Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Start a Million Dollar Business for Little or Nothing

I want to start a business but I don’t have the money. I can’t get a loan for anything. Maybe that’s you, like so many other people all over the world this is the one factor that seems to be holding everyone back. There are so many reasons start a business and so many people wanting to start one. And there are yet so many obstacles that seem insurmountable when we think about the kind of business we want to start and the amount of money, effort, and time it would take to run a business. But those thoughts shouldn’t be the end of your business venture because there are ways to start a business with less than a dollar and make it a successful with only time invested.Why not consider a home based business or an internet business, or using your talents to start a business? Consider this statement that a lemonade stand can become a beverage selling giant if properly marketed.For one thing the thought that it takes a huge amount to start a business is a thought that you should do away with. Starting a business these days could cost you less than a dollar as mentioned, all it takes like any other business is some time, effort, and ability to generate traffic if your business is primarily online. With a little effort and hard work you could build a realistic 100 or even 10,000+ per month realistically. Of course the more you want to make the more effort you will need to put into the business. Effort is the key word in the equation.Want to start a restaurant? Consider the fact that some restaurants are started from the comfort of some home kitchens and slowly moved into large scale cooking after their ability to cook at home did not produce enough to fulfill the demand they faced.

You can cook and offer the food to your friends for referrals of people who want to have someone cooking for them, or even sell the food products from your home on the weekends. All this may cost you is a week’s grocery bill. You may frown on this and say “But then how do I shop for myself?” Think of it this way, you buy food for you to eat, you eat the food it’s gone. But you buy food to start a business cut down your own shopping bill for a little while and build your restaurant you will have more to shop with in the long run. Investing in your future by putting aside what you want to buy.A beverage company. As I mentioned above, you can start very tiny, in fact you can start this type of business as a simple lemonade stand. Learn to market your products to people during lunch time or on hot days. Make special drinks that you are thinking about selling when you become a beverage company, in this way you introduce people to your product line from the streets all the way up to when you become that giant corporation competing with Coca cola for market share. Develop you mix and perfect your beverage taste by experimenting with the amount of ingredients, like sugars, lemon or lime, water. Find the best taste that suites the customers that you want to sell to. You can build the capital it will cost to buy the machines necessary to mix on a large scale or even better get enough recognition to be able to sell your recipe to a company that notices your brand. Believe me street brand marketed correctly will earn you more credibility than most companies who went into business and was out of business within a few months. This way you’re building a customer base before your products hit the big market.You want to run an ad company? Well, a little tricky because of all the competition you’ll be facing from established giants, BUT. It can be started cheaply. And it can be started right in your own back yard. Just make sure you’re creative and have the ability to articulate what you want and communicate with people. Now onto the business at hand, an Ad company.

In your neighborhood how many small companies are there located within 5 minutes of your home? How many of these people personally know you? How many of these places do you spend money on a weekly basis? Are you seeing the point now? You can capitalize on these potential customers by simply asking them if they would let you advertise a product or something for them either for a fee or free of charge. The reason being, if your work is good people will ask about it and your name will sure be mentioned or will be on the Ad itself. What better way to get recognized. Now a good thing to note here is that you can boast a good Ad campaign with barely any capital. How many companies do you think would love to have ads out in the community they operate in for very little? Work smarter not harder. That’s a statement I would begin each of my work from home classes with. It is a profound statement that when expounded upon can show people how to save tons of money when thinking about starting a business. In fact a business in the million dollar industry can be started with just one dollar. No matter what era, year, or millennium we’re in. The key ingredient is using the leverage you have at home to market your products perfectly. Use friends and family to test your products while you develop a good formula for making them top quality. Once they are to the point where you can sell them to people you don’t know, find creative and inexpensive ways to market them to everyone that passes your door.I have so much more information on million dollar industry businesses that can be started for pennies on the dollar that I’m going to be releasing slowly so the ideas can be tested to see how they do. You will see the next in the series soon. As I expand on the ones I have already listed. What happens next, well. You can let me know when you become a millionaire and can do conversion dollar euro in millions or billions.