Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Diamond Painting Kit- A Blend Of Colors And Sparkles

When you are at crossroads about what you want to do in life, just be clear in your mind and simply focus on the object of your passion and ambition so that you never falter in your steps while walking down the path towards your destination.

It is in the nature of the youth brigade of today to be rebellious by default and stop at nothing to have things their way and live life on their own terms without anyone dictating them into anything.

One such way they do so is by following their passion and turning it into a lucrative profession as they feel they’re not meant for a regular 8 to 5 job and sitting at an office desk and take orders from the boss.

No Real Diamonds

Diamond painting is not a term that you hear being used in your everyday conversation and therefore not too many people are familiar with it baring the ones that are interested in painting.

It is basically a blend mixture of art and craft in equal quantity where nothing is overdone and considered a way to express your thoughts by pushing the boundaries of imagination further in the form of your painting.

When an average person comes to know of diamond painting, he assumes it to be a painting with diamonds that are added along with the colors to make it look authentic and more close to nature.

It is nothing like that as there are no real diamonds involved but merely sparkles of various colors to give it a shiny feel that starts glowing like stars when the painting is finished, similar to how diamonds are shining when they are extracted from coal mines.

These paintings are quite interesting to look at and quite soft in texture that gives you the feeling that you are touching cotton or silk, which further adds to the importance of this technique as a whole.


The history of diamonds goes back a long way and India is today the largest country to export diamonds across the world and even the famous Kohinoor has its origins from this vast and diverse country.

Diamond paintings were quite popular in ancient times when the royal kings used to have artists of great caliber and it was a favorite pastime for them to make such paintings on their king’s orders.

5D Painting

Painting with diamonds is quite an entertaining experience that everyone should try out but 5D is a broader technique that is done in digital format and technology is used to set a definitive structure and pattern of various images by breaking them down to smaller size.

It will remind some people of cross stitching where small beads are used to apply on the paintings that make them glow in the dark and they start sticking to the canvas to give it an artistic feel to the entire surface.

The drills that are utilized in a unique color code format are called rhinestones that are around 2.5 to 3mm in size that contain different angles from where the sparkles can be seen and analyzed from every inch.

The shapes used can be anything but most painters prefer square and circle, which depends on the shape of the painting in question and what all images are added as extras to give it a different look.

The painting kit has different tools like paint brush, Tweezer, baggies, trays to sort out colors etc. and these are items that last for a longer period of time. 5D Painting is a structure that uses legendary tools akin to diamonds where the drills are of three types- Partial, Full and Multi paneled.