Friday, 8 Dec 2023

Wireless Outdoor Speakers Might Be Your Best Choice

Every spring and summer, most people spend more time outside their homes. Nothing is better than relaxing on your patio or deck after a hard days work. Although most homeowners have a good sound system inside their homes, it is usually at this point of relaxation that they realize what they are missing outside.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn on your audio system or home theater system and hear your favorite music on nice sounding outdoor audio speakers? There are literally hundreds of good quality outdoor speakers that might fill the bill. But it is usually at this point that the homeowner starts thinking about the time and effort that would be required to purchase good sounding outdoor speakers and to install them. The effort of connecting and running those speaker wires through your house and out onto your deck deters most from this project.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were just some way to simply get your favorite tunes outside without the hassle of the installation and hiding of all that wiring? Obviously, there is an easy way to achieve this today. In recent years more and more companies are producing outdoor speakers in all shapes and sizes. Best of all, for those of us challenged by the wiring issue, there are some great wireless outdoor speakers on the market today.

Good wireless outdoor speakers have to able to be weather-resistant. Of course, all outdoor speakers would do this but wireless outdoor speakers will also be completely portable. This added benefit allows the homeowner to place his speakers anywhere he desires within range of the transmitter which can range up to a 150-foot broadcast range depending upon the speakers you select. Most use the powerful 900MHz technology to achieve this flawlessly as it transmits through walls, floors, and ceilings. Another nice part of going wireless is the controls are on the speakers so you don’t have to run back inside to adjust the volume. Installation couldn’t be easier, just attach to your home audio or home theater amplifier and you are in business.

Wireless outdoor speakers made my patio complete. I especially appreciate the portability and safety of not having to worry about loose speaker wires running all over the place. Wires are too easy to trip over especially around the swimming pool area. Now the kids can move the speakers right to the water’s edge with no fear. You’ll find their sound quality will rival their indoor cousins but this depends of course upon the brand and price range you shop.