Treasures of the World
Treasures of the World
This series is very well bound (silk?) and very nicely done. They are officially from Stonehenge Press, which is a subsidiary of Time-Life so you can find them under either one about equally well.
I haven't had a chance to flip through these yet, but I've seen several glossaries and pictures from them, and they look very nice.
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Click here for a printer-friendly Treasures of the World checklist.

Barnes & Noble
Rulers of Britain
Robert Cowley 
The Emperors of China
Christopher Hibbert 
The God-kings of Mexico
Thomas Dickey 
The Greek Conquerors
Lionel Casson 
The Lords of Japan
Henry Wiencek 
The Maharajas
Geoffrey C. Ward 
The Pharaohs
Lionel Casson 

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