Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Alternatives for Prescription Sleeping Pills

Unless there’s a physical reason, such as illness or stress, pills will never solve problems of sleeplessness. Virtually all of the over-the-counter commercial sleeping medications are totally useless, especially if there is no physical reason for sleeplessness. Prescription drugs, if recommended by a competent physician, can give temporary help to those who cannot sleep in most circumstances.

In most cases, anyone can create his/her own non-medical prescription for better sleep. Here are some of them:

  • The big-eyed TV ogre:

Many people can’t sleep at night simply because they spend hours watching the boob tube. Often, during boring programs … which are most of them today … they nod off. Then, later they wonder why they can’t get a decent night’s sleep. Solution: don’t go to bed after doing any sleeping during the day.

  • Inactivity:

Also too often caused by the TV ogre. After a heavy supper, too many people just squat in front of the TV for the next six hours straight. Then they drag your lazy, fat-infused, indolent bodies to bed, and toss and turn all night. You may not get any sleep, but at least the tossing and turning provide a bit of exercise. Solution: get some regular exercise during every day, and you’ll sleep better at night.

Make it a point to exercise everyday atleast a 2 hours at the gym to let your limbs loose alongwith with a strong diet chart that should include a resurge supplement to help you keep your activeness and agility and adhere to the practice with dedication and seriousness.

Do not eat or drink anything just before going to bed, including your usual double-decker hero sandwich, large doughnut and three glasses of milk. Your hard-working, gurgling stomach will make sure you stay awake. Some sleep gurus recommend a small glass of wine. Of course, a large pitcher of wine will certainly put you to sleep. Solution: Be very modest or completely abstain from feeding or drinking before going to bed. Your belly will thank you.

  • Watch TV in bed:

Some people think it works. I always try to stay up to watch Leno, but by the time his opening monolog is over, I’m usually snoozing away. Anyhow, if TV makes you nod off, do it in bed instead of on the uncomfortable sofa. Solution: TV from between your feet is a good sleep inducer.5. Go to bed with someone you love: I won’t go into intimate detail, but an activity that involves intense physical exercise along with intense pleasure should bring on the sweetest sleep possible. Of course, it may not work if you’ve been married for 50 years, and the other person in bed with you wears hair curlers and smeary green face cream. Solution: If you can’t sleep with someone who looks like Johnn Depp or Meryl Streep, try counting sheep.6. Books on tape: This has been my secret for years. Most bookstores and many libraries have audio tape and CDs of thousands of books, from how-to to murder mysteries. I just put on my earphones so as not to disturb my snoozing spouse and start the book rolling in my ears. If like me, you fall asleep while ear-reading, just be sure to run the player in reverse the next morning to get back to the right place for future listening. Solution: Be sleep wise; save your eyes and read with your ears.

  • Get rid of stress:

The day may have been one of the worst in your life, and by the time you hit the sack, your mind is running with all kinds of “I woulda or I shoulda” regrets. If you want to get a decent night’s sleep, you must put away all the problems of the day, and save worrying about them for your next daylight foray into the troubled world. Solution: Read a book or watch a quietly interesting DVD. It can help take your mind off of problems and put your brain into a peaceful sleep mode.