I got this on May 19th. It looks like they don't want people to link to them in any way BUT Time-Life Music; which, although I understand it will improve their site-ranking in link text sensitive search engines I really don't support. I don't really care about Time-Life music one way or another, so I dropped the link entirely.

"Dear webmaster,


We are currently reviewing websites and/or affiliates that are linking to TimeLife.Com.  Thank you for linking to our website. Recently we have created a standard guideline for our incoming links as part of our marketing program and would greatly appreciate your involvement.  If it is possible to revise the current link to our web page, then please make the change to the following:


On http://www.volumelists.com/links.htm, you link to our page http://www.TimeLife.Com with the link text “Time-Life”. If possible, we would appreciate a change to the link text as follows: http://www.timelife.com with the link text “Time Life - Music”.


Once the change has been made, please reply to this email and let us know. We greatly appreciate your help and thank you once again.


Thank you for your cooperation,

TimeLife Representative"

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