Tuesday, 11 May 2021

The Rise of Fashion Blogs with Glam.com

What happens when you mix independent publishers, a hungry female-consumer market, and a handful of Internet media tools into a blender? Throw in a spoonful of social networking and you’ll have a full-scale, thriving community on your hands.

Small-time fashion bloggers are making an impact in a big way simply by connecting themselves to a conglomerate of blogs and media-supported entities. The Glam Network is a rising hub in the fashion sector, attracting a new wave on the web. Fashion-focused women of all ages are joining the ranks of peer publishing at its best. Glam has established a unique presence on the internet, recently reporting 17.3 million unique visitors each month; the signature pink and white logo sits on many blogger’s homepages as the latest must-have accessory.

It’s one thing to find celebrity gossip, news, and trends on the web. What supermarket tabloids have done for ht magazine industry, blogs are doing for the gossip corners of fashion-savvy contributors around the world. The web has made it possible for independent publishers, corporations, and countless small businesses to distribute fresh media content and open up their doors to advertisers. While advertising revenue reaches record highs around the blogsophere, large-scale media networks such as Glam Media are growing in reach daily.

Apart from glam sham blogs, Catwalk Wholesale products are most utilized by such media networks and their magazines in order to promote and advertise their products for budding and established models in a big way.

Niche markets proliferate on the web, and even though fashion is a broad and diverse subject, being able to target women with strong interests in shopping, lifestyle, health, and beauty is a trend that stems from the glossy publications of old. Magazine articles have long captured the eyes and attention of women who enjoy keeping up with eh latest buzz; add the interactive component of blogging and interacting with other readers to the mix, and you have the recipe for success in a media-driven world.

Glam Media has its roots in indie publishing; it started as a vehicle to help independent publishers reach larger audiences in new ways; it has rapidly grown since its birth in 2002 to include corporate-backed blogs, media content owners, and syndicated content from noteworthy distributors that now target this highly targeted, hungry group of consumers. The Glam website makes its mission and vision loud and clear:

“Glam’s Mission: To help revolutionize the power of publishing, distribution, monetization, and consumption of targeted Internet media.

Glam’s Vision: To create the world’s largest new targeted media company initially focuses on women: Fashion and Lifestyle.”

The ‘food chain’ effect of fashion and style circles on the web today are the key to success for sites like Glam.com. While syndicated content from Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Nylon, and Dwell are pulled ot the top stories list each day, other ‘Glam Stories’ are extracted from bloggers and top posts all over the web. Even those on the bottom of the food chain can reach the same audiences of high-end brands with a simple positioning strategy.

Much of its rise to prominence is due to the social networking phenomena, as well as the increased blogger population. As more style and fashion bloggers come forward with unique content and timely material, the chances of web success become more promising with the help of Glam Media. It considers itself a we ‘hub’ in the women’s fashion market, and it has created a network of over 200 afiliates, a complete content syndication program, and targeted brand advertising. Along with Web 2.0 tehcnology, the network is becoming one of the fastest growing new media outlets on the web.