Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Count On Cbd To Heal Back Pain

Back pain is debilitating. Worse, backache has become almost unavoidable today given the contemporary sedentary couch-based lifestyle. Now, of course, there are strong pain killers and ointments to calm the aching nerves that cause the pain. But, the catch is most of them often leave with disturbing side-effects. CBD comes as a great herbal alternative here which has already proven to soothe a wide range of painful conditions, including back pain. There are various brands today that offer CBD products. released a list lately on the best ones in the market.

How does CBD aid to reduce back pain?

A good number of studies have already demonstrated CBD’s success story with back pain relief. As per researchers and physicians, CBD works to reduce back pain in three principal ways-

By lowering inflammation

It’s to stress here, CBD carries analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which make it an effective compound for pain relaxation. If back pain is caused by inflammation in muscle or nerves, CBD’s anti-inflammatory components will work wonders to reduce swelling and lower the pain.

CBD works in tandem with ECS (Endocannabinoid System) in the body to calm down back pain or any other kind of painful condition. ECS acts to regulate the body system and plays a vital role in the functioning of a major pain-regulating compound called anandamide. Found in brain, anandamide is connected to feeling or sensation of happiness and well-being. Now, when CBD works with ECS, it improves the flow of anandamide into bloodstream which reduces pain and enhances mood.

By combating anxiety

Causes of back pain aren’t always physical. An unhealthy mental state can also lead to back pain. In other words, anxiety and stress are two other major factors behind immense back pain.  This is where CBD comes to help as well.

As we have mentioned earlier, CBD works in association with ECS and regulates the flow of anandamide in the body. You also know by now that anandamide governs the sensation of happiness. CBD prevents anandamide absorption and unleashes a high volume of anandamide in blood which eventually lifts the mood and calms the mind. Once you achieve that happy state, you eventually experience less pain.

By improving sleep

Do you have insomnia? Well, if you have and you are suffering from back pain lately, lack of sleep could be a major cause. CBD works to relax the mind which improves sleep quality and consequently soothes back pain.

Using CBD for back pain

The CBD wellness market today is flooded with a wide range of consumables and topical aids to choose from as per one’s convenience. You can use CBD cream for pain here. Otherwise, there are CBD tinctures, gummies, oils and so on. A more modern approach is to use CBD vape pens.

Now, all the CBD goodies are available in varied strength levels. The dosage requirement will vary from one person to another and is based on several parameters. These include your weight, body mass, severity of pain, health history, current medical condition and so on. Make sure to consult your physician always before consuming or applying a CBD product.