Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Teens and Plastic Surgery

Lately on many morning television shows and talk shows there has been a lot of focus on teens that are opting to have plastic surgery. Many site reasons of wanting to feel better about themselves, fitting in, combat bullying, and obtaining the “look” that will bring them success as they go out into the world on their own.

It is quite natural at that age as you don’t have an independent thought process and tend to look up to your idol of any field and emulate his practices in your daily life in order to become like him one day. However, at the same time, you need to exercise caution and never deviate from the right path to the wrong one as there won’t be any chance of repentance once you do and plastic surgery is one such medium. Therefore, take control of your plastic surgery internet marketing and concentrate on studies, but this advice always falls on deaf ears.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable judging what I believe is a very personal, life-altering decision but due to the age of teens going under the knife for cosmetic procedures getting lower and lower, there is some cause for concern. Recently while watching a talk show it was said that in one high school students school, a popular sweet sixteen present was breast enhancement surgery. What is disturbing about this is not only the fact that this is purely cosmetic but that even at the age of 18 when the individual would no longer need parental consent the breast may actually still be going thru the developmental stage. This in part is why FDA approval for silicone based breast augmentation isn’t until the age 22. It is rare but at times breast reconstruction may be considered for people of any age due to congenital defects that would call for this type of procedure.

Statistics show that while breast enhancement surgery is on the rise it is still does not rank in the top three list of the most popular plastic surgery procedures amongst teens.

  • Rhinoplasty (nose jobs) still tops the list of most popular procedures amongst teens. Most abnormalities of the shape of the nose give the face the appearance of not being proportioned and is seen as unattractive. Surgeons and parents are usually less concerned about the teen having self image issues when they request Rhinoplasty as this procedure is very common in our society. Girls as young as 14 and boys as young as 16 are said to be safe candidates due to the fact that the development of the nose is usually complete at these ages.    · Chemical Peels/Microdermabrasion are a great tool in removing acne scars, blemishes, unclogging pores, removing whiteheads, and giving the face an all around rejuvenated, clear appearance. Although these are not technically surgical procedures, due to the rise in popularity, many plastic surgeons offer these services at their offices as well. · Otoplasty (ear pinning) is another top priority amongst teens when it comes to surgery. Again this is purely cosmetic but almost seen as necessary in our society amongst those afflicted with “Elf Ears”. Children’s ears are considered to be fully developed at the age of 4 and many surgeons say that the earlier, the better when it comes to this procedure. A good reason for this is that the cartilage is more pliable the younger you are and also there is the avoidance of ridicule that is sure to come along once the children enter social settings such as school.

Recently many media outlets including Good Morning America picked up the story of a 7 year-old girl from South Dakota by the name of Samantha Shaw who underwent Otoplasty to combat the possibility of future bullying. Samantha’s mother stated that she saw this as a way for her daughters’ quality of life to improve and for her to avoid distractions/trauma that sometimes come along with teasing at the hands of peers.

A lot of bloggers and news outlets were very opinionated about this story and really had a lot of harsh things to say regarding the parenting decision made by Samantha’s mother. Many said that this can easily set a precedent for a lifetime of cosmetic procedures by Samantha. The thought is that it starts with a little ear pinning now, a nose job will surely soon follow, add in a Sweet Sixteen breast enhancement and some Lipo on her “baby fat” and she will be unrecognizable by the age 18.

This is a very real possibility but at the same time there are many board certified plastic surgeons that take their roles seriously and hold numerous interviews with candidates to ensure that every procedure is right for them. There is a very real psychological disorder called body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) that has the sufferer believing that they are unusually ugly causing them to feel like numerous surgical procedures is the only way to improve their appearance. Unfortunately they are never satisfied with the results and unless they receive the proper medical attention thousands of dollars can be wasted trying to achieve an unattainable goal. A woman in her twenties appeared on a talk show recently who stated that she only sought help after numerous procedures were done to adjust the appearance of her face. She now realizes that they were unnecessary and that she was a beautiful woman to begin with. She is trying to deal with the unsettling reality that when she has children they won’t have any similar features as her due to her countless nips and tucks.

There are some surgeons that aren’t concerned with the mental health of a patient and move forward with procedures knowing that it is not in their best interests. There are also many parents who solely approve of the surgery out of vanity, in order to have a child who is considered beautiful in the eyes of society. Unfortunately not too much can be done about this. The patient and the surgeon are both happy so there is no reason for these unscrupulous acts to be reported.

In an ideal situation someone who is considering plastic surgery should at least be over the age of 18, have a good sense of self, have thoroughly researched the procedure they are considering, and have spoken with a healthcare professional at length about the decision. Teens are known to make decisions based on fads and out of haste and should be advised by all adult parties involved to wait until they are of age to make the choice on their own. All in all, plastic surgery is a very adult decision that should be made by…ADULTS.