the pets than advertising its brand on TV to ensure the high quality of your chosen pet food..

– Supplements are not necessary, but sometimes they can be helpful. My dog has a dry coat in the winter, and adding salmon oil really improves the dryness. Plus, he loves it.

Also, you can use vitamins as part of your training routine. My dog used to show his teeth and growl when I’d touch his paws. After training using vitamins as rewards, he shakes without a second thought when asked!

For more options of healthy food for your dog, you can click here. This site will provide you wide variety of tips about healthy preparation of your dog’s food so you’ll assure that he or she is in a healthy condition and free from any diseases.

I have read that some pet food companies use carcasses of euthanized cats and dogs as part of the ingredients. I don’t know how true this is, specially after the mad cow disease scandal, but I’d rather stick to high quality pet food. Then, you will be almost certain that you are feeding your pets the best food available.

Here Are Some Of The 3 Amazing Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs!

CBD oil is beneficial for humans but as well as for dogs too. There are millions of benefits for consuming CBD oil, and in this article, you will be going to read them. Using natural remedies is beneficial, but it is important to go for professional treatment. We might not be aware of the mental health conditions of dog’s but a small incident can create a problem for your dogs too. If you found a small change in your dogs’ behavior then it is beneficial for you to visit a professional doctor for a check-up. CBD oil is made with natural and organic compounds which is highly beneficial for your pet as well as for human beings. An endocannabinoid system is present in dogs as well as in humans therefore using CBD oil is effective for both. By consuming CBD oil, it become more beneficial as well as deliver satisfactory results. 

Here, I am delivering 3 amazing benefits of CBD oil for your dog’s so that you can take complete advantage of it. It is recommended you read the benefits of CBD oil such as listed in the lower section as: 

The 3 amazing benefits of CBD oil for dogs:

  • The first benefit of CBD oil for dogs is that it helps in stimulating appetite as a reason you can’t stop your dog to eat. Usually they eat anything they found and it is difficult to stop them. It become crucial for a dog lover to acknowledge the mental stress and problem of your dog. By concise the right and best CBD oil you can easily cure high stress, depression and anxiety problems among your dogs. It is hard to estimate the reason behind depression and anxiety but by using CBD oil in an appropriate amount you can eventually cure their problems. 
  • Using CBD oil will help in interacting with the present neurons of your brain which will automatically decrease nausea, anxiety and depression from your dog’s mind. Also, it helps in lower down the mental stress of your dog. It is beneficial to use CBD seizures so that it will save your dogs mental health. It is important to take the right treatment and medicine so that you will get positive results. 

  • One of the biggest benefits of consuming CBD oil is that it helps in reducing pain as well as inflammation. In human as well as in dog’s mind there is a receptor which is continuously regulating in mind called as vanilloid receptor and it is important to control it. By using CBD oil, you can control it so that it will not give any kind of adverse effect on the mental health of your dog.  

All the 3 amazing benefits of using CBD oil for dogs is listed in the above section through which it will become helpful for you to cure all the mental problems of your dog. If you will wisely estimate all the information which is mentioned then it will provide you positive results. 

Checklist for Bringing Home a New Puppy

The list is the basics of what you will need to bring a puppy home with you.

1.) Puppy food:

Be sure to get the best quality puppy food that you can afford that will best suit your pet’s dietary needs. The best bet in purchasing food for your pet is to continue on the type food the puppy is currently being fed. Before you bring your pet home; if you choose not to use the food he or she is currently on make sure you have a sample of the current food. This sample of food is crucial in the transitioning of puppy foods. The foods need to be mixed together slowly for a gradual change in the diet of your pet. This helps to prevent the onset of diarrhea and other issues.

2.) Food and water dishes:

There are many food and water dishes on the market. The best ones that I have found are heavy enough so that they cannot be tipped over. These type bowls are typically made of stainless steel or ceramic. These type bowls are also more sanitary and easier to clean than plastic. Once the puppy grows to adulthood a raised set of dog dishes is ideal or having the dishes raised up to a height that the dog can easily eat from without stooping too much, as this causes dietary distress while eating and is uncomfortable on your pet.

