Saturday, 31 Jul 2021

The Most Accident-Prone Type of Cars

Car accidents are caused by drivers, not by cars. As always, one’s own prudence as a driver is a key factor in determining the likelihood of being involved in an accident. However, there are definitely certain statistical trends that seem to indicate that certain cars are more dangerous than other cars. Sometimes it’s because these are high-performance cars marketed to inexperienced individuals, while sometimes the brand is just more associated with daredevil stunts and reckless driving.

Notably, the cars that top the list of accident-prone vehicles are usually the highest-performance versions of their model. Sometimes a low-cost model may be available in a souped-up version with better engines than the car’s handling system can effectively control. Pair this with an inexperienced driver, and you have a recipe for accidental disaster. Then, you’ll have to call a Baltimore accident lawyer because you’ve injured someone in a wreck. The following five vehicles are generally considered to be the most accident-prone:

Scion TC

Go to a Scion dealership or parts dealer and you will be in hot rod modder’s heaven. The Scion TC is the new Honda Civic when it comes to high-performance modifications. The vehicle itself is an inexpensive, bare-bones car notable for its modular design rather than for its safety ratings or performance specifications. Add a new sports muffler, a professional air filter, a high-performance clutch, and a turbocharger kit, and you have a drag-racing dynamo capable of reaching incredible speeds.

Too bad safety doesn’t come standard. The tC’s high-class appearance only makes it more attractive to extreme driving enthusiasts, who seem more concerned about how it looks and feels barreling down the highway at 100+ mph than in how it looks and feels like a steaming pile of twisted metal.

Chevrolet Cobalt SS

The Chevy Cobalt is a cheap vehicle favored by many young speed demons who don’t have the cash for an expensive sports car. As a result, the safety features on this one aren’t that great. Chevy sacrificed side airbags in favor of a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The rather bulky exterior only adds to the sense that the Cobalt really isn’t something to be driving around recklessly. Despite this, its target market is clearly the young, poor, safety-unconscious American car enthusiast.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi has a record of developing sporty and affordable machines. Sometimes the company develops cars with top-notch handling systems to ensure that even inexperienced drivers are able to control the vehicle. Other times, they release the Lancer.

Many young drivers opt to purchase a Mitsubishi Lancer because it is both stylish and undeniably fun to drive. This high-performance small car comes equipped with four-wheel drive, making it feel both invincible and limitless. However, poor crash safety ratings and fair-to-middling handling make the Lancer less than attractive when attempting to avoid head injuries on the road.

Dodge Charger

Something about the Dodge Charger seems to attract aggressive drivers. Some would even call them angry. Dodge Charger insurance policyholders have terrible records when it comes to bodily injury claims. We suspect it has something to do with Dodge’s testosterone-fueled marketing strategy. The car’s tank-like build belies the fact that it isn’t that much more durable than a standard large sedan, which may make drivers feel like they can take on anything. When paired with an already aggressive mindset, this is a bad omen for the safety-conscious among us.

Pontiac G5

The most expensive vehicle on this list, the Pontiac G5 wins a place here because of its status as the “pocket rocket” of the sports car world. Typically purchased by enthusiasts with a) more money than sense and b) a belief that the only thing wrong with motorcycles is that their engines are too weak, the G5 appeals to the speed demons above all. With terrible insurance ratings for bodily injury liability, safety features such as side airbags do not come standard for this two-door compact. It is basically the fastest engine money can buy with a frame and steering wheel thrown in as an afterthought.