Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Team Fortress 2 Vs Team Fortress Classic: Video Game Review

Team Fortress 2, a surprise sequel to Team Fortress Classic is surprising in itself! Team Fortress 2 is available on Xbox 360, PS3, and the PC, through a bundle package Valve calls the Orange Box! While this bundle is full of 5 different games, the price is still the same as any one game you might buy! What a deal, huh? The Orange Box includes: Half-Life 2, Episode One, Episode 2, Portals, AND Team Fortress 2!

Besides being part of the best deal of the century, Team Fortress 2 lives up to its original counterpart, Team Fortress Classic.

I played TFC (Team Fortress Classic) ALL the time. Too much! And it was simply the best first-person shooter of its time. (I know that’s probably debatable, so, to clarify, it was ONE of the best.)

Team Fortress 2 flows along the same lines as the classic TFC, however, there are slight differences:

1)The cartoony graphics-

Seems like a HUGE deal at first. “Like what the heck Valve?” But, when you play several games, and the first shock of it wears off, you’ll find that you like the easy shapes and the clean lines. TFC was rough, dirty, and very military like. So, Team Fortress 2 is a good change of pace. Also, it’s easier to see and play in the environment because the design is so simple.

The character classes are hilarious. From a cigarette smoking spy to a big burly soldier, Valve has created a wide variety of funny, yet efficient, character styles that will keep you laughing and playing all day (and sadly, all night!)

2)The maps-

When I first played Team Fortress 2, I was sad that there were only 6 maps available:

-2Fort, Dustbowl, Granary, Gravel Pit, Hydro, and Well (Control Point Edition)

But then! Ta da! Valve released 5 more:

-Well (CTF Edition), Badlands, Goldrush, Fastlane, and Trubine.

Most notable change (for me.) was that the “flag” score point was moved on 2Fort. Instead of being in the tower, on the outer ledge of the base, it is now deep down where the flag re-spawns. So, the capture and scoring locations are now in the same spot.

But, no big deal right? Actually, it’s not a big deal. The 2Fort map is still as beautiful as ever, and the game play is still full of carnage fun. The small change does nothing to hamper the style and feel of the game. You’ll barely even notice. I bet you wouldn’t have if I didn’t mention it! hah!

3)The classes-

Here’s where the most changes are made.


The scout is super fast as usual, but now features the ability to actually double-jump. (Jump once, and while you’re still in the air, jump again.)

The scout’s weapons are:

  • Scattergun – Shotgun
  • Pistol
  • Baseball Bat!

The Scout DOES NOT reveal spies in Team Fortress 2.


Besides being slow, the Soldier is pretty much the same. It would be good to note that Rocket Jumping is not so easy, or effective anymore.

It’s weapons are:

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Shotgun
  • Shovel


The Pyro has receive an update. When using the Flamethrower, you have the ability to “Deflect” projectiles (rockets, “gernades”, pipes, and flares) using the alternate fire button. Also, the Deflect ability can push enemies away from you, disconnect a Medic from it’s target, and clear areas of sticky bombs. It’s a great feature that has multiple uses!

The Pryo’s weapons are:

  • Flamerthrower
  • Shotgun
  • Axe


The Demoman is basically the same. Instead of remote controlled time bombs for the secondary weapon, the Demoman has a Sticky-bomb launcher. So, the bombs can hug walls and ceilings. That’s the only real difference.

Demoman’s weapons are:

  • Grenade Launcher
  • Sticky-bomb Launcher
  • “Scrumpy” Bottle (Melee Weapon!)


The Heavy Weapons Guy moves extremely slow in both games. Not much is different here… er.. in fact, nothing is different!

The Heavy equips:

  • Minigun
  • Shotgun
  • Fists


The Engineer is a complicated class, and there are some differences between TFC and TF2! First off, the Engineer is now able to build Entrance/Exit Teleporters, that… teleport friendly players from one to the other (but not the other way back). Sentry Guns and Dispensers are still the same. The Sentry Gun now gives you its field of vision before you build it, but once its down, you can’t rotate it! Dispensers recharge on their own, they do not need constant refilling, but refilling helps them fill up faster than the recharge rate.

The Engineer’s weapons are:

  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Wrench


The Medic man has change quite a bit. The Med Kit is now a gun that “charges” up a friendly players health. The Medic’s Med Gun, when used, attaches to the player you’re healing through a thin semi-transparent line. As long as you hold the trigger and are close enough, you will continue to heal your target. You DON’T exactly have to be looking at them. Cool, huh!? The ‘healing line’ can even bend around backwards, and around corners. ALSO, when you heal a certain amount, your MediGun will fill up it’s “Ubercharge” which, when used, will cause your target to become shiny and invulnerable! (NOTE: The new Medic gun called Kritzkrieg has an Ubercharge that causes the Medic’s target to gain 100% critical shots for 10 seconds.)

The Medic has these weapons:

  • Syringe Gun
  • MediGun
  • Bone Saw


One main upgrade here is that the sniper actually has a Zoom Charge Meter that shows you when your sniper is fully charge and will cause the most damage. That’s about it. The Sniper’s sniper gun uses different ammo this his machine gun.

Sniper’s weapons:

  • Sniper (Doh!)
  • Sub-machine Gun
  • Kukri (Big, long knife)


The Spy has the most changes. Most notably is the loss of the Feign Death feature. However, where that is erased, the Cloak feature is added. Cloaking actually turns your Spy invisible for a certain amount of time. Then, when you are not Cloaked, that ability has to recharge. The Spy is still able to Disguise himself as a specific team or class type. ALSO, the Spy is now able to “Sap” enemy Engineer structures: Teleports, Sentries, Dispensers. Sapping renders the machine useless and then, after a certain amount of time, 9 seconds to 3 seconds depending on the “level” of the machine, the machine will be destroyed! This is a great tool to get rid of those annoying Turrets! (NOTE: The Spy still has a 1-hit back stab that is an instant kill!)

Spy’s weapons:

  • Revolver
  • Disguise Kit
  • Knife

One more little note about the difference between the two games: On TFC there are grenades, and class specific grenades. On TF2, there are NO grenades at all. SORRY! (To be honest, the game plays so much more fair and smoother now. Good idea Valve!) Another good thing about this game is that, unlike GTA, players cant used mod menu features such as gta 5 mods ps4. Hence, the entire gameplay is very fair and no one will be disregarded.

The game is overall VERY fun and I was surprised to find that I liked it better than Halo most of the days I played it. Who would have known that a game could out-do Halo? It’s true and the only way you could believe me is if you tried it yourself!

So try it.