Tuesday, 11 May 2021

How A Haircut Changed My Life

I went in to see my stylist this past week for the usual polish. A trim, some highlights, and maybe a protein wash (I’m a giver). As we were listening to the salon’s resident queen detail a few tragic escapades with the workers installing his floors, this strange, overwhelming invisible mist drifted through my ears where I think my brain might be. I found myself all of a sudden desperate for my well past shoulder-length locks to be chopped off. I voiced these thoughts to my stylist and she got this eerie little smile and said…”Do you want to do it?”

I only thought about it for half a second before saying yes. I was a woman possessed. The sane version of myself never allows Bree to take off more than an inch, an inch and a half on one of those days where my ends are looking super tragic. At this particular moment, however, I didn’t just want her to cut my hair, I wanted my hair gone. Well, I asked and received. Bree gave me a superb A-line bob, slightly Posh Spicey, but not as Hollywood. Less edgy than Posh and much more elegant, in my humble opinion. I absolutely love it! The whole process and for a few reasons.

First off, for me, cutting my hair this short took me way out of my comfort zone. I have had the same hairstyle since the tenth grade! I should add that I suffer from a HUGE case of blondarexia (coined by Kim Vo or whoever he heard it from) so my tired locks were not only dried up and broken due to genetics but also due to thirty or so dye jobs ranging from maybe five a year since high school. It felt like I was a rebel without a cause when I gave the go-to chop it off. Making a hair raising spontaneous decision like that and getting through the haircut without wincing, crying or begging her to stop making me feel like a fierce and fearless woman who could own her hair decisions.

Second of all, the cut breathed brand-spankin’ new life into my hair. My hair went from thin, dried up and processed to thick, moist and more natural. My new hair is actually healthy hair, and ahead of healthy hair feels great. I can run my fingers through it and I don’t feel anything break off in my hand. I underestimated how fabulous thicker hair is.

Third of all, in addition to loving my new sleeker style, and leaving the salon feeling like I conquered underwater basket weaving, my shower-to-out the door time has been cut in half. My new hair dries faster, styles with no fuss, and has me ready to go in ten minutes. J’adore my brand new chin-length style!

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