Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

6 Handy Tips to Stay on Your Diet During the Weekend

Are you the type of person strictly on a diet throughout the week but once weekend arrives you forget about all your good intentions and go crazy on fast food, alcohol and eating out?

Now, be honest, is it really worth all the trouble and pain to work 5 days a week on losing weight only to put it all back on during the weekend and having to start all over again on Monday? If you are like that, you will be better off going with CoolSculpting with complimentary consulation by

Be Active

Even after a week of working hard, try to resist the urge to collapse on the couch. If your excuse to lie around is the need for relaxation, why not having a nice walk around the countryside or a short trip to the beach to refresh your brain and breathe in some clean air? If it is physical relaxation you’re after, have a nice warm relaxing bath followed by a short cold shower to freshen up and feel energized again and you will soon feel there might be better options than just hanging around the house on your day off.

Pamper yourself

The feel good rush we get out of eating is only short term so why not find other ways to pamper yourself. Maybe that nice outfit you have been looking at for a while will get you in the right mood to spend the night dancing. Fresh flowers in the living room might give you the impulse you need to clean the area and create a nice atmosphere or you could organize a special spa session at home with some of your friends. Chances are you will soon start preferring these longer-term feel-good rushes over the short-term pleasure fast food gives you.

Keep your daily routine

Even though it is weekend, try to stay as close to your daily routine as possible. Keeping a certain rhythm in your schedule will make it less likely you fall back into negative patterns and keeping yourself occupied will keep your mind off of those foods you really should stay clear of.

Plan your social life

For most people, the weekend is the perfect and only time they socialize with friends and family. Going to restaurants or that dinner party your best friend has been planning for weeks really doesn’t have to be such a big of a deal if you are sensible about it. Make sure you have a healthy breakfast in the morning and don’t starve yourself throughout the rest of the day, so you don’t go out completely hungry.

Learn how to make better choices when it comes to serving size

Offer to share some of your favorite plates with your friends so that you can have a little of all those foods you love so much, just have smaller portions. Having appetizers instead of a main dish can cut down on calories or order some healthier leaner options instead of that calorie loaded fried food platter.

Be wise when it comes to alcohol

If you are really hung up on having that extra drink when partying, why not order a glass of water with every glass of alcohol you drink? This will slow down the amount of calories you are taking in and if you have light sodas with your mixers or choose red wine over beer, you might be in for a pleasant surprise once Monday weigh in comes around again!