3.) Purchasing toys:

When selecting a new toy for your puppy one must be careful in making a purchase. Toys designed for large dogs are not appropriate for small dogs and toys for small dogs can be choking hazards for a large dog. Make sure to buy a selection of toys for your new puppy to enjoy as variety will keep the puppies attention. High quality nylon bones and rawhides will provide relief when the puppy is teething. Make sure that whatever toy is purchased that the toy is free of small parts that could pose a hazard to you new best friend.

4.) Grooming:

When bringing a new pet into your home good grooming habits should be a daily regime for you and your companion. You will need to purchase several grooming items; a flea comb (its use is self explanatory), brush, nail trimmers of some type, and quality shampoo (one without harsh chemicals as they tend to dry a puppy’s skin and coat). Once these items have been purchased you will be set up for a beautiful coat and clean pet. When preparing to provide hygiene care for your pet you will also need to purchase a tooth brush and tooth paste, as good dental hygiene is important for pets as well.

5.) Sleeping accommodations:

When preparing to bring your new dog home you will more than likely purchase a pet carrier to bring the puppy home in. Make sure that you purchase the carrier according to the size your dog will be at maturity not the size the animal is now. One can always add dividers to the dog carrier if the space seems to big for the dog at the time and remove them as needed. If you do not plan on your dog sleeping in his or her crate then a comfortable bed will need to be purchased.

6.) Collar and Leash:

It is important that puppies learn from the earliest age possible to wear a collar and a leash. You will need to purchase several collars over your pet’s lifetime and should check the collar weekly to make sure it is still fitting properly. A proper fitting collar should allow for two fingers to be easily slipped underneath it while on your pet but, should not slip over your friend’s head. A 4-6 foot in length leash should be used for walking your buddy.

Apart from the aforementioned points, it is good to gain some extra knowledge to be on the safer side as puppies are difficult to handle in the initials stages but you can click this site online called Pup life and scroll through on the important points.

Training for Safety: Five Things Every Dog Should Know

Anyone who lives with dogs knows there are random events that can frighten or upset your dog. When a dog doesn’t know what to do they invent something which can be embarrassing, worrisome and even dangerous. Training these behaviors will help you and your dog cope with unexpected events. Along with potty training and basic obedience training, these habits and commands can save your dog’s life, prevent aggression, and let him put his best paw forward. Start the training young if possible. Puppies learn quicker and don’t have bad habits established.

  1. Allow strangers to approach and touch him.

A dog who is afraid of strangers might bite, run, cower or do the totally unexpected. Start with touching your puppy all over his body. Train him to stand still while you open his mouth, check his teeth and peer into his ears. I do this slowly, working on it a few minutes of training at a time, praising and feeding treats for each bit of good behavior. Get your pup used to being touched on his belly and legs. Probe between his toes, pull on the toenails. Have friends approach your dog and touch him. You want the dog as unflappable as possible so when a stray child runs by or wants to pet him, he will react appropriately. Use a lot of praise for good behavior.

Train your puppy to be safe to handle for friends, children, vets, and groomers. If he’s afraid of people your puppy will have a harder time getting along with people when he must. Take your pup to parks, parties, outdoors fairs or farmers’ market. Anyplace where people are laid back and having fun will do. Again, you want him to be calm in any situation so expose him to many safe situations.

  1. Come to you on command.

This seems like a no-brainer, but it isn’t. Training “come” in a quiet environment does not guarantee your dog will come when he sees an interesting kitty on the other side of the road or the children forget to close the yard gate. Dogs love to run with joggers. Joggers are not always amused when some slavering monster seems to be chasing them down for the kill. Let your dog wander in the park on leash. Call his name and say, “come” firmly and positively. Pull the leash in. Praise generously and use treats for rewards. Train this in as many places as possible. Dog parks are great because he can be off-leash and safe. Extend the length of the leash. Use a line or rope 30 feet long.

