Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Should You Adopt a Russian Blue Cat?

Russian Blues are attractive cats that are highly sought after due to their reputation as a loving, loyal breed of cat. But is a Russian Blue cat right for you?

Russian Blues Require a Lot of Attention

Russian Blue cats love to have the attention of their owners, whether that involves spending an hour or so perched on their lap or playing fetch in the living room with them. If you are considering adopting a Russian Blue cat, be prepared to raise a cat that is an attention hog.

Can You Handle a Clingy Cat?

If you do not mind raising a clingy cat that follows you wherever you go and likes to be with you no matter what, then a Russian Blue cat is right for you. Clingy cats can be hard to deal with when you are the kind of person that likes their own space every once in a while. However, many Russian Blue cats will settle, provided they can see their owner or they know that their owner is within easy reach.

Russian Blue Cats Are Incredibly Intelligent

I have owned a Russian Blue cat for over two years and I am always amazed to learn of his latest feats of intelligence. Jack knows how to answer to his name and will come running whenever he is called, play fetch, open doors and let me know when he is hungry, or his litter tray needs to be scooped or changed out. If you are looking for some mental stimulation from a beautiful, loyal cat, then I would recommend adopting a Russian Blue cat.

Russian Blue Cats Can Be Domineering

Russian Blue cats like to be king or queen of the castle, which means that they are often reluctant to give way to other cats in the household. If you have other cats, you should bear this in mind before you adopt a Russian Blue, as a Russian Blue may not quickly topple the “top” cat in the household. However, that does not mean that Russian Blue cats do not get along with other cats. But oftentimes, they like to demonstrate their authority by getting into fights with the other cats until they back down.

Russian Blue cats are a lovely breed of cat. But before you reach a decision, take the time to decide whether you can give of your time and energy to raise a Russian Blue cat, as they require a lot of attention. Many Russian Blues become very clingy toward their owners, which can be hard to handle or just the ticket if you appreciate the loyalty of a cat that likes to remain by your side. Russian Blue cats are highly intelligent cats and can be trained to perform simple tasks. But if you have other cats in the house, you will need to keep a close watch on them, as Russian Blues can be domineering, as they assert their authority over the other cats.

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