Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Why Do Generators Fail- Top 7 Reasons

Generators are extremely important when it comes to providing power supply in situations of outages. Power outages can be due to tornadoes, storms and heavy rains, or can also be due to accidents, faults and failures. However the biggest setback is when your generators fail to start up in times of need. One needs to take proper measures to ensure that the generator starts up and functions fine whenever needed.

Here are the top 7 reasons as to why generators fail to start.

  1. Battery Problems

The most common problem detected with failure of a generator has been traced back to the battery. It can happen due to loose connections or buildup of leads and sulfates on battery plates. One should regularly maintain and replace batteries and ensure that the connections are clean and tight.

  1. Cooling System Failures

Cooling system can fail owing to lack of sufficient coolant and lead to overheating. The same can also be due to worn-out hoses and drive belts, or a plugged radiator core. All these aspects need proper maintenance and regular checks.

  1. Contamination from Water

If water enters the generator machine, it can lead to failure. Moisture content in fuel is not desirable at all for proper functioning of the generator. That is why it is important to install the generator on dry surface, under an open, canopy structure. You must ensure at all costs that the generator is protected from rains and moisture. You can also use fuel stabilizers to protect it from contamination by water. Any abnormal smell or color in a fuel sample can indicate moisture in it.

  1. Insufficient Fuel

A very obvious cause to not starting up a generator is insufficient fuel. While it is extremely important to keep the fuel tanks topped up, it is equally important to ensure that there are no leaks. Closely monitor fuel line and pump, and exhaust pipes to ensure there is no leakage or buildup of products. Sometimes faulty fuel gauges which display the fuel level are to blame for an empty fuel tank.

  1. Circuit Breaker Issues

It is mandatory to have circuit breaker trip settings adjusted to match loads of the generator system. Otherwise current surges can lead to tripping of circuit breakers. You must also identify other possible reasons of a tripped circuit breaker and fix them. Thus regular monitoring of circuit breakers is important to have your generator in a healthy condition.

  1. Improper Control Settings

If control settings are not set to “Auto”, it can lead to startup failure of the generator. This mostly happens when the controls are left to improper setting after a maintenance. Thus, it is recommended that you always verify the master controls.

  1. Fuel Bleeding Back

Air trapped in the injection mechanism can lead to fuel bleed back. Faulty check valves can also be the cause. In such cases the generator behaves as if it has run out of fuel.

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