Never spank or discipline your dog after he comes on command. If he’s done something naughty go to him. When your dog comes to you praise and give him treats, even if you’ve just been chasing him for blocks in your pajamas in the snow. Coming on command should always be rewarded.

  1. To ride in a car safely.

Train your dog to ride calmly in the car and never to interfere with the driver. Jumping out a car window could have dire consequences. Praise him for sitting calmly using treats and pats.. Bad behavior in a moving car could cause an accident. A passing cat or a hot dog stand could tempt him to jump. He should not stick his head out the window when the car is moving. A collision between his face and a bee or wasp could get ugly and make him less comfortable in the car. Using a doggie seat harness adds safety but train him to behave without the harness. You may need to have a friend drive you to the vet and your wife has the car with the harness in it.

In my experience, dogs are less likely to get car sick as they ride more. Take them for rides to the store or to check the mail. Leave them in the car briefly, extending the time with practice. NEVER leave your dog in the car with the windows up or when temperatures are warm. Always leave the windows open enough for air, not enough to let the dog escape. For more helpful tips about proper training for your dog’s safety, you can read more from the link. This site will provide you with tons of tips so your dog will be fine and his or her safety will always be prioritized.

  1. Allow strangers to approach the vehicle.

You never know when a police officer or an EMT may need to get to your car. If you appear to need emergency medical care and your dog is snarling and snapping at your would-be savior the law officer on site may feel that the only way to save you is to shoot the dog. Even a police officer approaching your car for a speeding ticket might set your dog off. One of mine hates any man in uniform. This does not amuse law enforcement. If your dog offends a law officer consequences may not be good. Most police officers are very understanding but there are a few who seem to hate dogs.

Train this in a busy parking lot. Sit in the car with him and tell him “no” very firmly with a small but sharp collar correction. The instant he behaves, give him a treat and lots of praise. This may take many sessions. Make them short and fun, a small part of a day in the car.

  1. Be comfortable in a crate.

Your pup needs to be comfortable getting into crates and kennels. If he’s picked up by animal control, your dog will be better off if he knows about crates and kennels. If he has to spend a night at the vet’s office your puppy will be less nervous and traumatized sleeping in a kennel. Many groomers use crates to hold dogs in the queue.

Use his crate regularly. One of mine eats in his so the big dogs don’t steal his food and he doesn’t torment them. All of my dogs will voluntarily go in the crate for a nap, especially if things around the house are hectic. Train them to respond to both “crate” and “kennel” so they understand others who might be looking after them. Use treats and praise to lure the pup into the crate. Make the early training sessions short. Don not use bedding they might tear up and swallow. You can give them a toy if it’s non-destructible. If your friends have crates, ask if you can let your pup get used to other crates.

We never know what is going to happen. Murphy’s Law works for dogs, just as for the rest of us. Prepare your puppy or dog for any circumstance he may meet. Invest your time and energy in training your puppy to be a safer, happier dog. You and he will enjoy life together more and he will be safer and easier to deal with.

Cbd Oil- Valuable Product For Dog Issues

The world is at a tense phase due to the pandemic called corona virus or to use its more fancy term Covid-19 that has taken the entire planet under its grasp and if a solution isn’t worked out sooner, then life would virtually cease to exist.

The death toll has already reached an alarming rate with people succumbing in large numbers each day, a tell tale sign that things have gone out of hand but the doctors and scientists are burning midnight oil since the past few months in the hopes of finding a cure or vaccine.

Well things were no better even before this pandemic broke out what with diseases and ailments finding new living bodies to fester upon right from cancer and tumor to normal ones like joint issues, arthritis, diabetes, etc.

Cannabinoid Drug

Luckily there is a solution for the normal everyday ailments in the form of CBD oil that has proven to be a game changing maneuver for its makers as it has taken care of problems that were considered impossible to cure.

