Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

The Role of Protein in Weight Loss Programs

When you say weight loss, one of the main concerns when it comes to food intake is calories. It provides you energy throughout the day but if you are not able to use it especially if you take more than what your body needs, it will most likely be stored as fat and that usually results in an unhealthy weight gain. And of course, if you’re doing cardio workouts or weight training, you need that energy. If you eat a lot less calories, your body’s next target is protein. If you don’t know yet, protein is the essential building blocks of muscles. If you don’t have enough strength, you won’t be able to lift heavier and your muscles will become weak.

The good thing about building muscles is that you acquire higher metabolic rates even after you work out. This means that after your training, your body will still be burning extra calories even if you are just sitting down. The more developed your muscles are, the higher your metabolism will be. Therefore, this will result in higher calorie usage tantamount to losing weight.

Aside from the extra burning power from your enhanced metabolism, it gives you more strength while working out. It gives your muscles more power and thus, you may be able to lift heavier weights or quite possibly do several extra repetitions on your workout sets.

Based on the product that I am currently using, which is L-Men Platinum, the recommended intake is 33g each before and after working out. Since it is made of processed whey protein, it is digested quite easily thus acting faster towards your muscles. Don’t worry. There are natural sources of protein such as eggs, dairy products and milk.

Currently, I’m drinking protein shakes before and after my weight training sessions. I don’t know if it’s just psychological but I feel energized while working out. I can lift heavier weights with several additional repetitions. I’m not sure if you feel it as well but sometimes, I feel somewhat hot after taking it. Also, I am really able to push my weightlifting further with the shake compared to when I was taking eggs and tuna as my supplement. I am losing weight slowly but this is due to the fact that I’m gaining muscles which are heavier than fat.

It is suggested that you take extra protein if you want to build your muscles. You may try to check a resurge review online for more information on how you can easily, effectively and safely lose weight and burn fat.  This helps in raising your metabolism making you lose weight. It is not really required though but based on my own experience and from some of my friends and trainers, the results speak for themselves.