Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Is Your Cat Sleeping In The Litter Box? Some Possible Reasons

The Litter Box, as its name suggests, is meant for your cat to release their litter. In cases where the litter box is indoors, it is usually made of a special kind of sand that allows the odor to be removed or the spread of it to be inhibited. Indeed, this may come across as a huge issue for a lot of people, given that the litter box is bacteria-laden, given that this is where your cat does its business. We recommended you read a lot of articles about this, or if not, consult your veterinarian on this issue. With that said, below are some of the possible reasons why your cat is sleeping in the litter box, and here are the possible suggestions to help cope with this problem.

Your Cat Might be Pregnant

If you own a female cat that can interact with male cats in your house, then this may be the likelihood. Just like humans, pregnant cats find it tiring and difficult to move about, which is usually why they end up staying in a place they would have to go to at some point. Also, these litter boxes are usually really comfortable as they are cold. In this case, it’s a better idea for you to place a comfortable box somewhere near. It’s not a good idea for you to allow them to give birth there, given the bacteria that can be found in litter boxes.

Your Cat Might be Sick

Crystals in the urine of your cat can be a sign that your kitten is not feeling well. If your pet cat does not want to go out of the litter box and just would want to stay there, then this might possibly be a sign. Other things to look out for apart from urine crystals include your cat showing signs of lethargy, and the general “off” feeling you feel about your cats, like not being as playful as they used to be, etc. In this case, to confirm, you should take them to a vet in order to properly provide the things that she may need to be well.

Cats can be Selfish

It’s funny and alarming at the same time how this can actually be the case. It can be a reality, however, that cats stay in their litter box because they want to show signs of being possessive. There is nothing wrong with them, except that they really just don’t want anyone else using it apart from them. If you find it hard to train your cat to be less selfish, especially in the case of having more than one cat around the house, then it’s going to be a great idea for you to get another litter box for your other cats. It’s also natural for cats to want to have a safe space, hence if there are no other places in which they can do so, they end up going for the box.