There is a popular saying that goes like this ‘where modern day technique fails it is the old school remedy that comes to the rescue’. Now this isn’t the exact phrase but pretty similar to it so that readers can understand.

CBD oil is taken from extracts of cannabis plants that are taken from hilly areas where the climate is moderately pleasant which is why it is the perfect place to grow things that have natural medicinal properties with no scope for adulterated content.

Adulteration is one of the biggest reasons why modern day medicines fail because the pharmacy and medical sector has become a money making business for unscrupulous elements that will slowly but surely lead to its downfall.

CBD oil has natural content in it and is perfect for usage for all living beings including animals and the proof can be seen through online reviews where users have vouched for its authenticity after trying it out for themselves.

Doggy Do

The fact that CBD oil is perfect to use on animals is excellent news for house owners that have pets but most of them are skeptical to use it because of the drug content as they fear that it would have adverse side effects on their beloved pets.

However, it needs to be clarified that their fears are totally unfounded as the oil is 100% result oriented without any side effects for the simple fact that it is taken from pure and organic sources and that too with the right climate for it to showcase its true potential.

It is especially good for dogs that are dealing with anxiety, depression, insomnia, ear infection and other problems as once you start using CBD oil, the results will start showing within a few days provided you use it on a regular basis and you are the boss as your house has your domain name and the makers can’t force you to buy it.

All in all, you have to see the results for yourselves to place your trust in it so look it up online and get it as soon as possible.

Hanging My First Door at Tangent Lodge

It wasn’t expensive, only about $65. A simple pine wood door that separates the kitchen from the dining/living room area of the cabin. So what makes this one so special? Mostly the fact that it’s the first door and it’s done.

I don’t have much experience in fine quality home construction. Now if you want a back yard fort built from scraps found down the alley, then I’m your man. The thing about doors though is you’ve got to get them right if you want them to work properly and look good.

Tangent Lodge is like most country buildings that are basically built to the standards of a common garage. There isn’t a straight wall or proper corner to be found in the whole place. Not that you can see these minor flaws with the naked eye, but if you put a square to the corners nothing is in plum.

I’m no perfectionist, my imaginary contracting license refers to my nonexistent company as Good Enough Construction. The only problem is I like things to look good and work properly. I don’t know codes, I’m unfamiliar with framing techniques. None the less, I can make it work.

Hanging this first door is a triumph of noticeable worth. It had me scratching my head more than once. After I squared and fastened the pre-hung door in the rough opening I noticed the difference in thickness between the old paneling and new sheetrock to which the trim would be attached. Making matters worse, on this particular wall the sheet rock was installed right over the paneling. I now had a half inch gap between the trim and the door jamb.

The gap needs to be filled up but I am sure that I can surely do it even if it takes a little while because that is the problem with new homes as you can’t seem to have room for everything during the initial days of moving in and this sheet rock needed to be taken care of quickly.

Quarter round molding was the cure. By running this additional trim piece around the frame filling that gap, the door installation looks clean, neat, and almost professional. A coat of Honey Pine polyurethane added just the right amount of age to the door without hiding the grain of the wood.

Simple brushed nickel hardware finished off the project and now I can isolate the part of the house that has plumbing to be concerned about. That’s the only reason for the door in the first place, now I only have to heat less than one third of the building during the winter when we’re not there to keep the water system functional for the time we are there.

This small section is heated with a 2000 watt baseboard unit for which I installed a wall mounted thermostat this weekend. Now I can accurately turn the heat down to say +45 degrees, enough to keep things from freezing but not so high as to be costly.

I have the second door, which leads to the master bedroom, mounted and usable. It still lacks trim and finishing but for this weekend I had to make repairs due to poor quality manufacturing. The top hinge wasn’t properly seated in its mortise and half the hinge screws weren’t screwed all the way in. That didn’t say much for the quality control of the manufacturer, but luckily Good Enough Construction does own at least one good, sharp, wood chisel to remedy the problem.

