Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Celebrities Choose to Adopt Rescue Dogs

Most celebrities have considerable disposable income and can certainly afford to buy purebred dogs or fashionable designer dogs. Yet, many celebrities choose to adopt rescue dogs instead.

Chocolate Chip, Norman, Douglas, Flossie and Wink are just a few of the adopted rescue dogs that are now living the life of doggie luxury with their celebrity owners.

Denise Richards and rescue dog Chocolate Chip

Actress and reality star, Denise Richards, recently adopted rescue dog, Chocolate Chip, from the North Shore Animal League America in Long Island. Richards is an animal advocate who has always helped rescue dogs. Richards, in New York for an appearance on The View, met Chocolate Chip backstage. The two year old Terrier mix had just been acquired from a rescue group in Georgia. North Shore Animal League America officials say it was destiny that the two meet. Chocolate Chip now lives with Richards at her Los Angeles home along with her other pets.

Jennifer Anniston and rescue dog Norman

Star of the TV show Friends and movie actress, Jennifer Anniston, adopted rescue dog, Norman, in 1995 when he was just a puppy. Anniston credits Norman’s long healthy life to the fact that he only eats organic human food, mostly free-range chicken and rice. Norman is Anniston’s most devoted companion, accompanying her to many of the movie sets over the years. Many times while on the set, the Corgi-Terrier has been assigned his own chair right next to the director. Anniston and Norman recently appeared together as guests on the late night TV talk show, Chelsea Lately, hosted by Chelsea Handler.

Drew Barrymore and rescue dogs Douglas and Flossie

Movie actress Drew Barrymore recently adopted rescue dog, Douglas, when he was six months old. Mixed-breed Douglas was given to a rescue group in California when he was only two weeks old. Barrymore describes him as “the best little cuddler.” Several weeks earlier, Barrymore lost her faithful companion of 16 years, rescue dog Flossie. Barrymore has referred to as her “soul mate sidekick.” Several years ago, Flossie, a Labrador-Chow mix, was responsible for saving Barrymore’s life when she alerted her to a fire in the home. This is how important training your dog is. They will not only give you happiness but they might also protect you or even save your life. For more effective training, make sure to use effective tools like barx buddy training device.

Selma Blair and rescue dog Wink

Actress Selma Blair has adopted rescue dog, Wink from the Lange Foundation in Los Angeles. Blair credits the Parson Russell Terrier mix with helping her deal with the pressures of being a celebrity. Blair describes Wink, a one-eyed dog, as “an amazing misfit dog” and “playful and wonderful.” Blair also does volunteer work at the Lange Foundation, a non profit organization that cares for disabled dogs until they are adopted.

An internet search will provide you with rescue dogs that are available for adoption in your area. Not only celebrities choose to adopt rescue dogs; you can choose a rescue dog too!