Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023

Sealy Posturepedic – The Most Comfortable Mattress

For many months, I ignored that nagging, stiff backache I experienced every time I woke up. As usual, I resisted replacing our ancient mattress, as I broke out in hives at the thought of spending the money, this is where Coupons at mattressify really helped me in getting an amazing deal on my mattresses. Eventually, though, it was time to finally take the plunge. Now, which of the dozens of mattresses on the laweekly’s mattress list is best for me?

For years, we would visit my parents in their comfortable, new home in Florida. Frequently, I would sit on one side of their king-sized bed and watch television with my mother. We would just talk as Pat Sajak spun that Fortune-laden wheel or contestants took turns spitting out the right questions on Jeopardy. I said, “Mom, your bed is really comfortable” and she would reply, “You know, you say that every time you visit me”.

So, having finally decided to part with the cash and replace the antique mattresses, it was going to be a Sealy Posturepedic, just like Moms. Having read numerous complaints about Pillowtop mattresses quickly sagging, I knew I did not want a Pillowtop.

Heading into our local mattress store, my husband and I tried out many mattresses, avoiding the Pillowtop ones, and indeed found a very comfortable Sealy Posturepedic to call our very own. It has a “Plush Top” for softness, which means that the top of this mattress is padded and soft, but does not have that discrete “topper” that the Pillowtops have.

Upon delivery, our first impression was that this new bed was so much higher than our old one! Mattresses have really changed! The box spring is 8 ½ inches high, while the mattress itself is about 13″ high, much higher than our old mattress. It took us a couple of days to get used to “climbing up” into the bed. However, the height made it easy to get out of bed in the morning. With these new mattresses, one does not even need to flip them anymore. (in fact, it would be far too heavy to do so anyway). Looking at the Sealy Posturepedic website, in preparation for this review, I am reminded that an occasional rotation of the mattress (move the head of the bed around to the foot) is recommended. Oops! In all honesty, in three years we haven’t remembered to do that even once. (Note to self: talk to Dear Husband about getting that bed a-movie’ and a- turnin’ …. he’ll like that idea!)

Now, writing the above few paragraphs has somehow tired me out. Think I’ll take a little nap before continuing…

…..Back again! Ahhhh…. that was delicious! Nothin’ like a nice little nap! Now, where was I?

How has the bed worked out?

I truly love this bed. After sleeping in this bed for one night, my morning backache was gone the next morning, and has not recurred over the ensuing three years! That alone makes this bed an absolute winner, in my book.

Beyond that, it is supremely comfortable …. just like in my parents’ house! I almost cannot put into words how this mattress manages to be supportive and firm over every square inch of my body, while soft, cushiony, and responsive at the same time.

The mattress is not squeaky nor excessively warm. It is just delightful!

The truth of the matter is that I have become spoiled since owning this bed… I now am much pickier about visiting hotels, as many of them leave me longing for my oh-so-comfy bed at home. (Although in truth, hotel beds at some of the major chains have also been improving lately).

Oh, Gravity! Thou art so cruel! (One mattress versus dianasgarden’s hips):

I admit that there is about one inch of sagging in the middle of the bed, right about where my hips reside at night. Not too bad for three years of use, I guess. The sagging has not affected the comfort of the bed, and when the bed is made, the minor concavity is not visible. Frankly, I attribute the sag to my ample hips. Drat! (Of course, if we had bothered to rotate that mattress head-to-foot as we should have, perhaps the sag would be less).

Any regrets?

None, except I really should have purchased this mattress much earlier. Sometimes I am just too cheap. I did not need to have that daily morning backache for so long. Really, today’s mattresses are far better than the old ones. My back thanks me every day for purchasing this Sealy Posturepedic.

Anyway, as I conclude this review, the moonlight calls me. Time to go to bed! Yippee!