With a warm fire crackling in the wood stove most of the weekend, it was a beautiful fall respite. The leaves are at their peak of autumn splendor and most likely winter isn’t far off. Just about the time I’m ready to paint, I’ll also be ready to plow the first snow of the season.

No matter, any weekend at Tangent Lodge puts me closer to retirement.

Should You Adopt a Russian Blue Cat?

Russian Blues are attractive cats that are highly sought after due to their reputation as a loving, loyal breed of cat. But is a Russian Blue cat right for you?

Russian Blues Require a Lot of Attention

Russian Blue cats love to have the attention of their owners, whether that involves spending an hour or so perched on their lap or playing fetch in the living room with them. If you are considering adopting a Russian Blue cat, be prepared to raise a cat that is an attention hog.

Can You Handle a Clingy Cat?

If you do not mind raising a clingy cat that follows you wherever you go and likes to be with you no matter what, then a Russian Blue cat is right for you. Clingy cats can be hard to deal with when you are the kind of person that likes their own space every once in a while. However, many Russian Blue cats will settle, provided they can see their owner or they know that their owner is within easy reach.

Russian Blue Cats Are Incredibly Intelligent

I have owned a Russian Blue cat for over two years and I am always amazed to learn of his latest feats of intelligence. Jack knows how to answer to his name and will come running whenever he is called, play fetch, open doors and let me know when he is hungry, or his litter tray needs to be scooped or changed out. If you are looking for some mental stimulation from a beautiful, loyal cat, then I would recommend adopting a Russian Blue cat.

Russian Blue Cats Can Be Domineering

Russian Blue cats like to be king or queen of the castle, which means that they are often reluctant to give way to other cats in the household. If you have other cats, you should bear this in mind before you adopt a Russian Blue, as a Russian Blue may not quickly topple the “top” cat in the household. However, that does not mean that Russian Blue cats do not get along with other cats. But oftentimes, they like to demonstrate their authority by getting into fights with the other cats until they back down.

Russian Blue cats are a lovely breed of cat. But before you reach a decision, take the time to decide whether you can give of your time and energy to raise a Russian Blue cat, as they require a lot of attention. Many Russian Blues become very clingy toward their owners, which can be hard to handle or just the ticket if you appreciate the loyalty of a cat that likes to remain by your side. Russian Blue cats are highly intelligent cats and can be trained to perform simple tasks. But if you have other cats in the house, you will need to keep a close watch on them, as Russian Blues can be domineering, as they assert their authority over the other cats.

This is the type of breed that most people would prefer as pets and Russian Blue is one of the best that you can find in this world but as of now you can go online and click site for relevant info about this particular breed to enhance your knowledge about them.

12 Packing Tips For Camping With Your Dog

Outdoorsy dog lovers love to load up and set out for national and state parks, forests and scenic campgrounds. Before you pack the pooch for a camping trip, however, a few essential preparations are needed.

What equipment, supplies, and other items should dog owners grab to ensure their pets are safe, healthy and happy while camping? Here are a dozen tips to help canines and their human companions enjoy the great outdoors, even overnight.

  1. Vaccinations and immunizations

Before leaving home, it’s important to be sure each dog is up-to-date on all required shots. Take copies of the canine’s immunization records with you, in case park officials or others ask for them.

A camping dog should also be dewormed, if needed.

  1. Current medications

Does your dog take any medicines, vitamins, or nutritional supplements? Make a list. Pack sufficient quantities of all of these, preferably in their original and labeled containers. Stow them in a secure spot, where your pet and other animals cannot dig in.

Many dog owners pick lightweight, soft-sided portable coolers for this purpose.

  1. Flea and tick prevention

Parasitic prevention treatments are a prudent idea for any dog, but especially for a canine camping outdoors. Why not stick a flea collar on your furry friend for extra protection as well?

