Monday, 2 Oct 2023

7 Dating Tips For Introverts

Naturally shy, introverts have a hard time in carrying out interactions with strangers. No wonder, the very idea of dating a new person is no less than a challenge for them.  Having you started liking someone and wish to go out on a date but having apprehensions given your introversion? Well, just because introverts are not exactly outgoing, they can’t make good dates. So, no worries, just muster up little courage and follow these tips to make the best of your date.

Be yourself

It’s okay to be an introvert. It’s not a fault or flaw- it’s just how you are. It’s true that extroverts appear to be more dynamic but you don’t necessarily have to be like them to create a strong impression. Introverts already have their unique appeal and a set of amazing qualities. For example, they are excellent observers and great listeners. So, be proud of what you have and don’t try to imitate others.

Put simply, don’t do anything drastic that does not match with your original persona. Your date wants to see the real you. If needed, you can ask help from a relationship expert. You will find relationship advice site like shallonOnline where you can  find expert tips for successful dating.

Keep it short

It’s natural for introverts to lose interest or get bored if anything goes for a prolonged time. It’s especially when s/he is with a person who is completely new in his/her life. Thus, when it comes to your first date, it’s better to keep things short. When you know it’s going to be short beforehand, you will be more relaxed and chilled out. A relaxed mood will certainly improve the overall dating experience for both of you. Moreover, there will be no awkward silences that are usual with long evenings with strangers.

If the first date goes well, you will be more confident to go on a second date and perhaps for a longer time.

Stick to a familiar spot

It’s suggested not to try out new places on your first date. A completely new place can be discomforting for an introvert and that can affect his confidence level. Thus, you should look for a familiar place when you go out on your first date. This way, you will have a fair idea beforehand about the place, location, table arrangements, menu, price, parking and so on. A known place is like your comfort zone which will enable you to stay relaxed and enjoy your date better.

Admit your introversion

As mentioned before, there is no harm in being an introvert. It’s just who you are. But the problem is, the other person may not understand about your introversion from the first go. It may creep in misunderstandings in your potential relationship. For example, introverts are not really great with expressing feelings. Your special one may expect you to follow up actively after the date (assuming the date would be great) and you may not do that out of shyness. So, you should admit to him/her about your introversion and your inability to express feelings explicitly. It will help your date to understand you and see things from your perspective. Most importantly, such admissions will weed out possibilities of misunderstanding big time.

Do your homework

You certainly wish to create a great impression before your date. Honestly, it’s almost like a job interview. And people usually practice answering interviews at home to prevent getting off-guard. You may do the same before your first date. Get a friend and make him/her ask you questions people usually ask on a date.

Focus on open-ended questions

You must be looking for tips on what to talk about on your first date. Well, focus on open-ended questions that don’t end with a mere Yes or No. Open-ended questions lead to long discussions and you will find great opportunities to add on your inputs and carry on things further. However don’t just keep on questioning. You certainly don’t want your date to feel s/he is being interrogated.

Never ruminate

After you go back, don’t ruminate on the awkward or stupid things that happened at the date. If your date is still showing interest, it means s/he was happy in your company. So focus on the positives and prepare yourself for the second date.