Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Search Engine Optimization for Local Search

Search engines, such as Google, has implemented features which place a higher value on local business as opposed to ones that are far off from the location of the search engine user. The main reason why local search has become so important is that results displayed in another city (or country) have no relevance to a search engine user that’s looking for a local business – this is why you now see local listings appearing at the top of search engines such as Google.

So what if you wanted to get your own website listed at the top of local search? Search engine optimization, a collection of techniques to help your website rank in search engines, provides you a way to top results so you can gain more leads and visitors to your website.

The following article will show you a few simple SEO techniques you can apply to your website to rank well in local search.

1) Include your address, phone number, and contact information

The simplest method to optimize your website to rank well in local search is to plug in your contact information on your home page and subsequent inner pages. When your website is spidered for search engines, your contact information will be picked up and tell the search engine your geographical location which it will then use to accurately place you within local search. https://dynamicsdigital.co.uk is there to make it much easier for you to improve the ranking of your website on Google. 

2) Get listed in local search results

Search engines have adopted services to verify local businesses which can be seen by plugging in a local business within your area – results (within Google) will show a map, link, and contact information for this local search.

A very helpful site to view if you’re currently listed within local search is GetListed.org – it’s free and will give you results for each of the major search engines. After you find if you’re listed or not; verify your business within each of the services so you can begin showing up in local search.

3) Participate in local directories

Finally, directories (even forums) that are hyper-local can be a great way to increase your chances of appearing in local search. Applying search engine optimization techniques with linking to your website, you can use these directories to not only talk to local consumers but build backlinks that point to your geo-location.


With the web ever expanding it’s becoming more difficult for businesses to compete on a global level. Many businesses often neglect the fact that there are enough people within their area to keep them successful for many years to come; adding your business into local search will put you in the front of their eyes and fill your wallet with each new customer.