Friday, 24 Sep 2021

Game Applications on Myspace: Vampires

My husband is the one that got started on the Vampires application. For four days I made fun of him saying things like, “Oh, that must be really fun, clicking buttons to kill vampires and earning “blood” money to buy things”. However, on the 5th day, I decided to see what all the fun was about.

Curiosity killed the cat, so they say.

In a moment of boredom and loneliness, the next day I added the application, started out as a weakling vampire, and begin working my way up through the ranks. In the beginning, it is important to buy as many abilities and protections as possible as they build your offensive and defensive skills to protect you from attacks from other vampires. Initially, you have no “blood” income incoming, as you cannot afford to purchase necessary minions, which provide you with steady blood flow.

The Elders page is built just for this dilemma. They start you off with 20 favor points, which can be used to increase your health meter, rage meter, blood amount, or to add an unknown member to your clan. The 20 favor points go quickly when this is the only money you have to work with. The Elder page is filled with internet offers from various credit card companies, retailers, and assorted vendors. If you click on these ads, you are able to give personal information, answer surveys and make purchases in order to earn more favor points from the Elders. There is even a link to purchase favor points using real money withdrawn from PayPal. The “free” offer links on this page can be misleading and tricky to navigate for the younger gamesters, and could quite possibly lead to unwanted purchase and divulgence of private information. Please note that your computer will likely be susceptible to infection, as well.

The problem I have with this rise in-game applications such as Vampires, Mobsters, RockStar, etc is that there is a subconscious message being sent to the players. In my opinion, the message can be compared with real-life in that money rules, many friends are needed to elevate your own personal status, not for true connections or relationships, and that the solution to a problem with an enemy can be solved through attack and battle.

I must admit that I was hooked on this game for the first couple of days I played. Once I got the hang of things and was wealthy enough to purchase a variety of minions to keep my hourly income flow above $1,000,000 the game became more boring than boredom itself. It got to a point where the amount of blood money in my bank account was so high that my every desire was at my fingertips. I can imagine how extremely wealthy people might feel in life. When you have the means to purchase every material item you desire, life reminds you that material items are not necessary for survival.

I was reminded of the importance of true friendships, love, compassion, giving and using my mind in more productive ways than the clicking of a mouse in that vampiric underworld. There are tons of games that are listed on which are similarly addictive just like Myspace: Vampires. You have Minecraft that is equally good. As you install minecraft shader packs you can easily upgrade the graphics of the game to a certain extent making it more realistic and life-like.