Monday, 2 Oct 2023

Credit Card Settlements By Accredited Financial Corporation

Credit card loans carry a heavy rate of interest so they become a bit difficult to pay on time. In addition, the interest keeps on piling and the customer lands into a financial crunch. Same is true for other unsecured loans where the late payments result in penalties. In case of a mortgage, the delays may even lead to repossession of the property.

In order to assist the clients in getting rid of credit card and other loans, Accredited Financial Corporation has come up with an ingenious plan.

Accredited Financial Corporation

This is a California based company that specializes in credit card loans. It also deals with the other unsecured loans. The company has the mission to assist the clients in getting rid of the loans with just one monthly installment. To this end, the company negotiates with the clients and the lending companies and helps settle the issue.

Business Process At Accredited Financial Corporation

The Accredited Financial Corporation has devised an ingenious plan to help out the customers. The process is completed in the following steps:-

  1. Getting in touch with the clients and obtaining all data regarding the loan
  2. Verification of the details and submission to the debt experts.
  3. Preparation of a comprehensive debt settlement plan
  4. Intimation of the plan to the client and with his consent, get into negotiations with the lending company.
  5. Inform the client about the result of negotiations and chalk out the final payment plan
  6. Settlement of the debt of the client

Payment To Experts

The Accredited Financial Corporation pays its expert on the proportion of the settlement done. This means that if the debt expert makes a good deal and settles a huge amount, he is paid more and if he fails to secure a good deal, he is paid nothing.

This fact, by itself, is the motivating force behind the vast business done by the company. It ensures that the debt experts always give their 100% and do not try to trick the clients.

Company Contact

The Accredited Financial Corporation has an excellent customer support system. A client has to just call the company and the company follows up the request for assistance in a swift manner. The company can be contacted at the following address:-

815 Trailwood Dr. Ste. 101
Hurst, TX 76053
Phone: 1-888-606-9481
Fax: 1-214-778-6070