Tuesday, 11 May 2021

The Effects of CBD Products on Arthritis in Dogs

There are several health benefits of CBD products for your dog. One of those is treatment for arthritis. Simply explained, arthritis is defined as the inflammation of the joints and is considered to be one of the common health conditions that dogs suffer from. The joint of a dog with arthritis undergoes damage or change that results to less smooth cartilage and bone surfaces rubbing together. This will cause further damage to the cartilage of your dog and discomfort as well. You can click to read more here.

Generally, if your vet thinks that your dog has arthritis, they can determine which joints exactly are affected by discomfort or pain by conducting an examination. But for them to properly check the condition of your dog, they would suggest further tests like x-ray. This will help to confirm and find the arthritic change. In addition, these further tests will also help your vet to determine if there are some underlying issues. Your vet may also sometimes recommend a small sample of fluid from inside the joint or blood samples. This will help your vet find out if there are other underlying medical conditions associated with arthritis.

Arthritis I treated in dogs by therapy options. It is the same with any treatment with their underlying joints involved. According to vets, it is a worse scenario if the dog with arthritis is overweight. This is why vets advise to combine exercise management, weight control to the therapy of your dog. This will allow your dog to maximize the range of movement, minimize load on the joints and gain fitness of the muscles around the joints. Some pet owners consider anti-inflammatory therapy for months or weeks. Pain relief is also one of the go to medications of pet owners to alleviate the pain suffering of their dogs.

But as time passed by, new medications are being introduced to the market. One of those is CBD products for pets. In a recent study conducted by the Baylor College of medicine, it has been proven that arthritic dog daily doses of CBD can reduce the pain they are suffering. The study has shown that CBD can be used to treat arthritis both for humans and pets. CBD products are considered to be a game changer in the market. The demand for such products has surpassed the demand for traditional treatment medication for arthritis. 

Since arthritis is quite common in dogs ( 1 in 5 dogs do suffer symptoms) it will be greatly beneficial for pet owners to alleviate the pain that their dog is suffering through CBD products. This will become even more on the rise because of the contenuous studies and resaech being conducted as we speak strengthening the claim that CBD products are beneficial to our health. On top of that, CBD products can be availed in wide variety of forms. It can be mixed in your food, drink, treats, chews and so many more.