Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Essential Camping Tools

When we go camping, no matter the time of year, weather conditions or regional climate (mountains, beach, desert, etc.), there are many essential camping tools that should make it into your knapsack, carry bag or fanny belt. There are camping tools that make cooking easier, starting fires, cleansing water for drinking, cutting wood, ropes and other materials, and catching fish easier.


With a little research and common sense, as well as a browse through an outdoors-man store, the essential camping tools become apparent, and the ones that will do no good can be left behind, leaving more room for packing more camping trip essentials.

Essential camping tools include, but in no way is limited to;

* Saw. A saw can be used to cut branches from trees for setting under the tent on hard ground, or cutting fire wood into smaller pieces. For campers who go all out in preparing a campsite, saws will be used to cut two-by-fours into lengths to make the tarpaulins (tarps) steadier, as well as to make strong lean-tos. When camping in the wilderness, a saw is needed to cut longer branches found on the ground into smaller lengths that will fit the fire pit.

* Water purification kit(s). The effects of dehydration can be felt as soon as two days after your last drink of water. Once out of water, be careful what you do drink, as alcohol, soda pops, coffee and other drinks can cause you to be more thirsty after drinking it than you were before drinking it. For under a hundred dollars, you can purchase a water purification kit that needs no chemicals or boiling. Simply siphon the water into the tube, and drink. Other types of water purification kits are available, from very cheap to very expensive, and having more than one water purification system is always preferred.

* Multi tool. A multi tool, whether made by industry leading Buck, Shaffer or Leatherman, having one attached to your belt at all times while camping will assuredly come in very handy many times per day. With a small magnifying glass for starting cooking, or shore lunch fires, knife blade of different sizes and uses, pliers, tweezers for pulling splinters, saws for small jobs and emergency situations, and other blades and gadgets. They have multi tools geared for camping, fishing, hiking, canoing and other outdoors and work reasons.

* Swiss Army Knife. An extension of the multi tool, but can be left on the picnic table or in a pocket of the tent for all to use.

* Shovel. Whether a camping shovel that folds up small, or a spade, a shovel should always be brought camping. In cases of needing to dig holes for personal reasons, digging campfire pits and also for shoveling sand over the coals before going to bed or leaving the site, a shovel is irreplaceable as an essential camping tool.

* Extend able fishing rod and tackle. Just in case you happen to pass, or camp near a beautiful stream, just chock full of speckled trout, you must stop and catch a meal. If you are not avid fishermen and do not bring fishing gear, then a small, collapsible fishing rod and a few lures will satisfy the need for catching those beautiful and tasty fish when seen. It really can bother a person when they see a long pool of water with hundreds of trout swimming around, just waiting for a fisherman to deplete their numbers.

* Cell phone, GPS and emergency band radio, or a smart phone with the right applications (apps) loaded and working properly. No matter how well you know the general area where you are camping, when taking a rainy-day drive, or a long hike, it is always important to know where you are.

Apart from the above necessities, the most important thing is to have a portable toilet for camping that comes in great use because camping is basically an extended picnic where everyone gets to stay in tents and eat and drink incessantly while the chosen location doesn’t have a toilet or outhouse so, in a way, better safe than sorry.

You can easily find the nearest stores and medical services, as well as liquor and beer stores, and restaurants with the right apps loaded on your smart phone. Or, with a cell phone, you can call directory assistance or the local visitors information bureau (tourist information stops). And if an accident happens, you, a dog, a friend or a child get lost, or if car trouble happens, a cell or smart phone is required. Also used for letting people know you will be staying longer, or where you are changing sites to.

Bringing the right essential camping tools will make your camping experience less stressful and, when things need fixing or altering, you have what is needed with you. And, please, always bring out everything that you bring in with you that can’t be burned in your last camp fire.

Camp safe. Camp informed.