While camping, give your dog frequent full-body flea and tick checks, removing any hitchhikers before they have a chance to embed themselves in your pet. After the trip, a flea and tick bath is a great idea, particularly if you’ve been camping in wild wooded or brushy areas.

  1. Pet first-aid kit

One first-aid kit may serve both dog and human, if items are properly chosen. Basic supplies include alcohol pads or wipes, bandages, cotton swabs, hydrogen peroxide, matches, popsicle sticks (for splinting), rubber gloves, scissors, styptic powder, tweezers and vet wrap.

Toss in a dog brush or comb, as it will prove handy for removing tangles, burrs or even bugs from your canine’s coat.

  1. Collar

A well-fitting dog collar is a must for camping. In fact, the dog should wear the collar for the duration of the trip. Affix an accurate identification tag, including your home and cell phone numbers (and perhaps your email address), as well as your pet’s current registration and rabies tags.

  1. Leash

Even the best trained dogs need leashes for camping in open public areas. A portable dog run, such as one that corkscrews into the ground, can be a convenient take-along for campers.

  1. Dog photos

Carry current pictures of your dog when you leave home. Printed snapshots or cell phone photos are useful for sharing with searchers, if you become separated from your dog.

  1. Bedding

Does your dog sleep on the floor at home, or does she prefer a comfy bed or mat? How about taking an old blanket or pad along to cover the hard ground at your campsite?

  1. Food and water dishes

Camping equipment stores and pet shops offer sizable selections of lightweight and portable pet feeding receptacles. Pack plenty of your dog’s own food, and take along a supply of fresh water, unless your destination offers potable plumbing. Pick up some extra disposable bags for dog droppings, so you won’t leave those behind at the campsite or along the trail.

  1. Flashlight

Campers routinely pack flashlights or compact lanterns, but these are also useful for dog owners on-site. A lightweight flashlight can be a lifesaver for night walks. Toss a few extra batteries in your pack, so you don’t run out of juice on the trip.

  1. Dog sweater

A delicate, short-haired, or clipped dog may need an extra layer on a chillier night at the campsite. Some pet owners jacket their dogs for camping to keep burrs and bugs off their animal companions.

  1. Cell phone

Don’t forget your cell phone, as well as a portable charger, for your own convenience and safety. Hopefully, you won’t need your phone to report a missing dog or veterinary emergency, but it’s prudent to be prepared.

There are more helpful tips that you can find online like some blogs from reliable writers / bloggers. As an example, read what he said about proper way of preparing or packing your dogs for camping here.

Be sure to alert a few family members or friends to your camping plans, and let them know where you plan to go. Certainly, you don’t have to post your itinerary publicly on your Facebook wall, but it’s helpful to tell a couple of trusted contacts how long you’ll be gone.

Sitting by a campfire with a favorite canine companion can be memorable and marvelous. Smart packing can make you and your dog ready for a pleasant recreational excursion, as you go camping together.

Boat Accessories: Buying The Things that Your boat essentially needs

If you planning to buy some essential accessories for your boat, you are in the right place, here are some of the items that your boat truly needs. 

Handheld Horn

One of the most important things that you should consider is a handheld horn. Yes, every boat has its own horn, but in some cases, it dysfunctions. So, it is wide to bring a handheld horn you can use to sound an alert in case of emergency. It is advisable to buy a horn that is powerful enough with 120 db signal that can meet all the requirements of USCG. In addition, you should bring a bike pump so you can use it to refill your air tank. 

First Aid Kit

When boating, your safety and of your passengers’ should always be the number one priority. This is why it is absolutely crucial to bring first aid kit on board. Sometimes, accidents and injuries are inevitable. Having a safety kit on your boat will allow you to provide immediate medication to someone just in case something bad happens. Your safety kit should include the following: bandages, water proof case, loud whistle, handy multi-tool with cutting edges, screwdriver, and other necessary tools for fixing something, flares just in case you need to let others know of your location.

