Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023

Play Idle Heroes with these Fun Tips and Tricks

Create an Account

Of course, the very first thing that you need to do for you to play Idle Heroes is to set up an account. Surely, you are so over with the boring and sometimes annoying account set up for different mobile games because it requires you to provide some of your personal details like your email address. But the good thing about creating an account with Idle Heroes is that it has a lot of benefits. Firs of those is that it protects your account so you wont lose your progress. Having an account in Idle Heroes also allows you to play on different mobile phones if you want to. 

Build Your Wealth

Now that you are able to create your account, the second step that you need to do is to focus on building your wealth. One of the important skills that you should possess when playing Idle Heroes is money management skills. But there is nothing to worry about. This mobile game is not as boring as you think it may be.  When you start playing this game, you will be able to get lot of gems and golds already. Usually, items in the game can cost millions of gold so while you are busy making money by playing it, you are more likely to overspend on buying things that are not right for you. So as a tip, it is advisable to be careful and aware of the amount of gold you are spending and the quality of items you are buying.

Get Quality Heroes Right Away

Another step that you should take when playing Idle Heroes is to get high quality heroes immediately. 5-star heroes are probably some of the best items that you should spend your money on. Having 5-star heroes will help you advance or progress easily in the game. You can get these heroes by purchasing them in the marketplace, different summons or prophet orbs at the Prophet Tree. You can see idle heroes tier list here for more info.

Start Raiding

One of the best strategies that you can utilize for you to easily advance in the game is by joining a guild and start raiding. This will allow you to earn guild coins so you can buy more heroes, armor and other items in the game. Also, the more you join raids and boss fights, the more loot you will get. 

Use Idle Heroes Guide

As a beginner, you may not be familiar yet with all the heroes in the game. But you don’t have to worry because the game itself got your back. The guide of Idle Heroes can help you better understand the quests, items, heroes, and the effective strategies that you need so you can play competitively in the game. After understanding your heroes, you can now organize your teams into mages, assassins, priests or other categories to get the most of your heroes no matter what they category is. 

Run Battle Continuously

Another important tip that you should learn when playing Idle Heroes is that you should not just run a battle once. Make sure you keep on fighting/ If you lose a battle, don’t give up, run the battle again. Ideally, if you run ten times, you’ll get more chances of winning once. But you should not be stagnant when running battles. If you keep on losing in the game, you should look for ways on how you can improve. Make sure to take some time to evaluate what went wrong and what went right so you can improve your strategies and gaming style.

Have Fun

Lastly and most importantly, you should always have fun while playing the game. Idle Heroes is a kind of game where you can really get the most from the idle part of the game. That is probably one of the best things in the game. You will still continue to make progress even after you logoff Idle Heroes for up to eight hours. This game is indeed one of the best ones in the online gaming community. As such, make sure to enjoy and have fun while playing this spectacular game.