Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Product Review: Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor

Walking through Target one particularly hot summer day, Schick’s newest product caught me by the eye. Not to get too personal here but it is summer. I will be going out in a bathing suit. The cost and pain of waxing does not appeal to me. That’s why this product seemed so ingenious!

For those that don’t know, Schick has made the perfect razor for women everywhere. Well, at least the perfect idea for the perfect razor for women everywhere. They’re packaging boasts on their four ultra thin blades and a thin layer of Aloe Vera and Duo-Vitamin above the blade that leaves your skin smooth so you can “skip a day or two.” The trimmer is said to be waterproof and perfect for cleaning up your bikini area. Even though it was a little steep for me in terms of razor price at $12.99 plus $9.99 for refills, I was willing to try it for a better summer in a bathing suit.

The first time I used the product, I have to say – it gave a good clean shave. It seemed perfect! At least, with the trimmer. When using the actual blade of the product, I found it to be a little faulty for something that is basically a knife that I run across my skin. The bartschneider will better suit for the boys for trimming of their shave. The cuts will be avoided through the use of the razor. The cost-effective product will provide different advantages to the person.

Whoever designed this razor must have not thought about the fact that most girls shave while taking a bath or shower, which means wet hands, which means hands will be slippery on plastic. Sure, there are some minimal grooves that seemed to be for anti-slipping but they’re either at awkward places for holding or too small to do any good. If you plan on shaving your legs, you better be doing so with a strong, steady grasp otherwise, you may nick your legs something terrible.

Another problem with the razor is the blade is that it always seems to be popping out of the holder for no reason! Either you push too hard, don’t push enough, shave at a weird angle, or even just dropping it less than a foot. It’s really annoying, and probably unsafe, to have to reapply the blade every time it falls out while I’m balancing one leg on the soap holder as I try to shave that oh-so-hard spot of the knee.

After less than two weeks of using this product, the blade has dulled. I have to run it over my legs two to four times before it feels right but later on in the day, I find that it’s still slightly prickly. I did buy a pack of refills when I bought the razors but I find it very frustrating that only one set lasted me less than two weeks! At the cost of the blades and razor, a customer is better off buying cheap-o disposables by the dozen for the same results for one of these.

All-in-all, I was very disappointed with this item, especially for the cost that I forked over for it. Basically $23.00 + tax for a razor that gave me poor results. I due have to give the trimmer it’s props – it still works well and has given me no problem but this is not a product that I would be willing to buy just for that one measly feature. You be the final factor of what you want but do know that the actual razor was a poor excuse. I’d give it a 2.5 our 5 with the trimmer carrying most of that weight.