Life Vests

Another item that you should always have on your boat is life vests. Your life vests should come in different sizes so  your guest would be able to use it properly. It is also recommended to buy life invest as many as the number of passengers that your boat can accommodate. Your life vests should vary from kids to teens to adults. You need to check the laws about life vests before buying them. You can also consult to the nearest shops about the ideal quality, weight, and numbers. This will be very helpful in emergency situation.


In case of engine failure, a paddle can save the day. Thus, it is also crucial to have paddle on your boat. This is also helpful in emergency cases. When your boat has an engine failure, it wouldn’t be possible for you to get into the land without the help of paddle. This item could be your lifesaver. When choosing the right paddle for your boat, it is important to consider some factors like the actual size of the boat. Experts suggest that it is smart to buy a paddle that has double functions, made with plastic so it flats, telescopic so it can fit in small spaces and of course affordable. You may also buy a paddle board holder for it.

Solar Pannel

When it comes to emergency equipment, a solar panel is one of the best pieces that you can buy for your boat. Just like any vehicle, the battery on your boat can die especially if it is over used while the engine is not running. You have to be mindful that a boat can use even more battery than a car because you always hang out on your boat and run tools and equipment such as radio and lights while the engine is off. 

Dock lines

Lastly, you should also consider buying dock lines. This item is important in fixing your boat to the dock. Dock lines are also used in case you want to tie up on an unfamiliar dock like dockside restaurant or marina. When buying dock lines, it is important to always consider the durability of materials. It should also come with a handy bad so you can avoid getting them tangled up in other things. 


Singapore: The Switzerland of Asia

If one knows anything about European culture, history, and economics, one can understand the analogy of the title. Europe is beautiful indeed, filled with rich culture, breathtaking cities, and mouth-watering cuisine. Switzerland is known as the economically stable, environmentally friendly, and innovative yet traditionally proud country of Europe. Heading to Switzerland for a vacation is not unheard of in the slightest for Americans, yet Singapore seems like a universe away. The poverty and war that has recently plagued many nations on the continent of Asia has kept its distance from Singapore. Such a small island, it is unfortunate that the prosperity that has graced Singapore is not as evidently present in other Asian nations.

The one fault of Singapore may have ended up benefiting the country in the long run and credited it with the nickname the “Switzerland of Asia.” Since gaining its independence in 1965, the small island nation has been ruled by the People’s Action Party, which has led to extreme social restrictions. In recent years, however, much of the slack has been let loose. Some of the restrictions that are still practiced in Singapore contribute to the beautiful, clean, crisp atmosphere the country is known for. Overhead wires, satellite dishes, and freestanding billboards are all outlawed in Singapore. Thanks in part to the former, Singapore is a mecca of cuisine, shopping, and ancient historical sites that are a sight for sore eyes.

The culture and cuisine of Singapore are vibrant contributors to the unparalleled personality of this place. Its diverse character is a significant piece to Singapore’s unique background and composition of its people. People of Chinese ethnicity make up the largest group, and therefore various Chinese dialects exist as the dominant language of Singapore. The remainder of the population is comprised of Malays, Indonesians, Indians, Japanese, Thais, Filipinos, Burmese, and a mix of people of various Eurasian backgrounds. All beliefs and ways of life can be found in Singapore, making it a welcome place for travelers.

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If you find yourself wanting to escape the colder weather settling in as the North American continent moves into the winter months and the typical Caribbean vacation spikes no interest, Singapore is calling. The lack of seasons, year-round abundant sunshine, and constant warm temperatures make Singapore a travel destination all year long.

Although small and surrounded by water on all sides, Singapore is one of the most advanced nations in the world today. The bustling city is filled with aspects of modernity at every corner, but there are also the many natural escapes in the way of parks and gardens. Singapore is on the fast track. Only time will tell to where that track leads. It is a place of acceptance, innovation, good food, and happy people. Go experience it.